Prepositions after "ridiculous"

"ridiculous for", "ridiculous in" or "ridiculous to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases ridiculous for is used

Prices are ridiculous for both.

Why would it be ridiculous for Mrs.

I feel ridiculous for feeling like this.

It is therefore ridiculous for governments to lock themselves in to one strategy.

It's ridiculous for ETs not to have contacted us, which means probably they have.

I love Zonal Marking but this error is ridiculous for a site that's so meticulous.

The dilemma being not able to take my trusty backpack -- a 60 litre is just ridiculous for a three day adventure.

Dale argues with him, telling him he's ridiculous for thinking that he's going to be the first one to get lynched.

I think that it is rather ridiculous for anyone to take offense when others try to assimilate into foreign culture.

People seemed to think it was rather ridiculous for Krebs to be getting back so late, years after the war was over.

In 20% of cases ridiculous to is used

That sounds very ridiculous to me.

Its pathetic and ridiculous to me.

We are not ridiculous to ourselves.

KJ is an amazing man but his sacrificing himself for everyone was ridiculous to me.

In short, the people below range from the bizarre to the ridiculous to unimaginable.

This practice, though sacred in the eyes of our ancestors, appears ridiculous to us.

Not too long ago in this country, interracial marriage was barred, which may and should seem ridiculous to many.

It is ridiculous to th A students achievement is directly tied to how well the student has learned the material.

This might have sounded ridiculous to the driver because there are lots of Biscocho Haus branches in Iloilo City.

The last thing it wants is to win new customers at the cost of looking ridiculous to its enthusiastic supporters.

In 19% of cases ridiculous in is used

This is ridiculous in my opinion.

This is ridiculous in the extreme.

This is not ridiculous in English.

It's ridiculous in every boxscore you see multiple pitchers pitching to one batter.

Ridiculous in the sense that only was it a whole lot of new information to take in.

He told my father that he was being ridiculous in thinking that he had no money and that everything was hopeless.

So ridiculous in fact, that only an all-knowing God with a broad view of time could have possibly come up with it.

Though this point of view looks somewhat ridiculous in terms of the sport, but it is valid if perceived neutrally.

That said, there is nothing wrong with a player combining the sublime and the ridiculous in almost equal measures.

In 7% of cases ridiculous on is used

Patently ridiculous on its face.

The claim is ridiculous on its face.

The charge is ridiculous on its face.

It was just ridiculous on so many levels that even my 13 year old brain rejected it.

Why do you automatically attribute the problem to race? That's ridiculous on its face.

I know they look ridiculous on a 37-year-old woman, but I usually wear pigtail braids.

I associate the word ' grimdark ' with W40K, which is so bleak and nasty as to tip over into ridiculous on purpose.

She even took time out to adopt Max, the bionic dog, an idea that seemed ridiculous on paper but worked beautifully.

But for all the power they suggest, they're also delicate, in their own way, and endearingly ridiculous on occasion.

Petrilli's proclamation that standardized testing somehow makes learning less joyful is rather ridiculous on its face.

In 5% of cases ridiculous with is used

II though was ridiculous with that.

It gets ridiculous with Warwitch Deneghra.

Yes they are getting ridiculous with this.

My concern after the initial shock is that this is ridiculous with a 26 song show.

Piers is quite ridiculous with every utter from that arrogantly rude mouth on him.

This game is absolutely ridiculous with a poor admin group and a poor moderator group.

Why is HRM taking money out of their pockets? This is becoming more and more ridiculous with each passing day.

Yes, this may sound ridiculous, but what is no longer ridiculous with regard to the powers that be? So here goes.

He used to be decent commentator but in the test and ODI series, he has been borderline ridiculous with that constant whining.

I went along on about my 3 rd week here (feeling faintly ridiculous with no baby) but it's been a brilliant way to meet people.

In 4% of cases ridiculous at is used

Yeah it's ridiculous at the moment.

And totally ridiculous at the same time.

It's just kind of ridiculous at this point.

It was becoming a bit ridiculous at the amount of flat tires I experienced so far.

I thought that was ridiculous at the time, but after reading this it seems I did OK.

The action can be ridiculous at times but to be honest- I quite enjoyed that side of it.

This goal may appear extreme or ridiculous at first sight, but it is based on a theoretically plausible argument.

I thought it was ridiculous at the time, but we really needed it Flyovergirl did what was recommended, but most don't.

This car doesn't look as bad as the other examples, and it has some rare options, but the asking price is ridiculous at $17,500.

In 4% of cases ridiculous by is used

They just get more ridiculous by the day.

A proposal was considered ridiculous by Jean-Claude Dassier.

Omg, this is getting more hilariously ridiculous by the minute.

The contrived attacks on Romney get more and more absurd and ridiculous by the day.

A smile formed on my lips, made slightly ridiculous by the white of the shaving foam.

Daniel Maris Viceroy's Gin, You are making yourself look ridiculous by not debating the facts.

Indeed, the arrival of new fashions makes old fashions easy to see, because they seem so ridiculous by contrast.

The ludicrous Zero Tolerance was made even more ridiculous by the rounds routinely starting over 5 minutes late.

Your postings are becoming more ridiculous by the day, you pretend to be an adult yet behave more and more like a spoilt child.

How is it that women who are intellectual, and so on would then want to look so ridiculous by wearing t those preposterous items.

In 4% of cases ridiculous like is used

Or something ridiculous like that.

All of this hocus-pocus to hear something utterly ridiculous like that.

In cases where you'd have to do something ridiculous like that, I agree.

Unless, they ship the new Nexus devices with 100 GB or something ridiculous like that.

Not fake and ridiculous like Jordans and the Lohans or the Madonnas; a natural beauty.

It's a giant suede bag that I found at Old Navy for something ridiculous like a dollar.

Let me preface this by saying that I am very far from being a rape apologist or anything ridiculous like that.

Drank a smoothie in the morning and skipped lunch and then ate dinner, usually something ridiculous like a slice of toast.

Someone came up with some stats, something ridiculous like 17,000 strokes were taken in training for each stroke of that final.

Not because of its setting or anything ridiculous like that, but simply because the writers straight up don't care about continuity.

In 4% of cases ridiculous of is used

Pretty ridiculous of you to do so.

You're the most ridiculous of all.

I worried about the most ridiculous of scenarios.

Absolutely ridiculous of her to swan off to Oz to sate her own lust for attention.

But the most joyfully ridiculous of the literary prizes must, surely, be the Bulwer-Lytton.

First go learn some astronomy then you'll understand the ridiculous of what you're stating.

People can and do sue for everything under the sun and oftentimes, the most ridiculous of lawsuits go their way.

Creating an ever-expanding fly-through in your earlobe to attract errant stunt pilots is among the most ridiculous of trends.

This little blog is just a small blip in the blogosphere but even i sometimes feel ridiculous of how life can appear on this blog.

Come on, if evolution gave us a platypus, the most ridiculous of all creatures, it could have made a few other mistakes along the way.

In 3% of cases ridiculous about is used

There was something ridiculous about it.

I am not telling you to be ridiculous about this.

This is what's so ridiculous about this situation.

What's ridiculous about the claim about Australian banks? It's a fact they were.

Are you a politician? Also, some of these comments are ridiculous about not needing Lee.

And what's so ridiculous about us being the Sally Anne of baseball? We are, deal with it.

It frequently occurs that men and women are ridiculous about their stars and scream for them through matches.

If this fool has said something ridiculous about me, surely what he said about the merchant was ridiculous too.

What's particularly ridiculous about Romney's swiftboating is that he is criticizing Chrysler's global expansion.

That is no doubt why females are so ridiculous about CL shoes christian louboutin outlet specifically Hollywood stars.

In 3% of cases ridiculous as is used

The wage of footballers in getting ridiculous as years pass by.

II? Because there was no Communist threat? A most ridiculous assumption.

The costumes are ridiculous as well as all the lights flashing and trashy dancers.

This fashionable theory of moralistic double standards is ridiculous as well as suicidal.

Sound ridiculous? About ridiculous as a dead guy coming off a cross and walking on water.

I won't be losing anymore which was becoming exponentially ridiculous as the months passed.

Why would I do something ridiculous as that? To stop the power of consumerism over my life.

Anatole France *** A man running after a hat is not half so ridiculous as a man running after a woman.

The great Michel Piccoli is both poignant and ridiculous as a cardinal who runs screaming from the top job.

Humans coding will seem as laughable and ridiculous as a person soldering nanometer scale transistors onto a chip today.

In 1% of cases ridiculous beyond is used

That's ridiculous beyond belief.

It's just ridiculous beyond words, abhorrent.

Probably because this paper is ridiculous beyond belief.

This is ridiculous beyond words; embarrassing beyond measure - and yet we are not, really, annoying.

Then there was that allegation where the PM's wife was at the murder scene which is ridiculous beyond belief.

Our parents in turn, though they often struck us as annoying beyond belief and ridiculous beyond measure, could not accurately be called embarrassing.

More often than not the Oscars get it vaguely right and if they don't it's not usually that bad (apart from the Academy's complete disregard for Senna this year which is ridiculous beyond parody).

In 1% of cases ridiculous considering is used

Which is really quite ridiculous considering economic data is not secret.

This is ridiculous considering the staff:child ratio is double for the 2 year old.

Honestly the fan support for this team is ridiculous considering the product on the ice.

You propaganda is ridiculous considering the fact that you export nonsense all the time.

Yes $6 is ridiculous considering (from what you've just stated) the money goes towards new hospital equipment.

Pinterest's rules on pinning crap are a little ridiculous considering the fact that the point is to share and spread good ideas and information.

Some people are also questioning Roberto Di Matteo's future at Chelsea, which I find ridiculous considering what he achieved in the Champions League last term.

It is just ridiculous considering the fanciful belief that Joseph Smith interpreted some golden plates he found in the ground with his magic eyeglasses and stone.

The film industry is having it's best years of all time and the amount of money it would cost to enforce this would be ridiculous considering the very tiny (if any) gain.

She gasped like someone who had just seen a ghost and then started grabbing my hand and trying to hide behind me (which I found quite ridiculous considering how much taller she was in her stilettos.

In 1% of cases ridiculous from is used

It's ridiculous from top to bottom.

The story only gets more ridiculous from there.

The salaries are ridiculous from the ground up.

Besides, the trailer and storyline of this film seemed ridiculous from the very beginning.

According to logic this would mean that Genesis is ridiculous from a scientific standpoint.

It is completely ridiculous from the ethical point of view, while at the same time quite expected from the performance point of view.

It was ridiculous from the beginning that the UN Ambassador was being sent out by the administration to mislead the media about Benghazi.

Which, of course, would be utterly ridiculous from a man of the name of Shakespeare, the most honoured and celebrated of the Elizabethan poets.

That 25 year old ' player piano ' which mysteriously plays all by itself in the Don Juan Triumphant rehearsal scene has looked ridiculous from day one.

In 1% of cases ridiculous over is used

Sound a ridiculous over exaggeration.

Ridiculous over the top digital photo editing.

No comment on the ridiculous over use of turtlenecks.

She is simply pointing out the ridiculous over shares.

Cairngorm for instance is a ridiculous over engineered monstrosity.

The emergence of Matt Derbyshire and his knack for scoring important goals and ridiculous over the top goal celebrations.

Sure the USA 94 world cup was notorious for it's ridiculous over indugence as far as sponsorship and product tie-ins were concerned.

I'd not complaining because I still make a profit - but I could be helping so many more people if it wasn't for the ridiculous over regulation.

Paul Pearson on 23rd of December 2011 Brilliant! Nuff said? Lucy on 23rd of December 2011 Ahh I Iove this! It's just a bit of harmless fun and I can't belive this ridiculous over reaction.

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