Prepositions after "ride"

"ride on" or "ride in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases ride on is used

Sensible people don't ride on roads.

I had to ride on a horse to move on.

Sometimes he rides on deer's heads.

While riding on the Tron motorcycle you lay in a flat position akin to the Tron movie.

Frodo, Sam and Gollum traverse the Dead Marshes, evading a Nazgl riding on a Fell beast.

Looking at Microsoft's recent earnings, it becomes clear how much is riding on Windows 7.

You have Tata Motors of course riding on the Jaguar Land Rover kind of a boom in China and other parts of the world.

The hyper-responsive chassis also felt somewhat harsh when riding on rough paved sections and choppy dirt backroads.

In other words, state law give you permission to ride on the roadways, but on most occasions as far right as practicable.

Cyclists may want to think twice before going to ride on the parkways in the Gatineau Park on weekends during this period.

In 20% of cases ride in is used

I've ridden in Germany, for example.

Brat could ride in the races, Ruth said.

Once they went out riding in a sledge.

WALLACE: I'd 16 and my mother refuses to allow me to ride in a car with a teenage driver.

They wanted a club where people could learn about distance riding in a friendly atmosphere.

Crashing into a car while riding in a bus is like shooting a sling shot at a piece of paper.

Demanding that cyclist wear helmets, when it is far more dangerous riding in a car as a driver or passenger is ridiculous.

But other super bikers have experienced unnecessary suspicion and just want to be left alone and allow them to ride in peace.

I took as much pride in the compliments that I was asked to convey to her in the kitchen as if I had prepared the food myself.

Munday was riding in a six hundred and sixty pound converted diving bell that he had purchased from the Canadian Coast Guard.

In 11% of cases ride with is used

Their government is ridden with corruption.

This year I learned how to ride with impulsion.

Even as a child I was often ridden with angst.

He's also prepared to go on any ride with your kids - if, and when, you've had enough.

Second marriages in Bangladesh are ridden with complexities hard to rationalise sometimes.

In addition, the only passenger who can ride with you on the motorcycle is your supervising driver.

We asked if we could get a ride, and he said sure! We rode with the durians about one hour up the silent, misty river.

In other words he will always ride with the last person in each group and keep them company on the bike ride each day.

When forward markets become ridden with various measures to curb speculation, the price signals become less informative.

They need to be discussed as it is difficult to take positions in such cases as each theme is ridden with contradictions.

In 8% of cases ride to is used

In theory it makes sense if I count riding to.

Such are the futures that ride to Mars with Curiosity.

My partner used to ride to work when she had a nice safe route.

Riding to the right of cars at red lights is not very wise regardless of the legalities.

We both previously rode to work when we had very pleasant routes to take along cycle paths.

In the Netherlands with good laws, infrastructure all K1-K12 students ride to school routinely.

In my household my partner and I no longer ride to work because it is a horrible experience - it is dangerous and dirty.

Allen) Wall Street is the only place where people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from people who take the subway.

Once at ground level then ride to the top of the 1,000ft Stratosphere Tower and watch the sunset over the mountains again.

They are our model for a humanised culture, we could develop a culture where it is normal again for kids to ride to school.

In 5% of cases ride at is used

As for Israeli women riding at the back of the bus.

I was very very impressed by the way he rode at Hamme -- Zogge.

The transports riding at anchor were my sole lines of support.

Its important to know that you won't delay or inconvenience anybody by riding at your own pace.

A close friend of mine was clipped by a truck while riding at about 60kph down a hill in Bulgaria.

Utility cyclist inclusive of commuters riding at ' pace ', could raise awareness and pass on the around.

Ride at a consistent speed and avoid any unnecessary braking or sudden change of direction that could take your fellow riders by surprise.

Resisting this change is just like resisting the rights of minorities to ride at the front of the bus or drink from the same water fountains.

When I ride at pace or in known high risk area, the helmet is part of my strategy, my safety strategy is not just my helmet that is utterly nonsensical.

We need to be free to choose, if we ride at pace, downhill mountain bike, ride down Sydney Rd Brunswick at 07:45-09:30 hrs it would be dumb not to wear a helmet.

In 5% of cases ride for is used

I have always been proud to step up and ride for my country when asked.

You've got a lot of time to think when you're riding for 226 kilometres.

Many days I only rode for a couple of miles, maybe to the coffee shop or the grocery store.

Waxed and ridden for the first time, the 50:50 And that was it, all done one 50:50 Simfish.

Also the team rides for a specific cyclists they work and sacrifice for that one person to get over the line.

RUSSELL DOWNING Rotherham-based professional cyclist Russell Downing currently rides for the Endura Racing team.

Like here, in Las Vegas, with Calvin who has been bed ridden for three months due to suffering a severe stroke.

They have a common goal of staying healthy in this stressful Dhaka life and ride for recreation, health, and sheer fun.

You have been riding for a while and feel this urge to use your riding skills for something more than just a pleasure ride.

Olivier Doleuze was forced to use precious fuel up early, and then ride for luck, but Dominant was still able to close off strongly.

In 3% of cases ride through is used

Rode through it yesterday, Dodds.

I was able to ride through problems and keep going.

As they rode through the crowd everyone was cheering and hollering congratulations.

One day, the Prince was riding through the forest looking for Snow White and found her.

On July 30th 1956, Major Lloyd Hill again rode through the Whirlpool Rapids in his barrel.

The poem tells the story of a man whose skill as a horse-rider allows him to ride through mountainside country to recapture an escaped horse.

Nonetheless it's hard to be cynical about something that lets you ride through the inner city at night, even when being cynical is what you do best.

Crowds of volunteers pile into truck beds and ride through the streets, blaring music and chanting campaign slogans through enormous speaker systems.

Really, really, really looking forward to riding through sleet and blizzards at 3am TBH even in last year's ' icepocalypse ' conditions I ran studded tyres for about 3 laps then sacked them off.

In 3% of cases ride into is used

The next day they rode into Aqabah and took the town.

The Democrats got to ride into power on the backlash to Bush &; Co.

Or even when she rode into the Manhattan nightclub Studio 54 on a white horse.

I wound up exploring this town quite a bit and I rode into Seattle a few times.

It was also an emotional occasion for Team NZ as their first rider since 2004 rode into the Greenwich arena.

If you can't get a car, then you should expect to pay 5,000 Naira for the 30 minute to an hour long ride into the city.

And I know it, too - ever since a few months earlier, when some kids came riding into the park on their scooters and Honey ran up to them.

It had ridden into the Solar System a little over a decade before on the end of a half-kilometre-long stream of high-speed ions and made its home on Ceres.

Garland admits that Jesus presented Himself as the promised Davidic king when he rode into Jerusalem, but he does not see how that relates to the heavenly throne that Jesus inherited.

I flew to Washington DC yesterday to attend the Body &; Soul 30th Anniversary celebration last night and to watch today as Jessica Tanihana, from Roseville, CA, rode into DC on her bike.

In 2% of cases ride without is used

Never ride without holding the handlebars.

I'd never ride without a helmet ever again.

I, on the other hand never ride without my helmet on.

I'd not arguing that it riding without a helmet is safer.

People who readily use helmets slow down when they ride without them.

Folks, whatever you do, don't go riding without armour, it saved me that day.

Rain adds to the potential sweaty wreck problem since peddling in rain clothes simply makes you wetter than riding without them.

So if you're caught driving without your seatbelt on the October long weekend or riding without a helmet on New Year's Eve, you'll cop twice as many points.

I'd not all that convinced they prevent injuries but at the same time I wouldn't ride without one because to me simply not needing sutures would be of benefit.

Like Rod's daughter he is now nearly fully recovered but I have given up encouraging people to ride and i would never encourage someone to ride without a helmet.

In 2% of cases ride from is used

They decided to ride from Land's End to John O ' Groats.

Boat rides from shore to the sites are normally less than 15 minutes.

There are also horse back safaris available for half or whole day horse rides from camp.

Was doing well and having a rewarding time until something went wrong about an hours ride from Cherbourg.

He kept a bike at Addington Station and rode from there to Christchurch West School, now Hagley Community College.

This graph shows the elevations you will encounter when riding from the Ottawa River up to the Champlain Lookout.

It was one straight ride from Cotta Road through Ward Place, turn left at Lipton Circus and la voila! We were at the park.

My friend who rode from Pune to Mangaon warned me that it was an extremely beautiful ride and I might wan na start early if I want to enjoy the views.

I did not think that Jane Chapple-Hyam's charge was suited to how the race panned out in any regard and he couldn't have beaten the winner, who was well ridden from the off.

In 2% of cases ride by is used

No horse under 4 years old may be ridden by any client.

The man jumped onto the back of a moped being ridden by an accomplice,.

Our champion, Foxhunter, ridden by Lt Col Harry Llewellyn, had had a bad morning round, knocking down four fences.

Then he realized, No, they're hunting the dog! As the cat with the crown rode by a large rock, his fox tripped and stumbled and the cat went flying.

In 2% of cases ride along is used

Riding along the green fields, it was THE DREAM! By now, we caught with Girish.

Riding along the up-country roads, we often met on his rounds the doctor of our district.

I used to cycle back to Aulong riding along the Taiping-Port Weld (now Kuala Sepetang) line.

A Constabulary sub-inspector and my father were out together, riding along the bank of the Puniu River.

We however do not allow other persons to ride along with the group, if they are not registered participants of the event.

Hawaii is a beautiful island to tour in a slow, romantic way, and there is nothing like riding along the beach on a horse.

In a few min- utes there he was, riding along Main Street! I hoped my husband was with him I hadn't seen him for about a week.

This change promises to offer new levels of understanding, and geospatial technologies will ride along with other tools to provide greater meaning.

Posted by: Kristy on December 9, 2009 10:41 AM A few years ago, while in Hanoi, I spotted 2 guys on bicycles, riding along with a steel pole about 10m long between them.

I can see where you're coming from, but the reports indicate that the car/van was pulling out onto a main road from a garage forecourt, while Wiggins was riding along that main road.

In 1% of cases ride out is used

They blow those air rides out of the water.

Losing your focus or line of sight will cause you to ride out of the turn.

I could not stay sit so I had to ride out of the saddle the whole way, trying to massage the cramp on my abductor.

NevermInd, i start it up and ride out of the car park only to notice the clocks are not in the centre of the bars.

I sort of blustered something about coming over for potato seeds or whatnot and rode out of there as fast as possible.

In 1% of cases ride over is used

He just lifted a little piece up and rode over the tribulations.

The raging water pulled them apart as they rode over the crest of the Falls.

Helicopter rides over Hong Kong are an alternative way to see this fascinating city.

Many students including girls, evidently pro JSD, and some ordinary men were found to ride over the tanks.

Lussier went on vacation to Niagara Falls and to learn more about Stephens fatal ride over the falls in a barrel.

He and I rode over the hill, stopping when we got where we could command a good view of the valley and watch the run.

On June 5th 1990, Sharp attempted to ride over the Horseshoe Falls in a twelve foot long, thirty-six pound polyethylene kayak.

The vehicle is now come to a stand still and the horse is now riding over the cart instead of pulling the same for the advancement of nation.

In 1% of cases ride past is used

Newspaper boys and milkmen rode past the car, while morning walkers ambled along on the pavement beside it.

I ride past the grange twice during late afternoons on the Jo Rodota Trail and have always wondered what went on there.

A Palestinian man rides past a destroyed area after an Israeli airstrike This building (pictured above) was destroyed during the night.

In 1% of cases ride as is used

These incidents are more likely in country or suburban streets (not roads) than big vehicle impacts and I want to be as safe as possible when I am street riding as is my usual wont.

In 1% of cases ride around is used

We'd ride around the Berry Hill neighborhood together.

Hearing Susan story made riding around Budapest so light and carefree.

Riding around the streets of Plymouth this became ever more apparent as Bike Coach Lee gave a running commentary through our linked radios.

In 1% of cases ride towards is used

It started pouring heavily as we rode towards Kushalnagar.

We set out at about 06:15 in the morning and rode towards town.

Usually, when you ride in a empty boxcar, you ride towards the front.

The motorcyclist returned and rode towards Lake House where he was arrested by the security.

In 1% of cases ride up is used

So I rode up to him and asked him the same.

This really put fire in my belly and I rode up to her and asked her what she thought she doing.

In the morning some of us rode up to Big Salmon Lake to bring back the horses from their night's grazing.

A great place to ride up to on a fixie bike, look over the menu while scratching your ironic beard, and order an obscure beer.

Thinking that this was a favourable opportunity for meeting Hamilcar and introducing himself, he rode up to the camp escorted by about a hundred Numidians.

Common sense would tell you that this doesn't mean you can ride up to a long line of stacked cars and try to pass them when there is little to no room on the right.

In 1% of cases ride across is used

Normally the polar jet rides across the northern part of the U.

When we got to Inner Mongolia, I'd ashamed to say that I still wasn't in a fit enough state to go horse riding across the grasslands.

Kennett then waited patiently and judged his winning move perfectly getting the jump on Karwowski as they hit Cust and then rode across the gap to join Odlin with only two kilometres left of racing.

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