Prepositions after "revolutionary"

revolutionary in, for, at, to or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases revolutionary in is used

It was revolutionary in its early days.

DSM-III was revolutionary in many ways.

It was pretty revolutionary in its time.

The orchestration of this piece was revolutionary in terms of lines and harmony.

Most of you will be contented and middle class and only revolutionary in thought.

They were revolutionary in their own time, and they are still revolutionary today.

In fact, if you have the word revolutionary in your pitch, just go ahead and wipe hard-drive clean right now.

That is true but hardly revolutionary in terms of international rugby especially when you inherit an ageing squad.

Despite the initial rejection, Kate Chopin's enterprise has proven to be revolutionary in American women's writing.

In 14% of cases revolutionary for is used

Islam was revolutionary for women.

This was revolutionary for the time.

That's close to revolutionary for TV on the Web.

Hospital is nice but that would have been very revolutionary for court to do so.

Melbourne figures are revolutionary for tired barangays of local ownership, toaster.

Women want a gentleman, and that word by itself is revolutionary for most of us guys.

It was revolutionary for an organization outside of the church to offer religious discussions and activities.

While hardly revolutionary for the medium, it's the first time a Call of Duty game employed such consequences.

Sundeep Malhotra, CEO, HomeShop18, was of the view that 2011 has been revolutionary for the ecommerce industry.

The power to transfer something towards a distant place at the push of the button is too revolutionary for man.

In 8% of cases revolutionary at is used

I thought it was quite revolutionary at the time.

He was the most famous revolutionary at that time.

Remember, corporations were revolutionary at one point.

The game was revolutionary at the time, and since then it has matured into the Men of War series.

This was revolutionary at a time when most people believed the Earth was in this central position.

Aashiqui was truly revolutionary at that time, the music, and the very unconventional leading stars.

As a revolutionary at heart I appreciate it that he has never wavered from his uncompromising class positions.

The best horror films, like the best fairy tales, manage to be reactionary, anarchistic, and revolutionary at the same time.

Orwell's fatal personal flaw- besides being a nihilistic communist revolutionary at base- was that he was intellectually honest.

Plimsolls were revolutionary at the time as they provided comfort, were lightweight and allowed the user to move around silently.

In 7% of cases revolutionary about is used

I don't know what's so revolutionary about that.

There's nothing even remotely revolutionary about them.

And there ain't anything revolutionary about mattresses.

There is nothing revolutionary about not standing for anything - it's just pathetic.

Design and build quality There's nothing revolutionary about the design of this BlackBerry.

Good story, nothing really revolutionary about the gameplay but the new camera was a good addition.

What's so revolutionary about this? It's just another way for first world brats to keep wasting resources.

Whats so revolutionary about a product that is falling behind every other smart phone manufacturer as far as specs.

Ask them what they think is revolutionary about it, and they say they hope it sticks a rocket up the rear of their vendors.

Aside from increased rendering and FPS power, Carmack doesn't see anything else revolutionary about Sony's or Microsoft's next console.

In 7% of cases revolutionary to is used

It is that revolutionary to me.

This is cool although certainly not revolutionary to most.

Although it seems wildly revolutionary to some, it is mild in practice.

Assange is similar revolutionary to Shawn Fanning, although far more intentional.

UNIQLO's Ultra Stretch jeans is a revolutionary to our normal conventional jeans.

It will be revolutionary to warfare as artillery, the machine gun, and flight were.

And he is just as radical and revolutionary to society in Malaysia today as he was in Jerusalem 2000-plus years ago.

The first iPhone, with its multi-touch screen and application-based environment, was considered revolutionary to the smartphone segment.

Evolution is a gimmick and offers absolutely nothing new or revolutionary to our understanding of the nature, as it all can be explained perfectly well with creation.

In 4% of cases revolutionary of is used

Or Donald Trump, the premier billionaire revolutionary of our age.

Olga was a Russian Bolshevik revolutionary of Jewish heritage and a Soviet politician.

In fact, the last ten years were the most revolutionary of all of Al Gaddafi's career.

This is an attempt to make sure that our young generation should know one of the greatest revolutionary of India.

My pawpaw bread-baking friend, Bill, is a true revolutionary of the local food movement although he wouldn't say that.

Not so odd really, that the greatest revolutionary of them all is ignored by the very nation he named and helped create.

It is brave and revolutionary of them to start this revolution but they also have a duty to help those who they convince to follow their advice.

Voltaire Thanks for your comments and my doubt is cleared, so have we bharathians made a mistake by making vivekananda a revolutionary of hinduism.

History has now confronted us with an immediate task which is the most revolutionary of all the immediate tasks confronting the proletariat of any country.

When Guru Gobind Singh, a great revolutionary of his time, created the Khalsa by baptising the Sikhs of Guru Nanak with Amrit at Anandpur Sahib in 1699, Bulleh Shah had just come of age.

In 3% of cases revolutionary as is used

But none were so dramatic or revolutionary as the.

They are not so much a revolutionary as a revelatory invitation.

The solutions have to be as evolutionary and revolutionary as the problems.

I thought in the 80s that I would become less revolutionary as the years passed.

The iPod wasn't necessarily revolutionary as a music player, it was revolutionary as a lifestyle accessory.

It is quite a remarkable change which we have seen in other centuries as well but which never has been so ' open ' and revolutionary as the web 2.

The ultimate aim of the metaphor is to portray the revolutionary as part of the workers? world,? a fellow skilled labourer in the great factory of revolution.

Gardening can be revolutionary as part of a mass movement dedicated to (1) the break-up of the large, fossil fuel-intensive, corporate landed estates in the U.

For the vegan organic method of growing food is revolutionary as well as evolutionary in as much as it encompasses a way of living that is based on non-violence and non-exploitation.

Make something else wan na be smarter a good deal more eye-catching moreover revolutionary as opposed to those and also toasty at the same time, then you need to have actually will be required uggs.

In 3% of cases revolutionary by is used

The wind-up power is revolutionary by itself.

Frood's treatment of her was considered revolutionary by the medical establishment of the era.

All of which were once considered dangerous and revolutionary by some of their contemporaries.

The show traveled to eight cities and was revolutionary by New York City standards but not by Parisian.

Andreas highlighted that ABM is quite new to his field and his approach might be seen as somewhat revolutionary by some.

In summary, each of these Chrome derivatives might not be revolutionary by themselves, but they do offer up some great ideas ripe for the taking.

Others point out that the Buddha was being revolutionary by including women in the sangha in a time and place where women were considered chattels.

Lenin treats Sverdlov as the ideal example of the perfect professional revolutionary? or, as I translated the term in my book, revolutionary by trade.

These 1947 works - revolutionary by New Zealand standards - incorporate ideas often mistakenly thought to develop only in Walters ' paintings of the ' sixties.

This strategy of providing seed money immediate after skill development training has been recognized as revolutionary by many of the hardcore poor in changing their livelihoods.

In 3% of cases revolutionary with is used

Kubrick was a revolutionary with his use of subjective POV.

When it came out, it was revolutionary with new open world gameplay, unreal graphics and a great story.

Another crossover is the Che Guevara successfully blended the portrait of this famous Cuban revolutionary with a waist bag product.

The phone has been hailed as revolutionary with its bundle of advanced mobile web browsing, music and video playback, and touch screen controls.

This diarchy symbolized Nkrumah's dilemma of the reconciliation of his image as a revolutionary with his close relationship with the imperial authority.

Related Articles Cassandra is an archetypal glamorous revolutionary with nothing left to live for (since her husband died) except passionate protest at moral, social and economic injustice.

In 2% of cases revolutionary on is used

Danton made his debut as a revolutionary on July 13, 1789 in Paris.

The BBC has a picture of a photogenic girl revolutionary on its web page.

It was proof, Shirky argues, that social media can't be revolutionary on its own.

They have fought in every war starting with the Revolutionary on down to the Iraq/Afghanistan.

He became a secret revolutionary on the one hand and an open Indian nationalist activist on the other.

Yet for all that, he would be just as world-shatteringly rebellious and revolutionary on a campus today as he was half a millennium ago.

Now in the his late 70s he publishes ' Lucha Indigena ', ' Indigenous Struggle ' and is the foremost ecosocialist revolutionary on our planet.

Despite all this, President Obama is unshaken in his presumption that he is a herald of a new era, a revolutionary on the models of Jefferson, Lincoln, and FDR.

In 1% of cases revolutionary into is used

Then they are called into a greater service and prepared for a greater service, preparing to bring something new and revolutionary into the world.

In 1% of cases revolutionary without is used

Do you realise that we were revolutionary without knowing it? -E.

It is impossible to think of an authentic revolutionary without this quality.

In the traditional rite and ceremonies we are groping after something new and revolutionary without being able to understand it or utter it yet.

Innovations such as mobile banking -- great as they may be -- are hailed as revolutionary without much consideration for what may have come before.

We Americans love cheap escapism, we love commodities that allows us to feel like we're liberated and revolutionary without the jarring experience of actual liberation.

Innovations such as mobile banking -- great as they may be -- are hailed as revolutionary without much consideration for what may have come before, or who the original innovators may have been.

In 1% of cases revolutionary within is used

I suppose the revolutionary within me wants to jump those walls and barricades.

A revolution that is in true accordance with the revolutionary within the Gourmet Guru.

Suppliers for little one clothes lines are getting revolutionary within their styles and are available up with seasonal apparel for babies.

Though Einstein's theories were revolutionary within the field of physics, they did not become widely known outside that specialized arena until the end of 1919.

In 1% of cases revolutionary regarding is used

He is not a revolutionary regarding our system, just someone who believes all boats should rise with the tide.

Jamie, I have also read all of Claire Weekes ' books, she was revolutionary regarding anxiety back in the 70 's, although some of her information is slightly dated nowadays.

There's the designer handbags from Michael Kor are creative and revolutionary regarding style and design as well as availed within timeless likes that have identified the American fashion world.

In 1% of cases revolutionary rather is used

Antonio Gramsci was an incremental, or slow step by step revolutionary rather than an advocate of quick and violent takeover of a government.

There were indeed such struggles, but they must be seen as potentially revolutionary rather than actually revolutionary, the stuff of which revolution is made rather than revolution itself.

In 1% of cases revolutionary like is used

How dare uneducated racist rubes like people on PJM challenge a cultured and principled revolutionary like yourself.

I feel cheated waiting this long (3gs) for upgrade, give us something revolutionary like you've been doing for almost ever.

He was not a revolutionary like Lenin or Mao but still, Mao and Lenin and Marx are inconceivable without there having been a Jesus in history.

And you said you don, t believe in Indian law, and you want us to believe?????? Savarkar was a Great revolutionary like Neta ji, Bhagat Singh etc.

I can still remember his revolutionary eyes, i think he was a true revolutionary like castro at heart, but did not show it openly in real life, probably not to scare off capitalists.

In 1% of cases revolutionary from is used

Band leader and revolutionary from Lagos, Nigeria.

An Irish revolutionary from an early age Plunkett contracted tuberculosis as a child and it was to plague him all his life.

In 1% of cases revolutionary against is used

If today I stand here as a revolutionary, it is as a revolutionary against the revolution.

Wagner is not merely a revolutionary in music; he is a revolutionary against all modernity.

So, we will assess the revolutionary against new, and after that have one other versions and price items for any full contrast of the market for this The holiday season.

He was initiated into revolutionary lessons by his teacher at Bahrampur College, Sri Satish Chandra Chakroborty, another great revolutionary against British imperialism.

He was Raja Sahib's guardian and Raja Sahib was like a son until they had some differences of opinion because Raja Sahib was much more revolutionary against the British than Mr.

In fact, such approach made the production completely different from Shekhor Kapur's film ' Bandit Queen ' that highlights bandit Phoolan Devi as a revolutionary against caste struggle.

In 1% of cases revolutionary after is used

And her feelings become all the more revolutionary after a visit she paid to the office of a gendarme officer who had to deal with the Turin case.

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