Prepositions after "revere"

"revere by", "revere as" or "revere in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases revere by is used

And a temple has been set-up there, which is very holy and exceedingly revered by all Arabians.

He is also believed to be the god of good fortune, and revered by businessmen who wish for success in their ventures.

Giraffes are highly revered by the Masai! Despite the lack of rain early in the month, there are still many zebra and wildebeest around.

International yoga celebrities included Seane Corn, MC Yogi, Simon Park, Paige Elenson and others; all known and revered by the global yoga community.

In 25% of cases revere in is used

Be someone who is revered in network marketing.

Pete was an excellent leader, still remembered, loved and revered in IAF.

However, there is another scriptural text revered in the Mormon faith-the book of Abraham.

Family traditions are deeply revered in the country and the Thais have a natural affinity with children.

There are many Rishi pathnis and wives, who have been equally revered in PurANAs (AnusUyA, Kausalya, Damayanthi, Saavithri et al).

In Western culture where the individual is sacred karma is often outfit in the styles of the day, as a sort of spiritual accessory revered in the fashion of the times.

At first I considered that the president, Julius Nyerere, who was so revered in? progressive? circles as being halfway between Jesus Christ and Mao Tse Tung, was a total incompetent.

In 19% of cases revere as is used

At Saatchi &; Saatchi, our inspirational dream is to be revered as the hothouse for world-changing creative ideas.

It operates in a rigid, hierarchical mindset, wherein the Boss or Chief or Lord or Father is revered as a sacred emblem of Divine Authority.

Zimbabwe, once revered as a top safari destination in southern Africa, is re-emerging as an exciting, unspoilt and uncrowded place to visit.

Among most Pentecostal and Charismatic Christians, Azusa is revered as a genuine move of the God in restoring the Church to true power and authority.

Widely known by his Chinese name Kuan-yin (Perceiver of Sounds ), he is one of the most popular bodhisattvas in the Buddhist world and revered as the bodhisattva of infinite compassion.

Miss Shetty, who was born in Tamil Nadu in southern India, is revered as a goddess by fanatical Bollywood fans and mobbed in the streets everywhere she goes, accompanied by her own security guards.

In 8% of cases revere for is used

He is revered for his willingness to help those who come to him.

The place is revered for being the ancestral home of the famous Vaishnava saint.

In 4% of cases revere due is used

Joshua is a very popular religious figure in Africa, his predictions especially revered due to their consistent success rate.

In 2% of cases revere around is used

It is revered around the world, and many of its products, in entertainment and drama, are unsurpassed.

In 2% of cases revere at is used

A He was revered at the time as Africa's savior and promised to build a post colonial superpower.

In 2% of cases revere like is used

The chief wins people by showing empathy and following truth; hence they are revered like mother which ultimately result in happiness in this world by distribution of wealth '.

In 2% of cases revere throughout is used

Ganesha holds in his trunk a lotus flower which is revered throughout the ancient world as ensuring both good health and good fortune.

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