Prepositions after "revealing"

revealing of, about, in, to or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases revealing of is used

Quite revealing of your character.

Revealing of the bubble mindset, then.

Oh dear, how revealing of your position.

The revealing of a curved staircase facilitated the necessary speedy scene changes.

Revealing of a tendency to jump to conclusions and to make sweeping generalisations.

All the unanswered questions might become clearer with the revealing of the trailer.

There is simply a revealing of what's right before our eyes, that the ordinary is extraordinary, every moment is.

There wasnt much in this book that was very deep or revealing of new information that I havent already heard before.

But it is also, unfortunately, very revealing of the narrow Western mindset in its conflict/relationship with Islam.

Many of them would tell you that this solo experience can be very scary or it can be most revealing of the I in them.

In 14% of cases revealing about is used

It was very revealing about Ms.

It's very revealing about the nature of Putin's regime.

But again this is very revealing about our short time in existence.

So I did! It was a ton of fun, and oh so revealing about how I ended up where I am.

As for the Graysons, well, we didn't get anything too revealing about them this week.

Watch this film carefully and it is quite revealing about parts of US corporate culture.

Your annotations of David Evan's graph is very revealing about why skeptics view climatology as pseudo science.

This was more revealing about the mindset of committed warmists than it was about the veracity of what I had actually said.

I agree about remixes, though soemtimes they can be very revealing about songs you thought you knew but learn about all over again.

What happens to him next will be much more revealing about the way the country's leadership intends to deal with the political fallout.

In 8% of cases revealing in is used

This table is quite revealing in several ways.

More revealing in my opinion is the rise in support of the left- across the spectrum.

The scene in the Grimbridge toyshop is very dark on SD, but much more revealing in this hi-def image.

The process will be very revealing in terms of what your customers want and which methods drive great SEO value.

You said it was all very revealing in some vague, unspecified way but nothing has come of it as far as I can see.

Genetic studies may be more revealing in children, because stronger genetic contributors lead to earlier disease onset.

This is the attainment of bodhi, or the true awakening; it is the revealing in us of the infinite joy by the light of love.

This exchange, which begins at roughly the 7:00 minute mark on the video embedded below, is quite revealing in several respects.

It is therefore best to avoid wearing either a white garment or hat and definitely any clothing that is too revealing in any way.

I might argue this is due to Apple's secrecy but Amazon is just as secretive and a lot less revealing in its quarterly statements.

In 5% of cases revealing to is used

It is very revealing to me as a Coach.

The insides of a phone can be quite revealing to tech fans.

Not the death of many but the revealing to an otherwise disinterested public a political path.

I hate to judge a book by its cover, but just listening to each speak, their demeanor on the field, on the sidelines, in interviews was very revealing to me.

It's quite revealing to those of us in the 99% who matters in Washington considering the Fed's 2008 emergency ' helicopters of cash ' dropped on Wall St fraudsters.

Should one hand over a list of all the committed sins in the past? Why limit the revealing to virginity because there are many acts of zina than the actual deed of zina itself.

Overall, there was a wonderful excitement for all students not only for what they received, but for the reaction to what they had given and the revealing to their person of who they were.

In 4% of cases revealing for is used

This blog is very revealing for someone whom has been having problems with this situation.

Technology info there was very revealing for me as Im totally ignorant about actual process of making a sim.

So it was quite revealing for me because Sam was DJ-ing before, so he knew what to expect from that kind of world.

Normally the mirrors in there are far too revealing for my liking, as they have one on each side so you can see yourself from all angles.

So her act is too revealing for her daughter, but it's ok to aim her music at teenage girls, not to mention what message this gives to teenage boys.

In 2% of cases revealing as is used

The subheadings are quite revealing as to the tenor of the entire Charter.

With such a rich repertoire of real life experience, you will find what the linguists have concluded in their studies very revealing as well as rewarding.

In 1% of cases revealing at is used

Of course, its characteristic consists an area not only big, and the artistic commerce space that what revealing at her is a many appearance.

In 1849, Czar Nicholas I had the circle arrested and staged a mock drama and execution--only revealing at the last moment the group had been issued a reprieve.

In 1% of cases revealing on is used

TR8, will be very revealing on this question, I am sure.

This exchange strikes me as revealing on several levels, but I will close with just two observations: 1) It is a reminder of the sheer volume of ignorant BS that leftists can generate.

In 1% of cases revealing with is used

The exercise is quite revealing with respect to the composition of the new parliament and the backgrounds of its members.

I'd not sure if this would apply to CELTA trainees but I've found use of metphors to be very revealing with in-service teachers.

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