Prepositions after "reveal"

"reveal to" or "reveal in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases reveal to is used

Let me reveal to you an undisclosed secret.

He understood it for it was revealed to him.

He can not be revealed to anyone and everyone.

Clara also reveals to Gary that Mara is there together with Susan, Amante and Alvira.

The commission never revealed to the public the outcome of their inveatigations if any.

The Voice called for the third time and revealed to him the first verses from the Qur'an.

Both books contain God's guidance as revealed to prophets as well as religious histories of different civilizations.

And that's ok you know because a lot of artists go their whole lives and things are revealed to them little by little.

It had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he should not see death before he had seen the Messiah of the Lord.

It opened my heart and revealed to me my life's path towards something new and exiting that really means something to me.

In 25% of cases reveal in is used

The Godhead is revealed in Jesus Christ.

This is the same mentality revealed in this comment.

Now, let us look at some of these scientific miracles revealed in the Qur'an together.

The trailer focuses on the trio of protagonists revealed in last week's Game Informer.

Every person should want to benchmark their efforts against individuals revealed in Dr.

Its contents provoked a demand for those responsible for the actions revealed in the report to be held to account.

About 930 BC, Jeroboam deliberately created a counterfeit replica of the religion Moses revealed in the Wilderness.

Per the comments from Seo In Guk (Yoon Je ), the revelation of Shi Won's husband will be revealed in the final episode.

In 13% of cases reveal by is used

This was revealed by JAMB Registrar, Prof.

Such is the truth revealed by Bhagavan Sri Ramana.

The news was revealed by tech news site, Pocket-lint.

A further intention, King's death, is revealed by the FBI's anonymous letter to him.

The information was revealed by Rue Frontenac in an article about a MAC school in Montreal.

The aim of this Research Brief is to explain some of the history revealed by the new Index.

I am not at all a fan of conflating Tibetan culture (or any other) with the fundamental truths revealed by the buddha.

WICS was often used as a channel to transfer funds required by Libyan sponsored terrorist activities as revealed by the Alamoudi case.

It is revealed by Gabe Newell, co-founder of the leading game company Valve, creators of the legendary game Half Life and Left 4 Dead.

This was revealed by the Minister of State For Foreign Affairs in charge of Regional Cooperation Hon Asuman Kiyingi in a Press statement.

In 5% of cases reveal about is used

The narrator said that the verse had been revealed about him Anas b.

But even more disturbing is what it reveals about how our government is run.

Mostly for the benefit of their disciples only they reveal about their inventions.

In due course more will be revealed about the role of the Carpetman and how he has served Rosmah.

The truth has not been revealed about the conditions that Africans face after the elections took place.

It seems particularly relevant with what you reveal about the Gov ' wanting to distance child abuse from the gay community.

Robin called Maggie and Steve out on their past and some boring details were revealed about some secret they shared in Memphis (we fell asleep).

I fail to understand what was so shockingly revealing about Anna being the third choice that makes Kejriwal such a scheming villain as you paint him to be.

Please report back on what your research reveals about her schooling and her experience -- and try to downplay it as much as you can to show your true colors.

In this pioneering book, Samuel Moyn elevates that extraordinary transformation to center stage and asks what it reveals about the ideal's troubled present and uncertain future.

In 5% of cases reveal at is used

And it only is to be revealed at the last day when this actual Seal is broken.

The baby's father (also Shi Won's husband) will be revealed at the OBGYN office.

An added bonus is the skeletal remains of an oak sailing boat revealed at low tide.

A 12-round 2013 calendar had been expected to be revealed at the WMSC meeting next week.

In many other subjects, important facts were revealed at a time when no one could have known them.

They then build the housing and flog it off at higher prices that were not revealed at the beginning.

Details of the logistics of what is involved for local farmers were revealed at last weekend's launch in Killenard by.

However, this was openly declared to us in the Qur'an that was revealed at that time: -because the Qur'an is the word of God.

Both platform holders are rumoured to be working on next-generation hardware which they are expected to reveal at or before E3 2013.

Al-Fatihah contains seven verses in a single section, and was revealed at Makkah, being without doubt one of the earliest revelations.

In 5% of cases reveal on is used

The plot was publicly revealed on Monday.

The logo was revealed on the 4th June 2007.

This was revealed on 1000 high-temperature beans.

In fact, much of the behind the scenes production has already been revealed on the www.

The 1st reaction of Apple initiatives was the actual Lisa, Windows 7 Sale, revealed on 1983.

At 10am every Wednesday for four weeks, the image of a house will be revealed on the iProperty.

And Luka Modric is the subject of a bidding war between Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain, the Daily Mirror revealed on Tuesday.

In some cases, it's obvious--brands attempting to appeal to certain consumers will often reveal on their packaging that products are GMO-free.

The contents of the note have not been disclosed, but, it is believed that his real reasons for committing suicide are probably revealed on it.

In 4% of cases reveal as is used

And now the hotel maid has been revealed as a liar.

No word has been revealed as to when the case will go to court.

I hope its not the ONLY device thats revealed as the part of Nexus ecosystem.

Much of the seeming success of the financial industry has now been revealed as an illusion.

She claimed the other man was an Ipoh-based Datuk, who was then revealed as the source of her wealth.

Boston and New York have been revealed as the main locations, and look absolutely stunning in trailers.

A little dog named Toto tipped over his screen, and the terrifying Oz was then revealed as a little old man with a bald head and a wrinkled face.

But when asked about his relation to Madara, Kishimoto stated that they know one another, but the relationship will be revealed as the story progresses.

So he clarified that the first surah to be revealed as a whole was Surah Muddassir that was revealed before the completion of the revelation of Surah Iqra.

In 3% of cases reveal for is used

We reveal for you to revel: the right stuff.

No significant differences in food expenditure were revealed for females.

Islam is a practical religion that respects all human beings and it was revealed for all mankind.

I can reveal for the first time, that the nick name of the Great Ron Rafferty is Ron ' Chips! ' Rafferty.

The outbreak started in July but details were only revealed for the first time at a hospital meeting yesterday.

For reasons I will not reveal for those who may wish to watch the episode, it seems clear her husband loved her very much.

Hogwarts Castle model used on the set of Harry Potter is revealed for first time! The reports on gender in media from 2011 have been released.

In 2% of cases reveal through is used

How CCI weighs and balances these twin objectives will be revealed through its enforcement.

Teachers may be surprised to discover attributes that are not obvious and are certainly not revealed through test scores.

In short, although the professor started his article reporting on facts that have be revealed through experimentation, he veered sharply into wishful thinking at the end.

The future is a fog, and we can spend our time trying to penetrate it with insight, staring, and force of will, or we can look around at what the fog reveals through its slowly swirling retreat.

In 2% of cases reveal with is used

Because of this, it's easy for your passwords to be revealed with tools such as Nirsoft's WebBrowserPassView.

It displays letterboxing on any app that has yet to be updated (read ALL OF THEM, as the resolution was only just revealed with the ip5).

And while the photographs reveal with amazing detail the homes and favorite places of iconic personalities, they seem to tell more about Leibovitz herself than about any of her intended subjects.

In 1% of cases reveal according is used

He has to be revealed according to the scriptural declaration of how and when he will be known.

In 1% of cases reveal after is used

She revealed after some recuperation that she was pregnant with Peter's child.

But it is to be revealed after the Lamb leaves the Father's Throne of His intercessory as Kinsman Redeemer.

In 1% of cases reveal before is used

Perhaps its last part was revealed before the completion of Surah Iqra.

The lawless one will be revealed before the Bride is stolen away by her Bridegroom as a thief in the night.

So he clarified that the first surah to be revealed as a whole was Surah Muddassir that was revealed before the completion of the revelation of Surah Iqra.

In 1% of cases reveal during is used

Clues will be revealed during new episodes of The Walking Dead season three on Sunday nights at 9 p.

What to reveal during the application process You don't need to mention ill health on your CV as a reason for leaving previous employment.

By understanding and harnessing the opportunities that are revealed during times of struggle, we often discover the fuel that will enable us to reach goals we never even imagined reaching.

But an internal email -- revealed during a recent patent trial against Samsung -- showed Internet chief Eddy Cue arguing that there was a market for a 7-inch tablet and that Apple should have one.

In 1% of cases reveal from is used

This self-sacrifice was so worthy of praise that a surah was revealed from the Heaven about this feat and other devoted soldiers.

Therefore, the Prophet? s response was not meant as a general rule of an Islamic teaching revealed from God, but a personal response to a political incident.

From its geological formation and the fossil evidence revealed from volcanic rocks, to the region? s rich flora and fauna and tribal life, Pavitt presents an invaluable study of the region.

In 1% of cases reveal of is used

The whole lead up to the mid-season reveal of Earth in season four was about perfect.

What little she reveals of her own story is intermingled with those of the many expats she interviewed along the way.

Rock music is a complex socio-musical phenomenon, revealing of social and cultural changes essential to the understanding of contemporary societies.

But other than Earth and the reveal of all 12 models (apparently, they DID choose all final 5 at the same time) the show was never really about the big mysteries.

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