Prepositions after "retire"

"retire from", "retire to" or "retire in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases retire from is used

White is retiring from the Senate.

Pratul retired from politics in 1947.

I have retired from arguing with sheep.

Petraeus retired from the Army in August 2011 and ended months ago, the person said.

And they stayed put for almost 22 years, being retired from radio on August 26, 1981.

Ames has recently retired from the military yet keeps active in community leadership.

Havengore was previously used as a Port of London authority launch but was retired from service in the Seventies.

He returned to the United States with honors, as the first sentry dog to be officially retired from active service.

Soon, I'll be on the outside of their life looking in, retired from my days as the centre of their childish universe.

He retired from the Deloitte partnership in May 2009, having led the firm's government services practice in Victoria.

In 16% of cases retire in is used

He retired into near seclusion.

Gleeson retired in October 1882.

Maloney is due to retire in January.

Why can't Indian babus and politicians retire in a graceful and dignified way? Without V.

Robbie and Richard are getting older now and will probably retire in the next few years too.

He retired in 1985 as Auxiliary Bishop and Military Vicar, but continued a very active Ministry.

By the time Bailey retires in 1917 the Mission has 87 programmes in 12 countries with support offices in eight countries.

John and Rose Dejardin wanted to build a home in which to retire in the grounds of their current property in Top Street, Wing.

I retired in 2002 and now write about what I know to help others become more knowledgeable on natural health and green living.

By the time George had retired in 1988 he had coached 53 swimmers to Olympic Teams that won 44 gold, 14 silver and 10 bronze medals.

In 16% of cases retire to is used

Leon senior has retired to Durban.

All ladies retire to the next deck below.

Curtis Bird would retire to Red River in 1824.

They sat down, and Nydia, glad to be alone, retired to the farther end of the garden.

She could not have a private word with her husband until they retired to bed at night.

Graciously the river men, reporters and cameramen retired to the far side of the island.

An elderly couple retired to the countryside - to a small isolated cottage overlooking some rugged and rocky heathland.

Many westerners choose to retire to Bangkok or provincial Thailand, but we've decided Chiang Mai is where we'd like to live.

My grampa, a Weegie who retired to Somerset, used to bring bootfuls of Irn-Bru and oatcakes back from visits to the motherland.

The 15th was eventually forced to retire to its own trenches, leaving the right flank of the 14th Brigade open to counter attack.

In 8% of cases retire at is used

She retired at the end of 2009.

You've said you'll retire at 31.

It seems he's like you: retired at 50.

Before he retired at the age of 25 three years ago, he was the UKs ninth richest man.

He will retire at age 52 with a pension that is 70% of his final pay (which is now 110k).

In the end, the fact that most are not going to be able to retire at all will demonstrate that.

Williams's predecessor, Lord Carey, held the post of archbishop of Canterbury for 11 and a half years and retired at 66 in 2002.

Cheers, Ronnie Hestia 5th December 2008, 06:24 AM we are all looking at retire at old age and hope that there will be something for us.

Out on the course Alexandre Vinokourov (Astana ), who will retire at the end of the season, was 31secs behind Tony Martin at the first time-split.

When you retire at the end of 30 years or more of active service you easily get to know intimately the true personalities of at least a hundred people.

In 5% of cases retire on is used

Sachin and Dravid will surely retire on high note.

The upgrade request website will be retired on March 31, 2012.

The EBS public interest directors retired on 30th June 2011 when EBS was merged with AIB.

I doubt that many could afford to retire on the meager income that SS would pay at age 60.

The week from 29 July to 5 August saw the American and ROK forces retiring on all fronts.

Epasinghe retired on 30 th September 2001 after continuous service as a University teacher for 44 years.

Says measures to curb the trend include identifying the officers, some of whom are retired on medical grounds.

Mr Israel was an Executive Director and President of Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited before retiring on 1 July 2011.

By the end of the second week of war the American 24th Division had been driven out of Chonan and was retiring on Taejon.

Strict rules governing the ages of party leaders mean that thousands of Chinese policyakers are set to retire on November 8.

In 4% of cases retire after is used

He should have retired after the Australian tour.

The group's name was retired after Maurice died in January 2003.

So, with that, his daily thought was that he was retiring after the drama filming.

Eugene, aged 63, had recently retired after a long career as a teacher in Dansoman.

Himmelman retired after 35 years of service being the longest serving captain of LaHave ferries.

Imran said he retired after leading Pakistan to triumph in the 1992 World Cup because he wanted to go out at his peak.

They know it intellectually, but it just doesn't sink in and when they can't retire after one year, they give up and go home.

Lieberman, who is retiring after a career spent alternately supporting and confounding fellow Democrats; six years ago, Mr.

Upstairs then you have a trendy bar you can hang out before your meal, or retire after your meal to enjoy the rest of your night.

The 35-year-old Akhtar has said he will retire after the World Cup and has only featured in three matches at the tournament to date.

In 4% of cases retire with is used

Sam has found a girl Dean can retire with Lisa and Ben.

How to retire with no money in CPF? This is because PAP is a fascist party.

Somebody retiring with 100,000 in July 2008 would have been able to secure an annual income.

For my part I keep myself retired with Him in the depth and center of my soul as much as I can.

He served with the Royal Australian Navy for over 36 years and retired with the rank of Rear Admiral.

A person trying to retire with $ 300,000 saved won't get far even if interest rates were to rise to 5%.

Don't think for a moment that he would have retired with the belt had he had a chance to win it again.

He continued his military service in the Naval Reserves and eventually retired with the rank of Captain.

In 3% of cases retire as is used

Scottie Pippen retired as a Chicago Bull.

In 2005, Steve retired as a Rear Admiral.

Retired as an AVM, he now lives in Australia.

Some people work hard and honestly the all life to be retired as an average pensionist.

He later served in Korea and Vietnam, retiring as an Air Force master sergeant in 1974.

I retired as a sceptic and it took me an inordinate time before I reluctantly became convinced.

He retired as a (Supol) Superintendent of Police in 1991, after a one year contract was awarded to him by the Police Administration.

I was in the system before and retired as a permanent secretary and I went back after retirement to join politics so it has been part of me and I don't see any difference again.

In addition to the five campaign medals a badge was available to officers and men who had been honourably discharged or had retired as a result of sickness or wounds from war service.

Besides his brothers Drs Ranjith and Eric mentioned earlier, the Weerakoon family contributed another professional - Nihal who retired as Regional Telecommunications Engineer, Badulla.

In 3% of cases retire for is used

Tourists then retire for the day.

Well, that's unusually retiring for Mr Morrison.

Brunch will then be served, after which tourists will retire for siesta.

After a good dinner and a bottle of wine, they retire for the night, and go to sleep.

The ' Last Post ' gave one last warning to any soldiers still at large that it was time to retire for the evening.

Icke was forced to retire for a while from public view, amidst vitriolic ridicule and a great deal of negative press.

Its getting late now so I'd about to retire for the night but I'd looking forward to getting in a discussion with you as by the sounds of your bio we may have a bit in common.

Our 6 year old pup is a Border Colley (black, white and ginger) and we have had him since he was 6 weeks old and he is my constant companion - I have been retired for 12 years.

It is suggested that when the jury retires for a break that counsel be asked whether there is anything they wish to say about the section of the summing up that has just been given.

In 2% of cases retire by is used

Richter is enshrined in the US Hockey Hall of Fame and has had his number retired by the Rangers.

The argument is that unlike civilian government employees, who retire at 60 years of age, military personnel retire by rank at comparatively younger ages.

In 1% of cases retire into is used

He retired into near seclusion.

You will then retire into your airconditioned rooms for the night.

In 2015, we shall see more ex-governors retiring into the Senate as senators.

As the Germans retired into the village they met up with a larger group of cavalrymen, and, owing to the congestion, were soon caught by the 1st Troop.

In 1% of cases retire over is used

A sizable portion of MTNL's employees have been retired over the years.

With half of all current civil servants set to retire over the next ten years, Sarkozy has pledged to replace only one of every two.

The average age of an Australian farmer is currently 56, according to KPMG research, which could mean as much as half the remaining workforce retires over the next decade.

In 1% of cases retire without is used

A hotchpotch of an enquiry was completed and he was found guilty and was compulsorily retired without financial loss.

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