Prepositions after "retain"

"retain by" or "retain in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases retain by is used

The remaining two lots would be retained by the NDA.

The Form of Undertaking must be retained by the school authority.

Michael Dobersen is a forensic pathologist who was retained by Morgan's family.

Kuffour was retained by Ghanaians in 2004 to continue his turner of office until 2008.

This enumeration of rights shall not be construed to impair or deny others, retained by the people.

If the life assured does not die, the policy ceases and the premiums paid are retained by the insurance company.

Copyright of any material deposited in the University of Canberra Research Repository is retained by the copyright holder.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All rights to the pages found within this site are retained by the original submitter of the information.

This is not necessary if the mediation is to end with the formulation of heads of agreement retained by the parties in identical copies.

In 29% of cases retain in is used

Examinations have to be retained in some form so that teachers are made accountable.

The moisture retained in the soil was enough to meet the needs of the rabi crops also.

It might be retained in a register format and comprise the following categories of information.

A similar formula was retained in the Increase of Rent and Mortgage Interest (Restrictions) Act 1920.

Uploaded songs will be retained in your account and can be used for any future Videos you may create.

B and C accordingly sell the property, and the purchase-money is received by B and retained in his hands.

The staff member responsible for filing records should collect those retained in out-trays and file them.

Retain in head that this does not have to be an exact match of colours but you want hues in an equivalent range.

In 14% of cases retain for is used

Poyer's rising it was retained for some time afterwards.

These records should be retained for at least three years after creation.

He carefully stashed it in the toy box though, to be retained for future use.

They are retained for varying lengths of time because of administrative, legal and fiscal value.

Retirement requests should clearly indicate if the asset is to be sold or retained for future use.

A weekly back-up copy should be created at the end of every working week, and retained for four weeks.

The three were drawn from six names selected by Manpower Services, a professional recruitment agency retained for the purpose.

Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother was also a grantor of warrants; warrants granted by her were retained for five years from her death (until 2007).

High group shareholdings can be retained for a while, but in a globalised world, stake dilutions will be the norm as companies grow inorganically -- or organically.

In 6% of cases retain on is used

It should be noted that a register of all files is retained on a database.

Back-up copies should be retained on a suitable storage medium, for example, compact disc or zip disk.

These will have the first failure removed from the average, however, the course attempt will be retained on the transcript.

The higher the percentage, the more the company retains on each dollar of sales to service its other costs and enjoy as profits.

To allow security and back-up copies of the system to be retained on remote storage mechanisms, for example, zip disk or compact disc.

The result is that the solute is retained on the pressurized side of the membrane and the pure solvent is allowed to pass to the other side.

This means that papers relating to the same transaction should be retained on the same file, and not split between an old and closed file and a new file.

If you make copies of any of the content of this website, you must retain on any such copies all copyright and other proprietary notices that appear in the original content.

In 3% of cases retain within is used

The blood must be retained within the bed, for according to Maasai tradition, it must not spill to the ground.

In 3% of cases retain with is used

They are priced in retaining with the weight and fineness of the metal alone.

Upon this Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: Retain with you (the flesh) sufficing for three (days ), and whatever is left out of that give in charity.

In 3% of cases retain at is used

Maintain TRADING BUY, with FV retained at RM0.

This is where pressure is monitored and it is here where the water pressure is retained at the right level.

Since the situation seemed under control, the ships of Task Force 90 were retained at Sasebo for other employment.

In 2% of cases retain as is used

It may be retained as a permanent record of why a file was created.

China wouldn't be creeping in and Sabah could have been retained as part of our territory.

That is quite different from setting it aside as useless: quite often, a hypothesis is considered false, yet retained as a useful instrument.

If Vandemataram had been retained as the national anthem of India, perhaps someday Janaganamana could have been easily adapted as the global anthem.

In 2% of cases retain throughout is used

In 1901 there was nothing inevitable about the domination that the English-speaking peoples? political culture would retain throughout the twentieth century and beyond.

In 2% of cases retain to is used

In subject matter, it retained to the last its dominant religious bias.

The names of the network of minor roads within the Scheme have also been retained to this day.

In 2% of cases retain after is used

A surprisingly large number of British names were retained after the American Revolution.

In 1% of cases retain since is used

In 2005 the Aviation Services Division was awarded an ISO 9001:2000 quality certification which it has retained since then.

In 1% of cases retain till is used

These records will be retained till the next inspection of the concerned bank branch by the State Bank? s Inspectors.

In 1% of cases retain under is used

High earners such as Zapata, Cani, and De Guzman can not be retained under the restructuring of the club's finances, and so offers will be encouraged and inevitably accepted.

In 1% of cases retain until is used

Knowles was retained until 2008 and the Claimant subsequently commenced proceedings against Mackay.

In 1% of cases retain upon is used

Non-refundable fees and deposits will be retained upon cancellation.

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