Prepositions after "retail"

"retail in" or "retail for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases retail in is used

I work in retail in Nova Scotia.

I say, ban FDI in retail in India.

A: You went into luxury retail in 1995.

Opportunities: > Modern retail in India could be worth US$ 175-200 billion by 2016.

As for something like retail in FDI, it is very difficult to see which way it will go.

The most important aspect of the retail in the us is the prime focus on the customers.

Her prize is to design a sustainable collection for Esprit made using recycled textiles for retail in China in 2013.

About Retail Excellence Ireland Retail Excellence Ireland (REI) is the largest retail industry trade body in Ireland.

The Friday after Thanksgiving, known among retailers as Black Friday, is one of the largest days for retail in the U.

FDI in retail in no solution (in fact is a bad one) to solving a problem that is arising from betting on gold prices.

In 19% of cases retail for is used

I worked in retail for 10 years.

I've worked retail for 20+ years.

Rosie and Kevan's retail for Stg.

I'd looking for retail for a summer job, but can never seem to get a call or interview.

I worked in retail for 10 years (the last 5 of which were at the customer service desk).

Perhaps thats because I've worked in retail for the last 5 years and it's second nature.

Until they are healthier and more likely to get a clean sheet there isn't much point in paying retail for these guys.

You can touch it, feel it, talk to the person who designed it and that's the future of retail for me -- the experience.

A lot of of the appearance headphones begin in acute sports food retail for $50 so a ample investment for an accessory.

Full Frontal Assault for the PS3 will be available across North America on the PlayStation Store and at retail for $19.

In 10% of cases retail at is used

These retail at around 12 each.

They sell retail at $70 or more.

Brands grew at 47% and retail at 31%.

I was an assistant manager in retail at the time, and someone had tried to rob the place.

For years the Siren worked retail at a rambling store in an old building below 8th Street.

I purchase in the public market of Les Cayes, and retail at home every day from 6am to 10pm.

A real recent year Lv purse usually retail at 800 bucks if not more, when purchased with a superior-end vogue retailer.

Alibaba: you could sell or buy in wholesales or in retail at alibaba, this is one of the biggest buying and selling site.

An authentic recent year Lv purse usually retail at 1000 bucks plus, when purchased within a superior-end vogue retailer.

The exclusive colorways will undoubtedly be available via retail at the end of April (just in time for the ' 12 Playoffs).

In 8% of cases retail to is used

FilSpec does not sell retail to inpiduals.

It was marketed down from $1198 retail to $970.

From retail to hospitality to healthcare to B2B.

The dealer in the consuming State in his turn sells the goods in retail to actual *consumers.

Yglesias goes on to connect a lack of retail to things like parking and height limits as well.

Big companies, from retail to technology, are approaching Africa as a promising new growth frontier.

Another emerging neighborhood that is bringing unique and quality home store/accessory retail to the Chicago area is Madison St.

The US business chambers have been pushing for raising FDI caps in various sectors ranging from retail to banking and insurance.

We are incentivising brokers to bring retail clients to BSE and have products to cater to players in all segments from retail to FIIs.

We are incentivising brokers to bring retail clients to BSE and have products to cater to players in all segments, from retail to FIIs.

In 5% of cases retail as is used

She works in retail as a sales associate.

As of right now, I am doing retail as of right now.

That's like signing up for the military because you won't condescend to work retail as a B.

Meanwhile, Uselton already had experience in liquor retail as well as working in restaurants.

Agriculture: The Prime Minister has repeatedly projected FDI in retail as a boon for agriculture.

You can buy it for retail as a Halloween costume -- and it's more revealing than what Madisyn was wearing.

I'd a Features writer at Forbes India, where I write primarily on healthcare and explore retail as a sector.

FDI in Retail as of now is restricted to cities with population above 10 lac? yes? In Bengal we have only 3 such places.

We are also operating in five other states, retail as well as Wholesale, such as Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, Punjab, Haryana and Jharkhand.

In 5% of cases retail on is used

The discount is at 80% off retail on most things.

It was great to see the game pre-sold for less than retail on the PC.

The demo will be available next week and it hits retail on the 15th of September.

Prices are up to 70% off the retail on floor models, disems and some scratch-and-dent.

Your point goes against just about every fact known about retail on the entire planet.

As for the sale, you can expect up to 70% off retail on the label's highly sought-after pieces.

The building is scheduled for completion early next year, with retail on the ground floor and two floors of office space above.

Magnus Ohlsson, founder of retail management firm MORM, has posted a great presentation about the future of retail on his blog Retailomania.

Why not follow the same pattern in the lot adjacent to the north (residential or a school on one side, retail on the other )? Excellent question.

Well at least it's something, I mean 90% of the population will not be able to afford the Shangri-La Hotel and Spa, apartments or the retail on offer.

In 4% of cases retail with is used

Closer to the street there would likely be retail with other uses above.

For instance, pursuing a career in retail with a degree in English is unwise.

So that in some ways, the president needs to go retail again, and retail with CEOs.

Their policy around releasing a beta version as retail with taken out modes etc is so annoying.

The government has removed 51 percent cap on FDI in single brand in retail with the sourcing rider.

In that also the BJP promised FDI in structured retail with a caveat that there will be no FDI in retail.

Since opening the first store in Chicago back in 2003, Argo Tea has tried to combine loose tea retail with tea-to-go la Starbucks.

In the first two years the company protected its patent in 135 countries and now has gone retail with Home Hardware across Canada.

This was followed by health with 68,116 graduates, retail with 38,463, social work with 34,624, and financial services with 31,645.

As far as he's concerned it's an age for bold beginnings, not retirement, because he's doing an apprenticeship in retail with B &Q.

In 4% of cases retail of is used

We are the least penetrated by the modern retail of any country.

The outer fish marketplace is employed for the retail of market-related goods.

There were 35 of them in in 1863 in Colombo who dealt in the retail of a large variety of goods.

Also, FICEs are prohibited from engaging in the wholesale of salt and tobacco and in the retail of tobacco.

As an example, i am currently looking for a certain accessory for the wii, the standard retail of the item is 12.

As the ghosts continued to go imposing, next had been pawned for a beautiful retail of their jordan 3 cement 2012.

Retail of Safeguards developed social network amongst laptop computer which had been everything connected at once.

And High Street retail of boxed games has been hit particularly hard, seeing its sales value decline by over 30 per cent.

Instead of paying the retail of $100 for each seperate book - get all four for $70 postage included in New Zealand ($80 for Australia; $90 for Rest of World).

The industry is called music publishing -- and the main way in which money is made from music is through the creation, distribution and retail of dots on pages.

In 3% of cases retail from is used

No one else comes close for doing professional retail from a charity cost base.

A boxed version of AutoSave Essentials will also be available in retail from October 2008.

How so? If you look at the floor plans, very little retail from that corner building faces 8th.

Those with a considered and well executed strategy can connect the dots and drive retail from digital to destination.

Apps retail from as little as 99p depending upon which apps you are after, the nursery rhymes we purchased cost around 6.

I am Sneakosaurus, I played retail from the beginning to a little before WOTL was released, my main was a rogue and I had several alts.

The real split is of the banks -- both on policy now and the inevitable breakup of universal banking, separating retail from investment.

They are Oakley prescription glasses, not sunglasses, and were $600 retail from lenscrafter because I opted for their highest grade lenses.

They were getting a fair bit of stick because you would be better off paying retail from dell and a couple of hours later the entire post was deleted.

Miliband reamins to vague on one of the biggest questions: Whether to force an outright Glass-Steagall type separation of retail from investment banking.

In 2% of cases retail by is used

Google Wallet was supposed to revolutionize retail by letting consumers pay by swiping their phones against a little reader.

Food substances may be used in a wide array of products manufactured, distributed and sold at retail by a large number of firms.

The firm began its push into retail by devoting two years to developing Write Away!, a line of labels it could produce cost-efficiently for retail.

Attendees will hear firsthand from retailers who are leading the globalization of retail by crossing borders and successfully broadening their brands.

Also, by that time the change is made our ability to run retail by ourselves may be lost because all our people will be knowing only how to keep accounts and carry goods, not run shops.

In 1% of cases retail into is used

That a transformation of retail into a part of the modern, organized sector will have a multiplier effect is also not seriously disputed.

They can halt the entry of organised retail into their respective states if they so wish, but they should not exercise a blanket veto on behalf of all states.

In 1% of cases retail without is used

Side note - Impossible to get a job in hospitality or retail without experience unless you're under 18.

How can the UPA government declare the policy of allowing FDI in multi-brand retail without first declaring.

Also for individuals wanting to make money from the growth of online retail without having the overheads of a physical store.

There is no point inviting FDI in retail without creating the conditions for it to flourish and to optimise India's potential.

On the issue of FDI in insurance and pension, Gadkari blamed the UPA government of backstabbing the Opposition and Chief Ministers by giving green signal to FDI in retail without consulting them.

In 1% of cases retail under is used

The co-op markets retail under Sue Bee, Clover Maid, Aunt Sue, Natural Pure and many store brands.

The BJP and its allies want a discussion on foreign direct investment in multi-brand retail under a rule that allows voting.

The BJP and its allies want a discussion on Foreign Direct Investment or FDI in multi-brand retail under a rule that allows voting.

The Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPM) on Wednesday gave a notice for a debate on FDI in retail under rule 184, which allows a vote after the discussion.

Dasgupta said the government did not appear in the mood for discussion on FDI in retail under Rule 184 and Parliament may not function for at least a few days.

The guidelines clearly states that retail sales outlets may be set up in those States which have agreed or will agree in future to allow FDI in multi-brand retail under this policy.

In 1% of cases retail through is used

The government allowed FDI in multi-brand retail through an executive order.

This is further supported by a strong presence in rural retail through renewed distribution systems from the marketers ' end.

The government does have the right to bring FDI in multi-brand retail through an executive order and it requires no parliamentary approval.

Cross contamination can happen: during food manufacturing through shared production and packaging equipment; at retail through shared equipment, e.

In 1% of cases retail over is used

I only worked retail over a couple of summers years ago, so I never got the full-court Holiday season press.

Clearly an emphasis has been placed on retail over residents, and just as clearly the whole town could have been restored by now.

In 1% of cases retail after is used

Asked whether Samajwadi Party would oppose FDI in retail after being wooed by UPA and even Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Mr.

It has nothing to do with getting something for free, it has everything to do with finding a good job instead of being stuck in retail after 3/4/5 years working your butt off.

Sales warning comes on the back of an already tough year for UK retail after the recent Retail Fraud Study discovered a 10% increase in theft and fraud which cost the UK retail sector 3.

In 1% of cases retail during is used

I'd not a resident of the UK, so I'd having to rely on my own memories of working retail during my college years.

If you work in retail during the holidays, you are being paid to promote the holiday by selling the retailers goods.

It's clear that its opposition to the FDI proposals is opportunistic (in fact, it wanted 100% FDI in multi-brand retail during its time).

Read 15:06 FDI in retail to be voted in winter session of Parl: The CPI(M) gives notice for debate with voting on FDI in retail during the Winter session of Parliament.

You know this going into these jobs, why are you complaining now? Working the holidays are long hours with grumpy, crazy customers, that is the nature of retail during Christmas.

In 1% of cases retail along is used

She represents staff in Dublin Retail along with B365 and the Customer Contact Centre.

There's a fair bit of retail along Danforth east of Victoria Park, and unlike Bloor Downtown, it would appear that this retail is very car-dependent.

What doesn't make sense is the opposition from retail along that tiny stretch of Harbord, and why politicians have been so wary to step on any toes there.

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