Prepositions after "resume"

"resume in" or "resume on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases resume in is used

Resumes in hand, comfortably attired.

The research had to stop during the first world war, but was resumed in 1918.

They called for negotiations on financial resources to resume in Rio with PC/100/L.

Unless you can poop golden eggs, you are just one faceless resume in a sea of thousands.

Growth resumed in 2011 and annual inflation has declined to record lows earlier this year.

Rob Maruster, the company's chief operating officer, hopes flights can resume in New York on Wednesday morning.

Any hopes the Scots had of reaching the Euro 2012 play-offs were effectively ended when the campaign resumed in September 2011.

Sporadic assault has continued despite having a 2002 ceasefire and piece talks, which unfortunately again resumed in January 2009.

Three days after his death, US drone strikes resumed in Yemen after a nine-year break, when a Reaper tried to kill Anwar al Awlaki.

Remember the screening person will have hundreds of cover letters and resumes in front of them before reading them and considering anyone for an interview.

In 21% of cases resume on is used

Normal banking functions were resumed on March 13, subject to certain restrictions.

I have my cover letter and resume on nice parchment paper, reference letters in hand just in case.

Follow Up! Whether you submit your resume online or hand it over in person, your job is not yet done.

Play was suspended and will resume on Saturday 07:30 local time (0930 GMT ), while the third round will tee off.

Day 6 resumes on Tuesday, August 14th, 2012, at 10:00 am, same venue as today, the venue it shall be held in until.

Tamil Nadu resumed on 260/2 and added 278 more runs before declaring on 538/4, their highest score against Karnataka.

The left-handed Solozano, who resumed on 25, steadied the T &T; innings after Jamaica threatened to run through the middle order.

Government House Tours Recommence National Trust tours of the State Apartments and some outbuildings resumed on Thursday 30 August 2012.

Resuming on their overnight score of 307-5, Pujara and Dhoni enjoyed a trouble-free morning session, which was delayed for 25 minutes due to the threat of rain.

In 8% of cases resume with is used

So the cycle resumes with step 1 above.

All queues that belong to the Device are held upon its receiving a WakeUp and must be resumed with an explicit ResumeQueue Message.

All Jobs that were running on the Device at shutdown are also in a held state and must be explicitly resumed with a ResubmitQueueEntry Message.

The game resumed with Yanga coach in charge of the team for the first time since signing the contract over the weekend, replacing Nizar Khalfan for Didier Kavumbagu.

Resuming with a lead of 292, South Africa rose to salute Amla when he flicked Johnson to fine leg for his 18th Test century, a stroke representative of his legside mastery.

In 8% of cases resume at is used

Well advanced when operations were halted for the night, this attack was resumed at dawn.

England were set a reduced target of 218 to win, meaning they needed 123 more from 23 overs when play resumed at 7.

The enemy must be treated with respect in order for nor-mal social life to be com-menced or resumed at the end of hostilities.

After resuming at 99 not out on the third day, Amla took just three balls to reach triple figures, having faced a mere 87 balls.

Having worked with abused women and children it is a fact that the victims often return to the abusive mate/spouse and almost always the abuse is resumed at some point.

Meanwhile, local reporters and officials say that the tensions are high and the opposing forces are receiving a lot of re-enforcements and fighting could resume at any minute.

In 8% of cases resume to is used

Please send ur resume to maity.

Therefore, it was resumed to the Government, with the obligation to pay exgratia to the assignee.

The environment also affects, if a child lives or resumes to a noisy environment after school hours.

While waiting in the Microsoft hiring center lobby, I watched someone come in to do just that: give his paper resume to someone in person.

This intention by the British Government to resume to sale of arms to South Africa should not only be deplored but any attempt to enforce it should be vigorously resisted.

In 7% of cases resume from is used

Prohibition of Gang Insignia in Government Premises Bill First Reading Debate resumed from 15 August.

It will load quickly, instantly resume from sleep and continue the interrupted broadcast from the same location (for the user).

The trial resumed from May 9-11, 2011, on the second floor of the Ontario Provincial Offences Court: 1530 Markham Road in Scarborough.

Fernando Torres resume from his controversial suspension against Manchester United last week, but he wasn't impressive enough to strike today.

Chromebooks boot and resume from standby wonderfully quickly, but they're not known for their horsepower as far as actually using them is concerned.

In 6% of cases resume for is used

Math and literacy centres will resume for the next two weeks.

If he is able to create the most perfect resume for him then he can increase the possibilities of him getting the job for himself.

Honesty, though, evidently is the best policy and could prove dividends in the form of refereeing calls in the remainder of the campaign, crucial to normal service being resumed for Suarez.

In 5% of cases resume after is used

Usual stops will resume after 10:30 am.

The transition resumed after the failed coup.

MICHIGAN Cargo shipping on the Great Lakes resumed after waves of up to 16 feet subsided.

In 4% of cases resume as is used

But the operators are confident that normalcy will resume as the storm-ravaged region slowly regains its footing.

I know how convennient is for most of the people who lived the case in loccus, if the case resumed as a Tapas 9 issue ONLY.

World War II put Reagan's Guild involvement in a holding pattern, but he resumed as a Board alternate in February 1946, first for Rex Ingram, then Boris Karloff.

In 1% of cases resume until is used

As luck would have it the region received the largest amount of snow fall in recent history, preventing work from resuming until spring arrived.

In 1% of cases resume of is used

Job submission, queue-entry grouping, priorities and hold / suspend / resume of entries are all supported.

In 1% of cases resume including is used

Under pressure and eager to achieve sales target Interested parties please send full resume including career and salary history to the attention.

In 1% of cases resume during is used

Cooperation remained suspended until Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggested these searches resume during a visit to Burma in December 2011.

In 1% of cases resume behind is used

The formed path resumes behind a row of Buick Cres houses.

In 1% of cases resume alongside is used

But Cowan will resume alongside Australia's best batsman Michael Clarke, which, when assessing the performance of the front line, could heighten calls for the captain.

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