Prepositions after "restrict"

restrict to, by, in, from or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 69% of cases restrict to is used

Not Restricted to Yoruba Movies.

And don't restrict to dogs and cats.

Only 8 per cent are restricted to one region.

Access to information on these servers is restricted to authorized personnel only.

A serene song, it is easy on ears but strictly restricted to the film's situation.

It must not be sold or any charge made for its use which is restricted to the above.

This means that the applicant is not restricted to amendment(s) necessary to remedy a defect in his application.

Entry was restricted to NSK Passport holders, however, instant visas were available to holders of other Passports.

Complimentary items include drinks (sometimes restricted to juice) and fruit; food can be bought for 20-50 a plate.

Ms Clements recommended cameras on the end of tasers and altering triggers so zaps were restricted to five seconds.

In 12% of cases restrict by is used

Their movements were even restricted by their employers.

No longer are we entirely restricted by our physical bodies.

Tamils say their free movement in their villages is restricted by the.

We say what we mean and aren't restricted by the false made up standards like the left.

Respondents likely to be satisfied since they are not restricted by pre-defined categories.

However, Reaver is not restricted by the limitations of traditional dictionary-based attacks.

It relies upon the export of LNG, because it is restricted by Saudi Arabia from building pipelines to distant markets.

Q: For example, if you were being restrained/restricted by your lover? Taeyang: If it was a girl I like, it'd be ok (Laughs).

Because I really want to be independent, I hate being restricted by things, and if I'd restrained by something, I just want to run away.

In 7% of cases restrict in is used

Furadan use is not restricted in East Africa.

I am so used to my prime lenses that it felt almost restricting in a way to shoot with a zoom.

All because you were a baby and didn't want to be restricted in ANY way from doing what you wanted to do.

The first humans found an abundance of birds, many of large proportion, but restricted in the variety of species.

Liquidation The rights of unsecured creditors to take independent action are severely restricted in any liquidation.

Symbolic signs are inevitably more restricted in their capacity to convey meaning in that they refer to learned systems.

The iPhone is restricted in a lot of the things it can do, and the way you interact with it, thanks to its diminutive little display.

The populations of some waterbirds that are abundant in Kakadu are largely restricted in Australia to a narrow band along the northern coastline.

Although we are restricted in many ways and our lives bound to the rules of our earthbound matrix, the reality we find ourselves in is highly useful for rapid evolution.

So, my mother, despite being in that cross over category between older older and very old, is not restricted in engaging with the world by any lack of cognitive function.

In 4% of cases restrict from is used

You are not restricted from becoming a father or a mother.

Eve was not restricted from the tree in order to follow God? s commands by default.

Being a member of the European Union, the government was restricted from further investment in the sinking airlines.

The other disadvantage is that I can't install the app for Google Music on my Android device because it's restricted from me for regional reasons.

So yes, a portfolio restricted from investing in arms or tobacco firms may well have enough other options available to invest in to operate just fine.

Restricted Sites Since Myanmar is under a military rule, there are certain places or areas in Myanmar that are restricted from the public especially the foreign visitors.

The largest loss of land, however, has been to national parks and reserves, in which the Maasai people are restricted from accessing critical water sources, pasture, and salt lick.

In 1% of cases restrict as is used

You will also be more restricted as to the activities you can take part in, as the box on your arm or leg can not be dislodged or damaged.

Unfortunately we're restricted as to what we can report on the specification of this device until launch, but suffice to say it boasts an impressive megapixel count for a tablet.

Entry to certain sections of the community is restricted as of Sunday morning and police patrol cars were seen at every entrance of JLT, manning the traffic going towards the Tamweel tower.

In 1% of cases restrict due is used

Their electoral base is severally restricted due to numerous internal divisions.

Limits are low and the premium volumes restricted due to the high rates charged.

Even during the time 1983 to 1990 and from 1995 to 2009, its contribution was severely restricted due to LTTE activity.

My biggest concern was actually that the whole thing was highest restricted due to its location right beside my wardrobes.

However, oil production is currently constrained at between 27-30 kbopd because the gas export has been restricted due to ongoing work on the compressors and power systems.

In 1% of cases restrict for is used

They were therefore restricted for a choice to the young men of their own complexion.

Copyright under the Socialist system was largely restricted for the benefit of the general public.

In 1% of cases restrict within is used

The excuse for departure I received was that Hinn felt restricted within the A/G, that he wasn't free to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, so he left of his own volition.

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