Prepositions after "restrain"

"restrain by", "restrain from" or "restrain in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases restrain by is used

All were appropriately restrained by the fitted safety belts and wearing headsets.

Because I really want to be independent, I hate being restricted by things, and if I'd restrained by something, I just want to run away.

This serpent was gently restrained by the shaman's cane while she invited each pilgrim to touch the body to receive some of its medicine power.

Disturbing details have emerged concerning injuries sustained by Mr Ofusu as he was restrained by GEO officers shortly before he collapsed and died.

The left arrested and executed their enemies, sometimes with great cruelty, but were often restrained by moderate politicians in the Republican alliance.

Develop a mind full of love, he compassionate and restrained by virtue, arouse your energy, be resolute and always firm in making progress (Theragatha 979).

Some commentators think that the mystery of lawlessness is the activity of the man of lawlessness, which is being restrained by the rigid laws enforced by the Roman Empire.

Furthermore, it has been reported that Hizbullah agents have increased their presence in Iraq, but have thus far been restrained by Iran from conducting attacks on American forces.

In 28% of cases restrain in is used

He seemed modest, level-headed and restrained in his account of the Review Team's task.

I think I have been relatively restrained in only ordering 3 new LPs since posting the thread.

However, Israel has been restrained in this latest spat, largely ignoring a sustained bombardment for a year.

Infants up to six months old to be restrained in an approved rearward facing infant restraint (Dedicated infant restraint or rearward facing seat).

Animals shall be restrained in an appropriate manner in such a way as to spare them any avoidable pain, suffering, agitation, injury or contusions.

One additional noteworthy pattern is that people in mass graves who were not restrained in some manner were shot in the hips or feet to keep them from running.

The Chinese media has been comparatively restrained in its criticism pointedly noting that military exercises should contribute to regional peace and stability.

Children 7 years and over will be required to be restrained in an approved child restraint (child safety seat or booster seat depending on their size) or a properly adjusted seatbelt.

In 26% of cases restrain from is used

Rights to restrain from use of firm name or firm property 53.

Moments later, ugly scenes at the mouth of the locker room saw Timbers captain Jack Jewsbury restrained from going after particularly irate supporters.

The time has come for those have been restrained from following their passion to take a bold step and pursue what gives them ultimate career That time is NOW.

The leaders urged the public to restrain from taking the law into their hands by attacking and looting properties of innocent people in Eastleigh area over terror attacks.

He urged upon the soldiers to return to the barracks asked them to restrain from killing of soldiers and other peoples whom they thought anti mutiny elements- civilians or military.

One was on behalf of James Pearson, of Brampton, to ask that ' Theophilus Pearson be restrained from sending by post or otherwise issuing or circulating a letter or circular signed Theo.

The beneficiary has a right that his trustee shall be compelled to perform any particular act of his duty as such, and restrained from committing any contemplated or probable breach of trust.

In 3% of cases restrain on is used

A journalist is seeking to contact anyone who can explain how another victim died while being restrained on a plane.

In 2% of cases restrain for is used

I was totally restrained for the next five years, hooded, no arms, no voice and very limited vision.

In 2% of cases restrain under is used

Some believe Favre was more restrained under Mike Holmgren.

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