Prepositions after "restore"

restore to, in, by, from or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases restore to is used

The kick was good and their lead was restored to 15 points.

He reported that power had been restored to Atlantic City's casinos.

Natural Israel is restored to a place of blessing by becoming part of the New Israel.

After this great migration takes place the land will restored to even greater blessing.

It was restored to its original, opened-aired, doughnut-shaped, wood-and-plastered design.

Power has been restored to most homes and businesses, mass transit is back on track, and holiday decorations are even.

After making three circles, turn the head clockwise for another three circles before restoring to the starting position.

Sanity is restored to the marketplace through failure, allowing resources to be reallocated back towards more efficient uses.

Once the residence of a fabulously wealthy man in the Swahili Empire, 236 Hurumzi has recently been restored to its former glory.

In 11% of cases restore in is used

Marriage equality will be restored in California.

The cast-iron pedestal was restored in place atop the dome.

In Christ, humanity is restored in its male and femaleness.

The tomb was restored in the early 20th century and subsequently fell into disrepair.

Utilities say it could be days before power is fully restored in the city and on Long Island.

The death penalty was suspended for a time after the US-led invasion of Iraq but restored in August 2004.

It seems that even for transferred domains, the published PR values will only get restored in the periodic updates.

The erstwhile provinces of West Pakistan were restored in 1970, when Balochistan was created as a province for the first time.

So I think what gets restored in a couple of weeks of a domain transition are these internal PR values and not the externally displayed ones.

Lives were lost, many made homeless, power is slow to be restored in multiple areas, schools disorganized, mud and debris cover formerly lovely neighborhoods.

In 8% of cases restore by is used

The original Bible faith is to be restored by the Seventh Angel.

His medals were posthumously restored by the IOC in 1983 on compassionate grounds.

But his encouragement to lay out fresh capital in improvements is by no means restored by his new bargain.

Justice can be restored by perpetrators of harm repairing the material and relational harm caused by their behavior.

I don't know the model, or age, but I do know that it was painstakingly restored by David's father over 20 years ago.

Though the pre-Independence structure has been restored by the army it is no longer actively used for prayer services.

If both magnitude and phase responses are available, the 2-D spectrogram can be restored by a linear inverse filtering operation 18.

Ten minutes later, the backup generator power was stabilized, the UPSs were restarted, and power started to be restored by 8:14pm PDT.

But that effort was decisively reversed on the floor of the House when funding was restored by an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 327-90.

True harmony can only be restored by free consciousnesses (ungainly word!) -- or discrete minds/spirits -- freely yielding to the will of the Creator.

In 4% of cases restore from is used

If you want to restore it, just choose restore from external.

Selecting Restore from the menu restores the window to its default size.

And if you find anything missing, restore from backup that you took as we mentioned above.

If you're restoring from a backup, your phone will restart, and all of your previous settings will be in place.

Backing Up -- It is very important that they keep regular &; reliable backups of the BIM Server, and that they can restore from one quickly.

During setup, you'll need to connect to Wi-Fi, and select whether you want to set up as a new device, restore from an iCloud backup, or restore from an iTunes backup.

In 3% of cases restore for is used

Create sure you are weight raising correctly! Lift hard and then restore for the next exercise.

The Man in the White Suit has been digitally restored for a special edition DVD and first-time Blu-ray release this week.

The dormant Salt Building was restored for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, where it was used as a living room for the athletes.

The region took a few more steps to move past the storm Saturday, when power was restored for many more and gas rationing eased some of the clogged lines at stations in New York.

In 3% of cases restore on is used

Database restore on DB2 Hello Friends.

Ten minutes later, the cable connection was restored on the ground floor TV.

The repairs on our home should begin on Monday and the power was restored on Friday.

Zachariah had lost his speech at the behest and prophecy of the angel Gabriel, 11 and it was restored on the occasion of Zachariah naming John.

In 2% of cases restore as is used

Israel will be restored as a nation, not the chosen nation, when it receives the gospel.

In 1985 the family farm was restored as the dominant form of rural production, collectivisation was abandoned.

In 2% of cases restore at is used

Immediately he promised that Babri will be restored at the same spot.

The owner of the building, a company called Padlake Limited had previously been struck off and was seemingly restored at the Company Registration Office in order to pursue its legal action.

In 2% of cases restore with is used

The facade is to be restored with the help of a grant from Khazanah.

It has been important that a private residence restored with personal funds has been highlighted as an awardee of a Khazanah grant.

Debutant Arnab Nandi then added 33 with Saha to further frustrate, but parity was restored with Nandi's wicket with the last ball of the 87th over.

In 1% of cases restore before is used

Maybe hip and knee surgeries could be prevented if blood flow were restored before too much cartilage damage occurred.

In 1% of cases restore under is used

It was somewhat restored under the Ummayid rule (661-750 A.

In 1% of cases restore until is used

Democracy wasn't restored until 1985.

The two hug it out and sanity is once again restored! Hooray! Or, at least it's restored until an all new episode airs next week.

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