Prepositions after "rest"

"rest on" or "rest in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases rest on is used

But ALL of them rest on MARXISM.

Marxism rests on Hegelian theory.

This rests on a number of factors.

The responsibility for this accident really rests on Airbus and Air France's shoulders.

Morality rests on religion; if you destroy the foundation, the superstructure must fall.

It has never rested on its laurels and has always found something new to attract the best of the world at its event.

His left forepaw was poking through the cruel bars to rest on the concrete floor outside, the only place it had to go.

Now, with typical shelving of blame, the responsibility for undoing the damage once again rested on Gelsen's shoulders.

It was a five to four decision that rested on the forever-argued interpretation of the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

In 27% of cases rest in is used

Rest in peace George Jefferson.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.

May their souls rest in peace Amen.

Therefore he does not become at all conscious of the strict and great Law resting in it.

And yet our hearts are created for greater things and remain restless until they rest in You.

We will not rest in peace until Russell is brought home, and his life has been brought honor.

I, yes, I, will give you enough and help you out of every need; only let not your heart cleave to or rest in any other.

Some were proud of their thoughts and were honored that he had taken an interest in them but at least one felt violated.

He doesn't bother to lift his head from where it's resting in his hand, but he flicks his eyes over to you and sighs.

It is natural for everything, once it has reached its terminus, to rest in it, unless it be moved by some external power.

In 11% of cases rest with is used

It does not rest with the people.

All Power rests with Allah Alone.

That responsibility rests with the main recipient.

Then the next move rests with the TCEQ should the agency decide to appeal the ruling.

The real power rest with EU Commissionaires, not one of which are elected by the people.

In addition to the editors of the publication the responsibility rests with the author.

My intuitions are that the mountain of a burden rests with anyone who says that these actions were morally required.

As the anti-MHL crowd have not produced a convincing case I believe the argument should rest with the two questions: 1.

Following a fair and considered process, the final decision in any disputed case will rest with the editor and Emerald.

I opine that decisions in relation to remuneration rests with the board and government bailouts add to the agency problem.

In 7% of cases rest for is used

Leave to rest for 15 minutes before serving.

After kneading let the dough rest for atleast 20min.

Jesus is our Sabbath, in Whom we rest for salvation.

THE WORKOUT Do this workout twice a week, resting for at least 2 or 3 days in between.

Elvis retired to his master suite at Graceland around 7:00 AM to rest for his evening flight.

Pirlo will be well rested for the fixture having missed Juventus ' 0-0 home draw with Lazio on Saturday through suspension.

They took photos and rested for few minutes at before continuing to the Uhuru Peak -- the highest point of the Kilimanjaro.

Steve Finn and Stuart Broad were out because of injuries to thigh and heel, while Jimmy Anderson was rested for this clash.

The doctor looks her over and tells her he will take a blood sample and to go home and rest for a week then come back and see him.

In 5% of cases rest upon is used

A history to rest upon comfortably.

I believe the responsibility for this failure rests upon us.

The responsibility of conducting these examinations was rested upon the IBPS.

This remarkable book by Barbara Kulaszka rests upon the transcripts of the 1988 trial.

And we saw how they rested upon the deeper concepts of Reliable Membership and Safety.

And it is specific, measurable and achievable and rests upon the deeper component of Safety.

Experience is the only guide here; but as no one man can be coextensive with what is, it may be unwise in every ease to rest upon it.

To my mind, the interpretations that rest upon sound economics and data from the period are much more credible than Schlesinger's take.

Since the justification for such treatment rested upon the nuclear weapon, Navy claims to share in its delivery did nothing to calm the atmosphere.

Also MASSOB leader said he could not stop to mourn Ojukwu, saying that the departed warlord was a major pillar upon which the Igbo race rested upon.

In 2% of cases rest at is used

If not, I'll be resting at home.

He came to rest at a well where several shepherds were busy watering their herds.

Ibanez got hot at the right time in part because he finally got rested at the right time.

Anyway, after taking a shower and resting at the hotel, I decided to head out to the nearby bank to withdraw some cash.

However, we did have the good fortune of seeing a small pod of narwhal; four, resting at the surface just off shore to the southwest.

Today she rests at the New Ross quay beside a fascinating state-of-the -art visitor centre which is a key focus for tourism in the area.

Do you get excited easily? Do you sleep during the day? If you take naps during the day, try to stay awake instead so that you can rest at night.

Marketing and advertising for taking them from a variety of internet sites as simply by resting at your home one can get the absolute best offer for.

The final results of the census have been postponed on a number of times but the statistical service finally put the issue to rest at a press briefing held on Thursday.

The other end of the cable led to the Holy Trinity monastery, famed for its appearance in a James Bond movie and resting at the top of a rock pillar high above the plains.

In 2% of cases rest from is used

That did not leave Muslims much time to rest from fasting.

God rested from his work on the seventh day and enjoyed all that he had made.

Yes, says the Spirit, they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them.

Yes! Said the Spirit, They shall rest from their labours and the goods deeds will follow them.

That prompted feverish speculation in the Spanish media that Messi would be rested from the team.

The Lions were in town at the end of a 4-game road trip, while the Thunderbirds were already well rested from their games last weekend.

Truth must be able to meet opposition and fight and we must be able to rest from it at times in falsehood, otherwise it will grow tiresome and powerless, and us also.

In 1% of cases rest after is used

Wenger should allow Diaby to rest after healing.

I felt really well rested after the nice long nap I had in the first debate.

That is what retirement is all about, resting after having an active life and trying to get ideas from writing books.

The distance is relatively low, however, and soon Misha is put to rest after dumping the baskets on the ground, shrugging itself from the bounds and turns to stand next to me.

In 1% of cases rest against is used

He had to rest against the door for a moment until his legs stopped wobbling.

HJK are expected to field their strongest eleven after some of the key players were rested against VPS last Sunday.

Her shoulder came to rest against Naomi's chest, the hands that were on her shoulders coming to cradle her against Naomi.

In 1% of cases rest before is used

Now we've got a couple of days to rest before getting up and doing it again in Perth.

But he was waiting for the vulture to leave as the tiny girl rested before continuing her struggle to the food aid camp.

A spiteful little sod, the Eastender has put 27 victims to rest before the final bell and carries the significantly heavier dig.

There is a long flight, which leads up to Christ's Saddle where the visitors can rest before continuing up to the Monastery itself.

In 1% of cases rest between is used

This will mean you get very little time to rest between sets and therefore the workout will be very tough and intense.

The final decision rests between the woman and her health care provider as to the safest route for the birth of the baby.

In 1% of cases rest of is used

The rest of the country has to pay for this.

Few people with power and money will misleading and used the rest of the less able people.

Can not understand why Tesco, Amazon and the rest of them do nt wake up and smell the coffee.

This is a decision for your family to take in the best interest of your mother and yourselves.

Our body has limited ability to absorb minerals solely through foods, thus water does rest of the work.

They rest of the address was fine and had been used by amazon for the past 5/6 years to successful all manner of goods.

If indeed this lady and allegedly Bengal has to be given funds then the rest of the country should have a vote in this.

To rest of world!! But having said that Ireland's government is just as corrupt &; stupid!! Just look at the betting odds.

Recommend I would strongly recommend to seek ALLAH's mercy upon you n your family and do nt pursue euthanasia this will give you rest of the life regrets.

People of Bengal have caused too much misery to rest of India by electing candidates of this lady and sending the economy of India down the drain by black mailing the Government on every issue.

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