Prepositions after "responsive"

responsive to, in, as, for or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 90% of cases responsive to is used

Please be responsive to the question.

You were responsive to the Prophet's call.

A baby is responsive to the parents feelings.

I do not read this reply as at all responsive to the point being made by ben-hqet.

Grounded in the Christian tradition and responsive to the needs of God's creation.

We can only request that they are responsive to the needs of the Tamil population.

ETH Zurich is further responsive to the needs of dual career couples and qualifies as a family friendly employer.

Responsive to the future The Internet is changing rapidly from a network of computers, to a network of ' things '.

The benefit is less fatigue and a Mascot head that is more responsive to the subtleties of the performers motions.

They are protesting the failure of our legal system to be responsive to the legitimate grievances of our citizens.

In 3% of cases responsive in is used

Always be responsive in communication.

Very spacious and very quiet and responsive in the 2.

Rods: Photoreceptors responsive in low light conditions.

The call to conscience is a call to be contemplative and responsive in our action.

It is tremendously responsive in all common menu interactions and browsing the bookstore.

Generic QoL measures lack sensitivity for some diagnoses and many not be responsive in eating disorder patients.

They prefer to study with company, can not sit still for very long and are more responsive in informal settings.

I joined the queue again, and on run 2, the car felt good, responsive in the midrange power band and no misfire.

In my tests, typing on the on-screen keyboard was comfortable and responsive in both portrait and landscape modes.

In 1% of cases responsive as is used

I am wondering your thoughts are on being responsive as a working mother.

It is not as fast or responsive as the Kobo Glo or Kobo Touch, in terms of core hardware.

This causes two changes: first, the touch of the piano becomes less responsive as the parts go out of adjustment.

I say almost, because it has the Android software running it which is not near as fast or responsive as the Mac Software.

The app is not as fast and responsive as a native app would be, although tremendous effort was put into making it as fast as possible.

It is still my ambition to attempt being accountable and responsive as the director of the art encounter, despite the fact that I may fail.

The Note is simply not as smooth or responsive as the Nexus 7, and it's so far behind the iPad that the comparison doesn't really seem fair.

Despite velocity and pressure sensitivity, and many factory presets containing the letters ' D ' and ' X ' in succession, it could never be as bright or responsive as an FM keyboard.

It's important to keep the lines of communication open among teachers, administrators, students, and volunteers, and to be flexible and responsive as the needs of the students and the school change.

In 1% of cases responsive for is used

Who do we believe? It was fast and responsive for me.

Faster, smoother, mouse clicks are more responsive for me.

Shoppers who're responsive for your principles will settle for.

All the staff on duty are customer friendly and very helpful and responsive for our needs.

This is fairly stable too, and the system is perfectly responsive for writing, surfing and so on.

When rumors got around that the head was responsive for thirty seconds after it was severed, outrage grew.

This makes your sites much more responsive for the end user and less expensive for you in terms of server traffic.

For larger projects, we should not need to compromise the desktop design and experience, just to make it responsive for mobile.

In this way, the site remains highly responsive for all users and long-running requests will still take their time to complete.

As a part of those efforts, our government will also continue to ensure that EI is fair, flexible and responsive for those who need it.

In 1% of cases responsive on is used

I find RT to be very responsive on the Surface.

The embassy in Dhaka is active and responsive on rights issues.

Shout out to there social media people, very responsive on twitter.

This activity aimed at mobilizing the community members to become responsive on HIV/AIDS problem.

I am glad that this year's team was able to be so responsive on the immediate concerns around food.

Plus its more responsive on both my systems, and games on my desktop, gain a nice performance increase.

Slices, parries and stabs against the monstrous rivals in Infinity Blade II were fast and responsive on both iPads.

What we require to do today is to come out with a platform, and I'd happy the Federal Government is responsive on this.

Same issues with touchscreen not being responsive on the odd occasion but just enough of the time to be slightly annoying.

Clean and responsive User Interface(UI) -- The UI for FindReels is very responsive on different screen sizes and resolutions.

In 1% of cases responsive with is used

Ultrabooks are ultra responsive with minimal wake-up time.

Try to be responsive with current followers with Follow Friday.

Anne is very active and responsive with the children in the family.

On the plus side, the touch screen seemed much more responsive with RP than CP,.

The Volume and Sleep/Wake buttons feel very responsive with the Neo Hybrid EX on.

The only exception is that the office-seeking strategy is responsive with a time lag.

I just hope it is quick and responsive with an arcadey feel, unlike GTA4 which I found rather sluggish and heavy.

Putting the aesthetics aside, on the court performance is comfortable and responsive with excellent ankle support.

These facts support the theory of special pain nerves, responsive with pain only, to various forms of stimulation.

This goal should be flexible, as you need to be responsive with your expectations according to how well you market your blog.

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