Prepositions after "responsible"

responsible for, to or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 96% of cases responsible for is used

Mommy isn't responsible for you.

We are all responsible for this.

Responsible for the project schedule.

By setting sail with the doors open he was responsible for the loss of the ship.

All other infectious diseases combined were responsible for 38% of this decline.

Executive directors are responsible for ongoing decision making in the business.

This was a very dark affair, and whether or not Gaddafi ordered it, it is fair to hold him responsible for it.

Both are responsible for their own decisions, stop treating one of them like as if they are braindead victims.

Perhaps TAF II 145 is responsible for the effects of the 180-nucleotide region implicated by construct H (Fig.

She says the government has not yet pointed the finger toward groups who could be responsible for the bombing.

In 2% of cases responsible to is used

Responsible to: The Brach Manager.

B is responsible to A for the injury.

Both are responsible to the Minister.

The cabinet directs and controls the government and is responsible to Parliament.

She respected authority but insisted the government is responsible to the people.

I think that they have a clear sense of what they believe they're responsible to.

Obama has an effect on our media in a way that is dangerous and not responsible to the public's true interests.

Thus, there was REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT, but without the executive council being responsible to the assembly.

Executive Power The State Executive is responsible to the Legislative Assembly for all its actions and policies.

The postholder is managerially responsible to the KSS Deanery Deputy Postgraduate Dean of Secondary Care (DPGD).

In 1% of cases responsible in is used

Mills is responsible in my eyes.

Not very responsible in my view but.

You will be responsible in the Judgment Day.

He had become responsible in the order for the distribution of international aid.

Yeo Ok and Soo Nam are both responsible in some way for the state of their marriage.

It takes two to tango, India is equally responsible in this arms race, but spare Mr.

But it was that sex education including education about contraceptives that made us responsible in our choices.

Southerly flow ahead of a cold front off to our NW will be responsible in the early November warm temperatures.

Please be responsible in the posting your comments, as any deemed to be deemed libelous, derogatory or indecent.

It sounds like the dominatrix was very responsible in the use of condoms on toys, dental dams and rubber gloves.

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