Prepositions after "resplendent"

"resplendent in" or "resplendent with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases resplendent in is used

Lisa's resplendent in egg yolk yellow.

He is resplendent in majesty and glory.

Sachin looks resplendent in the Mohali sun.

Adiga enters the literary scene resplendent in battle dress and ready to conquer.

A vibrant city with contagious energy, Qubec City is resplendent in the fall season.

Semple Stadium is looking resplendent in the warm sunshine after a week of wet weather.

While Mrunal chose a black-red churidar kurta, Aishwarya looked resplendent in her sari and traditional hairdo.

When he spies Matilda resplendent in her gown on a mostly empty Main Street he knows he shouldn't get involved.

The same applies for those forever in contention, always the bridesmaid yet never resplendent in England white.

I know which sounds will become Resplendent in your mind and bring such pleasure Your feet will jump and whirl.

In 29% of cases resplendent with is used

It is resplendent with its own effulgence.

History is resplendent with such examples.

It too was resplendent with sand and police macca.

And He was transfigured before them and became resplendent with divine brightness.

It is nestled amidst acres of land, resplendent with greenery, sunshine, and water.

Nuada was installed as King, resplendent with his replacement arm made from silver.

The daily conversations of Iranians with each other are resplendent with proverbs, poetry and literary connotations.

At one end was a cold baked ham resplendent with its crust of sugar and cloves and its paper frill of red and white.

Kilimanjaro's glaciers and rock formations are resplendent with icefalls, chasms, snowfields, and excellent climbing terrain.

I am endowed with all the characteristics, resplendent with all the marks, Characteristics and marks of a Great Man, it means.

In 1% of cases resplendent as is used

Christ is ever resplendent as the center of history and of life.

Christ is ever resplendent as the centre of history and of life.

As the soul heard these strains, it sprang upon the breast of the man, and it was resplendent as the sun.

In 1% of cases resplendent by is used

A notoriously indifferent dresser, Paul is resplendent by his standards: black slacks and a short black jacket over a burgundy turtleneck.

In 1% of cases resplendent from is used

Cinderella rising resplendent from her ash-strewn hearth was not more completely transformed than Heiny in his role of Henri.

In 1% of cases resplendent of is used

Resplendent of Middle East Hotels, this hotel complements its guests with the sunny and warm Arabian hospitality and professional personal who are able to handle your every.

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