Prepositions after "resilient"

"resilient to" or "resilient in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases resilient to is used

Access is resilient to failure.

This is how a monk is resilient to aromas.

This is how a monk is resilient to sights.

They will be much more resilient to a future food crisis than many other countries.

Some kids are quite resilient to this sort of thing; it just isn't that big a deal.

That's like saying we'd become resilient to unconditional love, fear, or even anger.

Crops grown in agroforestry systems are often more resilient to drought, excess rain and changes in temperatures.

This means that is immune to amplitude variations and therefore more resilient to noise, than some other forms of.

Both you and the church will be more resilient to the kind of division that can ruin both individuals and churches.

Understanding climate vulnerability will help companies make their investments more resilient to unexpected change.

In 21% of cases resilient in is used

They seemed resilient in the face of oppressive disrespect.

His personality proved much more resilient in the aftermath.

I, therefor, would urge you to be resilient in fighting ' '.

She is sensitive and emotional in many ways, but very strong and resilient in others.

We, Nigerians, are known to be very resilient in the face of any imaginable obstacles.

Unlike struggling Western European economies, Russia has been relatively resilient in the face of global volatility.

An economy which is made up of a web of enterprises serving most local needs will be resilient in the face of change.

Health care and education have proved resilient in the recession and are expected to be big gainers over the long run.

But believe it we do? and our conviction is amazingly resilient in the face of overwhelming evidence that it is false.

In 3% of cases resilient against is used

But the act was not resilient against racist implementation.

One benefit of cork is that it is quite resilient against dings and dents.

The scientists want to understand what makes the siblings resilient against addiction.

The wins continue for a team that is lucky and resilient against its relatively low production.

Not overnight, for the cinema especially has proved resilient against disturbing the status quo.

Smith was resilient against Australia's bowlers who slowed the visitors ' run rate dramatically.

So far Apple Macintoshes have proved to be much more resilient against viruses and other threats.

It is resilient against the light of the day, its whiteness shinning in contrast to the yellow glowing below.

The corporation has been surprisingly resilient against the changing tides of an increasingly globalised world.

OCTOBER 2009 Asia has proven comparatively resilient against the current downturn, but hurdles still lie ahead.

In 2% of cases resilient with is used

The color display is resilient with colors that capture the natural tones.

Despite the Euro zone difficulties, trading was resilient with sales growth of 6.

Private consumption has been resilient with the employment situation on an improving trend.

Most of us are among the least resilient with no surpluses to mount counter-cyclical stimulus initiatives.

Gold prices, however, remained resilient with the benchmark Comex contract ending day largely flat at 1771.

Also look at your life outside work; if you're depleted there, you'll be less resilient with work pressures.

Get Resilient With Us (It's Free) Want to become more resilient and self-reliant? Sign up for my free e-letter below.

In the commodity sector, crude oil remained resilient with the Brent crude contract rising above 114 due to supply concerns.

In the midst of this global slump in wind turbine orders, the Americas proved to be very resilient with orders up 13 per cent.

In 2% of cases resilient over is used

Which makes you less resilient over the long haul.

Edited excerpts: The markets have remained resilient over the past few weeks and have crossed 19K.

Unlike the case in many countries, New Zealand's banking system has remained relatively resilient over this period.

It is set to remain resilient over the next few years, but a well oiled domestic economy is needed to secure a sustained recovery.

UK RMBS credit performance has generally remained resilient over the course of the recent downturn, despite tough economic conditions.

Further, the group living in poor economic conditions seem to be more resilient over the demise of the Tamil rebellion compared to the group living in affluent economic conditions.

The report says that despite a backdrop of a slower global economy and continued uncertainty surrounding the Eurozone, prime retail rents were generally resilient over the year to June 2012.

Although manufacturing accounts for little more than 10pc of the US economy and employs far fewer Americans than it did, the sector has been one of the most resilient over the last three years.

One area where there is room for hope is the natural gas sector, which was resilient over the President's first term thanks in no small part to the generally hands-off approach from Washington.

In 2% of cases resilient of is used

Still, cool is the most resilient of slang words.

Internet piracy -- not to mention all the other diversions available online -- has also failed to annihilate this most stubbornly resilient of art forms.

The FIH, by shifting the 2011 men's Champions Trophy hockey, has only further muddied the waters in which even the most resilient of fish can not inhabit.

But all the other stuff -- the readings, interviews, reviews, the rocking back and forth in a corner sobbing -- is hard for even the most resilient of us.

I think the scary part about being stranded at the border I was at was that, at the time, I was not as resilient of a traveler then and would have been so panicked.

Protecting those forests massively boosts the ability of a community to cope with climate change, and the water sources in mature forests are the most resilient of all.

The death and killing by the Israelis and the destruction we have witnessed that and seen that in 2006 against Lebanon it only enforces the resilient of the people during that war.

In 2% of cases resilient for is used

We're far too resilient for that.

We live in a tough city so I think we have to be resilient for everything that goes on.

Despite poor efforts recently, the Bulldogs have been resilient for most of the season.

Various other shops are resilient for selling dresses that happen to be appropriate for any events.

Sitting here now knowing in the year that has gone by, I feel so much stronger and resilient for the challenges that we faced.

Ms Chetwynd says the NZTA's key focus in the fast-growing Tasman region is keeping communities connected and keeping roads secure and resilient for freight and tourism.

Perhaps these stories reflect the unavoidable tragedy that exists in human life and the fairy tale part of it is the hope that we will overcome, which many do and become more resilient for it.

In 2% of cases resilient during is used

They are also more resilient during economic downturns.

An economy which was so resilient during the war has a lot of potential in peace.

Finally, sound water use practices can make us more resilient during times of drought.

Both fields have been among the most resilient during the recession, according to Brookings.

If you're able to harvest rainwater and recycle grey water this will make your home and garden more resilient during water shortages.

Signally, it was actually corn, which has proved relatively resilient during the liquidation, which proved the best performer of Chicago's big three, adding 1.

Driven by the continued relocation demand from cost-sensitive tenants, office rents in non-core districts proved to be relatively resilient during the first half of 2012.

In a recent study gauging the outlook of mid-market chief financial officers, GE found that middle market companies were the most resilient during periods of economic downturn.

These were wood-planked, leaky, and extremely crude, but capable of carrying as many as 14 men and tons of supplies, and particularly resilient during encounters with submerged trees and rocks.

In 2% of cases resilient despite is used

Car sales have been remarkably resilient despite the economic slowdown.

Its obituary has been written on several occasions, but it has proven resilient despite the storms surrounding it.

The public would be reassured that the banking system is still resilient despite the increasing corporate difficulties.

Nonetheless, the central bank said demand for private residential property has remained resilient despite the anti-speculation measures.

Remittances have been resilient despite crises, thanks to the unwavering commitment of Filipino workers to their families in the Philippines.

Dubai is never routine, but by now I have established one - a strategy that seems remarkably resilient despite the ever-changing shape of the city.

In 2% of cases resilient by is used

We are resilient by force, not by choice.

They should know we are resilient by force not by choice.

They should know, we are resilient by force, not by choice.

Resilient by force, we're now observing their death anniversary.

In 1997, when the Asian financial crisis came, Innovatronix was resilient by venturing into another business concept.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it A human being is resilient by nature and the body and mind recuperates amazingly fast.

Mulberry Bayswater is practical in addition to resilient by using for decades, probably existence best investment strategies really.

In 2% of cases resilient as is used

Most of all, this Thanksgiving I am thankful that a people as patient and resilient as the Palestinians exist.

Humans (including Neanderthals and Erectines) have survived numerous Ice Ages; we are very resilient as a species.

Getting sufficient keratin will permit your hair to be stronger, far more resilient as well as slowing down any loss.

Permanent agriculture in turn demands the development of sustainable and resilient as well as affordable soil amendments.

I'd argue that when we talk about being resilient as a community, we should first and foremost talk about having resilience in our agriculture.

Every one of us has a role to play when our country is trying to create more efficient cyber defense capabilities and to be more resilient as a society.

This relationship has proven quite resilient as the leadership of the church has changed several times over the past several years but the ties remain remarkably strong.

Over time, these parts become loose (and may even snap!) -- I think the TONES case is a lot more resilient as the polycarbonate sections provide sufficient reinforcement.

Surely the issue is more important and resilient as to not be vapourised at the first cry of WorkChoices? The workforce has been re-regulated under PM Gillard's supervision.

RAM Holdings Bhd Group chief economist, Dr Yeah Kim Leng, said the local growth momentum remained well-supported and resilient as the US and China economies began to pick up.

In 1% of cases resilient due is used

Certainly the coin needs to be resilient due to its function as money.

Super-fast and deceptively resilient due to their 3+ armor they are an excellent choice.

However, the paint in this Cave has proven to be less resilient due to the use of chemicals rather than natural paint pigments that were applied to the paintings of other caves.

Regarding bumps, it seems to me that the oil production and distribution is very, very resilient due to the sheer number of wells, refineries, tankers and so on, and their worldwide distribution.

In 1% of cases resilient from is used

They are much more resilient from year-to-year than annuals.

If we hope to emerge stronger, more resilient from this difficult period, we must make the tough decisions now to exploit those.

Brand Jamaica has proved very resilient from a tourism perspective and stands today as one of the most recognized tourism destination brands in the world.

We're trying to put in technologies and practices that will improve the process and make it more resilient from both what the threats are today and what they are in the future.

In 1% of cases resilient on is used

The depth is more resilient on this team.

Hence my desire to find something a little more resilient on which to base this desire to curtail a freedom than mere pragmatism.

It inspired the world's largest single market to take big steps towards a carbon neutral energy system, making our economies stronger and more resilient on the way.

Singapore Government endeavors to expand the list of source countries for certain food items in order to ensure adequate supply while remaining resilient on the quality, safety and health standards.

In 1% of cases resilient at is used

If I was not young and resilient at the time I might have been down for a while.

Secure infants were seen to be more confident, self-reliant and resilient at that age.

The most significant resource we can invest in, for our own wellbeing, is to ensure that our local Community is healthy and resilient at any time, and especially in times of economic challenge.

In 1% of cases resilient through is used

Our labour force has remained resilient through the ups and downs.

Its for those who will persist through obstacles and be resilient through it all.

Taranaki now stands forever strong and resilient through periods the roimata, tears of rain.

In summary, Asia should remain resilient through the scenarios that will unfold through the rest of 2012 and into 2013-14.

The mutual model of ownership, which stands as an alternative to shareholder ownership, has proved resilient through the recession.

These research efforts have resulted in helping Tanzanian communities to be more resilient through strengthening collective coping skills (i.

They can't do life, because they haven't become resilient through denial, or earning their way, or living with frustrations and being able to overcome them.

The predictions of the gravity model also suggest that Australian trade levels were fairly resilient through the turbulent period of the later half of the 1990s.

In 1% of cases resilient throughout is used

The growth in our trade and business relationships reminds us that Ireland and our people are resilient throughout history.

Once again, the NZ and Australian corporate bond markets have remained surprisingly resilient throughout the volatility in global markets.

The World Bank regarded New Zealand as having a tax system which has proven itself to be resilient throughout economic downturns in the country.

Barclays has remained resilient throughout the crisis, and has worked hard to ensure that today it is a strong, well capitalised and profitable business.

It also happens to be great for stimulating digestion (making it perfect to drink with meals, unlike water) and stimulates the immune system too, so will help to keep you resilient throughout winter.

In 1% of cases resilient under is used

Those are far more resilient under stress than are corn, soybeans, small grains, and annuals.

Not only are they more resilient under pressure, but better able to guide the younger players, who should be fearless and motivated to reach their potential.

Managers seek guidance on whether existing and restored marshes will be resilient under a range of potential future conditions, and on prioritizing marsh restoration and conservation activities.

In 1% of cases resilient after is used

I used to have a very fragile immune system, but now I am much more resilient after changing my diet.

We know that it is possible to build buildings that are economically resilient after a seismic event.

Butcher said the China hotels market is proving to be remarkably resilient after a very difficult year last year following the economic crisis.

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