Prepositions after "resign"

resign from, in, to, after or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases resign from is used

He subsequently resigned from the organisation.

He resigned from AIB's board on 28th June 2012.

Mr Moore, do the country a favour and resign from caucus.

Tun Abdullah resigned from Government service in 1978 to pursue a political career.

He was to be impeached by Parliament when he resigned from office at the end of 1992.

Ram Jethmalani: If I resign from the BJP, I will be making things clear for the Congress.

If either Shearer or Cunliffe resigned from Parliament Socialist Cindy would be parachuted in to that electorate.

Karl Hans Albrecht resigned from his position of chairman of Aldi in 2002 and relinquished all control of the company.

This could be highly humiliating and I might even be made to resign from my cushy job, which can not be allowed to happen.

In 12% of cases resign in is used

We resign in the summer of 1996.

The Commissioner resigned in October amid scandal.

Resigned in 1995 when elected as Chairman of NZRU.

Things that would make leaders resign in other countries we boast with them in Nigeria.

I was a judge in the Dublin Metropolitan Court for nine years but I resigned in 1991.

Nixon resigned in August 1974 and was pardoned the next month by President Gerald Ford.

The Liberals once again were defeated and Turner worked for another 2 years as opposition leader but resigned in 1990.

He has had enough run as family caretaker prime minister, but he should rise above family and resign in the interest of country.

Chairman then said in our local trials if any judge retire or resign in the middle of the trial there is not provision for retrial.

Between 1999 and 2000, he also worked as Somaliland's Minister of Planning and Coordination, a position from which he resigned in 2001.

In 8% of cases resign to is used

We are resigned to losing Bellamy and have only signed ONE PLAYER.

Some schools ignore bullying but don't become resigned to being a victim.

There also exists the poo and lowly union in which the soul is resigned to my Will.

All the while we had resigned to the fact of holding our collective noses and voting for Romney.

I am fairly resigned to being foreclosed upon, but have potential buyers to sell prior to any bank action.

It is so difficult for the average small business or family to obtain financing that many are resigned to rental life.

Chen seems merely resigned to having to answer yet again more allegations that Huawei is in bed with Chinese espionage agents.

Pretending to be resigned to their upcoming separation, they would accompany Pauline's mother on a farewell outing to a Christchurch park.

He states that he is resigned to criticism from religious thinkers for his unwillingness to interpret the data as evidence of intelligent design.

The tents had been packed away, the boat loaded and still there was no word of them; everyone was resigned to the fact that the event was truly over.

In 6% of cases resign after is used

The employee resigned after sixteen months of employment.

Is there any doubt he was encouraged to resign after the election.

Entwistle's predecessor but one, Greg Dyke, resigned after the Hutton inquiry criticised the BBC's editorial processes.

It was short-lived job as he resigned after making comments about Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb that some thought were racist.

One of the best teachers in baseball, Matt Galante, who had been a special assistant to the GM, resigned after his salary was cut 40 percent.

Obama previously served as a United States Senator from Illinois, from January 2005 until he resigned after his election to the presidency in November 2008.

Narain Dutt Tiwari, the governor of Andhra Pradesh, a Senior Congressman has resigned after a TV news channel broadcast footage allegedly showing him in bed with three women.

He also reiterated that he plans to resign after liberation is declared and hand over the reins of the country to a new interim government that can guide the nation to elections.

Europe remains unfinished business, and while it appeared that trust in the UK's high street banks couldn't fall further, news breaks that Bob Diamond has resigned after the rate-rigging scandal.

In 6% of cases resign as is used

She must resign as minister full stop.

Lord Dervaird resigned as a Scottish Judge when the allegations became public.

Petraeus resigned as head of the CIA because he was having an affair with the author.

After all if we do not accept that we are sick how can we be cured? I understand that today Alice resigned as the Chairperson.

It was also a consideration that took on greater importance when Woodside was forced to resign as editor of The Sun in early February 1901.

Rowland has a colourful City career and was forced to resign as party treasurer before he even took up the job because of links to tax havens.

Kanda was forced to resign as minister of state for home and urban local bodies in Haryana in the face of public outcry over Geetika's suicide.

These include Andy Coulson, who resigned as the paper's editor in in 2007, was then hired by the Conservative Party, and most recently worked as the chief spokesman for Mr.

It took the recent Patch news story on the Batavia girls high school softball coach who resigned as a result of a DUI charge to make me seriously start thinking about this persistent problem.

In 4% of cases resign for is used

I'd a field peon who's just resigned for greener pastures.

If loaded Mr Mitchell won't resign for his shameful insults, how about a.

Forced to resign for sending sexually explicit Emails to a 16 yr old boy.

Under no provocation you must resign for you will not get suitable employment for long.

Nixon was forced to resign for covering up a burglary he didn't even know about till after.

According to the contents of the letter, the former governor resigned for personal reasons.

If they were truly private enterprise people they would have resigned for the shame of their lack of success years ago.

Upper management (who I call Sarath) took notice and asked those employees that had resigned for feedback (honest feedback) and they spilled the beans.

Soon after Obama announced his belief in same-sex marriage, Jo Ann Nardelli, a longtime Blair County Democratic organizer, resigned for the state party committee and endorsed Mitt Romney.

In 4% of cases resign on is used

He held the post until resigning on 20th January, 1946.

The INS public interest directors resigned on 30th June 2011 when INBS was merged with Anglo to form IBRC.

They now called for the removal of anti-republican generals in the army, and rather than consent to this McMahon resigned on 30 January 1879.

Virbhadra Singh also resigned on Tuesday as Micro, Small and Medium Industries (MSM) Minister in the wake of framing of corruption charges against him by a Himachal Pradesh court.

Petraeus, a decorated four-star Army general, resigned on Friday, November 9, as the nation's spy chief as a result of an adulterous relationship with his biographer, Paula Broadwell.

George Entwistle, who served just 54 days as the BBC's Director General, resigned on Saturday night because he knew that the disaster of the McAlpine story was his responsibility as editor-in-chief.

In 3% of cases resign at is used

I mean, we weren't the only people resigning at the time.

Ryan: With all due respect, any member of Congress can resign at any time and not give a reason.

Their main evidence? Poaching the wife of a major investor in Lazio when he was manager there and offering to resign at Gothenburg after just three games in charge.

In 3% of cases resign with is used

I'd happy at Force India and it would be great to re-sign with them.

Abdulsalami Abubakar, to encourage the Yar'Adua family to let go and let the President resign with dignity.

After the UAAP season, Garcia picked himself up by re-signing with the reigning PBA D-League champions.

European Commissioner John Dalli resigns European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, John Dalli, has resigned with immediate effect in the wake of an.

TLC, who were signed to the same label as Braxton (LaFace) had done the same thing a few years earlier, only to re-sign with LaFace, but under much more favorable conditions.

In 2% of cases resign before is used

It can, however, be resigned before that date, extended, or revoked.

At present, voters have to wait for an MP to resign before getting another election.

Harris because they were not in office when they were convicted, having resigned before their guilty pleas.

In Wilford v Aden Electrical Ltd, 36 the employee also resigned before the employer's latest investigation into his bullying complaint was complete.

Thomas, resigned before pleading guilty in January to charges that he had embezzled more than $350,000 from a nonprofit group he controlled and failed to report income taxes.

Throughout 1983-84, the Liberals recognized that Trudeau was going to resign before the next election and many supports of Turners tried to lay the groundwork for his return as leader.

In 2% of cases resign over is used

The CIA director David Petraeus resigned over an affair.

The BBC director-general, George Entwistle, resigned over shoddy journalistic work.

While I do feel a bit let down at least he is owned up to the affair and resign over it.

If we put this into spoken English then the sentence would read More MPs have resigned over the row about expenses.

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said he would not resign over the alleged rape case in Penang involving three police officers.

After the rally, IADT student Jennifer Brennan explained that she had been an active member of Labour Youth, but had resigned over the cuts to education.

All of a sudden, right after the election, Petraeus resigns because of an affair? Who cares if Petraeus has an affair? Even Republicans don't resign over affairs anymore.

It is believed that Sarah, who admired McBride for protecting her family, was adamant that he shouldn't resign over the scandalous emails -- and tried to persuade her husband to let him stay on.

In 1% of cases resign within is used

He resigned within 12 months, citing stress-related abdominal problems.

He, however, resigned within seven months of acceptance of the position.

A number of factors contributed to the employee's workload increasing, including two staff who resigned within days of her appointment.

It was enough, by the beginning of the following week he'd apparently been suspended and, rather than face the music, he resigned within a month.

To make the situation bad, my permanent staffs put in her resignation-one new staff resigned within 24 hours and my long serving staff gave one month notice.

In 1% of cases resign during is used

Before the investigation was complete, the employee resigned during a period of sick leave in order to accept an offer of alternative employment.

In 1% of cases resign by is used

Can such a player, who is bought out pursuant to this procedure, be re-signed by the Club that bought him out? A player that has been bought out during the compliance buy-out period.

In 1% of cases resign because is used

You were forced to resign because of the NFC scandal, and yet you see nothing wrong with your behaviour.

Your statement and your apology both are bigoted comments and you should resign because of your shown bigotry.

All of a sudden, right after the election, Petraeus resigns because of an affair? Who cares if Petraeus has an affair? Even Republicans don't resign over affairs anymore.

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