Prepositions after "resident"

resident in, at, for, on or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 80% of cases resident in is used

You must be resident in the State.

Now I'd resident in Kuching Sarawak.

Citizen(s) who are resident in India.

The onus is on the applicant to prove that s/he is habitually resident in the State.

The Duveen Travel Scholarship is open to Slade students normally resident in the UK.

Scope of Tax Persons resident in Jamaica are charged to tax on their worldwide income.

Board meetings are held predominantly by telephone conferencing as not all Directors are resident in the one city.

Settled If an individual is usually resident in the HKSAR and isn't subject to any limit of stay he's ' settled '.

If you are resident in Ireland but not an Irish citizen, you also have the right to vote in some of the elections.

You can only get descent Internet connectivity (without breaking the bank) when you're resident in the big cities.

In 4% of cases resident at is used

Students are taken to be resident at their term-time address.

He had been resident at Ministry for a couple of years at this point.

Between 1979 and 1982 the appellants were resident at Axeholme House.

The revolution which took place in America made me a citizen, though then resident at Geneva.

I'd writing to tell you about the Huskies that are currently resident at Uitsig Animal Rescue.

If you visit Dubai, be sure to go play with the Dolphins at the Atlantis even if you're not resident at the hotel.

Due to ill health, he and his wife Engatakka are now resident at Kudagama where they have half an acre of high land.

He is now resident at a federal prison camp 50 kilometres outside of Miami, where breakfast is served from 6 to 7 a.

There is a family of Simmons, who have been resident at Seaford, in the county Sussex, for the past three centuries and a half.

In 4% of cases resident for is used

You do not need to be Resident for this.

Citizens and those resident for more than seven years can vote.

Therefore, he had to amend his tax forms to swear that he was a resident for all those years.

Your child will need to be resident for at least 6 teaching weeks to be eligible for a school place.

Prior to NIDA, Lynne held many arts and cultural leadership positions in the UK where she was resident for 21 years.

A person can be non-resident for a tax year but still be ordinarily resident for that year if the absence is temporary.

Should you not satisfy either of these tests you can, if you wish, elect to be resident for the tax year of your return.

The parsis in India have been resident for over a thousand years and are still following their faith, ' zoroastrianism '.

In 3% of cases resident on is used

Male students were not resident on campus.

Up to 30 darters are resident on the lakes.

Some that have been resident on the island go extinct.

Since the maps aren't resident on the phone, you need a cellular data signal to be able to navigate.

A Jamaican family would be resident on board the ship to act as ambassadors of Jamaican life and culture.

It is not true that one has to be resident on a particular day at an address in order to register to vote there.

The law states that anyone resident on a premises in possession of a television set must have a television licence.

Roughly half of the world's wild population of Mountain Gorilla's is resident on the Rwandan slopes of the Virungas.

During this period eligible students will be resident on a stamp 2 and their status will continue to be that of a student.

One of those will be the integrated YouTube application, something that's been resident on an iPhone homescreen for donkeys.

In 2% of cases resident of is used

Dear Bajee, I am resident of Karachi.

Therefore, he qualifies as a resident of the USA.

I am a US citizen, and a permanent resident of Canada.

A married woman had this problem for three years and she was resident of Albama in USA.

My husband has 1 brother who is 42 years old, single and a resident of the Philippines.

You will be a deemed resident of Canada and your responsibilities regarding taxes are 1.

You are also a tax resident of Canada and are responsible to report your world-wide income on your Canadian tax return.

Who should pay tax in the US According to the US tax code, any person who is a resident of US must pay taxes in the US.

However, it is always prudent if you hire an attorney who is resident of the same place where the accident has occurred.

Who should pay tax in India Every person who is a resident of India must pay taxes in India on his or her global income.

In 2% of cases resident outside is used

You accept that if you are resident outside the U.

Subscribers or officers may be resident outside the UK.

I am also resident outside the country and know what I miss.

Fellows who are normally resident outside Singapore may apply for Overseas Fellowship.

Security for costs is normal when a plaintiff is ordinarily resident outside of Canada.

Already over 12 per cent of the UK? s Open University students are resident outside the country.

The sale proceeds of shares (net of taxes) sold by a person resident outside India) may be remitted outside India.

UK CGT legislation specifically provides for gains made by individuals who are temporarily resident outside the UK.

Resident outside the EU If you are or have been resident outside the EU you may have to apply directly to some HEIs.

How much foreign exchange can a resident individual send as gift / donation to a person resident outside India? Ans.

In 2% of cases resident within is used

They are already resident within our consciousness.

A signed declaration that the traveller is not resident within the E.

One Polish arid one Greek priest are resident within the bounds of the municipality.

Reriani Transformolgy advocates that God is resident within you, at a place we refer to as the Center.

Initially all candidates would be required to be actually resident within the existing electoral boundaries.

Leopards, servals, bat eared foxes and ratels are also resident within the Crater but are much more elusive.

And there is justice in each State claiming what is realised from the consumers resident within its territory.

This is applicable only to persons who are resident within a radius of 16 Farsakh or 48 miles Sharii of Makkah.

Joint publications with more fundamental research groups who collaborate with LETI (or are resident within LETI e.

Love is a constant in the Universe and is already resident within you before your beloved arrived in your experience.

In 1% of cases resident with is used

PERSONS ELIGIBLE All Resident with regular monthly income with a minimum NMI of Rs.

She is older than our normal admittance age, but she is the younger sister of a boy already resident with us.

We believe that the population in Port Phillip Bay is resident with occasional transient individuals coming in.

However Acarnanians were celebrated for prophetic power, and he might be called an Athenian as resident with Peisistratos at Athens.

Where the parent with whom the child is living has a new partner, s/he may elect to have the child considered normally resident with that partner.

Increase for a Qualified Child (IQC) is payable for each child under age 18 who is normally resident with and is being maintained by the claimant.

An individual who has been resident in the State for three consecutive tax years becomes ordinarily resident with effect from the commencement of the fourth year.

A A A A Normal Residence To qualify for payment of IQC, the child in respect of whom the increase is claimed must be deemed to be normally resident with the person who is claiming.

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