Prepositions after "reside"

reside in, at, on, with or outside?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases reside in is used

Currently, Yousafzai resides in a U.

Jim and I resided in the brass section.

Harti resides in Ethiopia and Somaliland.

Sibling: An Element that resides in the same parent Element as another child Element.

For the last 16 years Angie, originally from Poland, resides in Vancouver, BC Canada.

The spirit of health resides in him; and from him alone its influences must be received.

I know I don't need to spell this out, but the meaning is that limitless power resides in the holder of the scroll.

My understanding is that Chris-Vincent is a Ghanaian residing in the UK and he is the founder and editor of a blog.

Simply because majority of the Samaroon and Isaaq and Gabooye and Warsangeli all still mainly reside in this country.

In 12% of cases reside at is used

Walker, a physician residing at St.

Umar sent Abdullah Bin Masaud to reside at Koofa.

Then it seems that probabilities reside at the base of the interpretation after all.

Bailey who reside at Ballieston in Clarendon to ensure that Amari be a part of the Sunday school.

This care for the Maghrib Sunnah rak'ahs has been marked during residing at home as well as during journey.

She explained that she lived at Ezeagu Street, Ajegunle while her daughter who was attacked resided at Coker.

The educated misfits who resided at the ranch (yours truly included) had great difficulty functioning on the outside.

For students residing at University Town, the IEM module can be taken in lieu of ES1531 (must be on a graded basis).

While residing at the Veluvana monastery, the Buddha uttered Verse (307) of this book, with reference to some petas.

While residing at the Jetavana monastery, the Buddha uttered Verse (71) of this book, with reference to a peta-ghost.

In 6% of cases reside on is used

The page where the PSA (424B) resides on the secinfo.

He went on reside on the Glorious Mountain of the South.

These are all regular people residing on the advantages.

The statue resides on the San Francisco side of the bridge.

So the file can reside on an airport extreme connected disk.

The puppet body is placed over the arm and head usually resides on the fingers.

Dunn will reside on his farm near Winnifred, where the good wishes for a happy life in this district will reach them.

FURTHERMORE, these Policies, Guidelines, and Disclaimer are intended for all domains residing on GH1 Web Hosting, Inc.

In this era of mobile commuting, mobile security has become a strong need for companies whose data resides on mobile devices.

In 5% of cases reside with is used

She was residing with her parents.

She made her decision, now you both have to reside with it.

His wife and two daughters resided with this penniless gentleman.

Tara worked at a nationalised bank and resided with her family at Ashok Nagar, Kandivli.

I have seen mention of something called systemd that replaces or resides with or along side udev.

Mary in Jamaica, but currently reside with my husband in Stony Hill overlooking the city of Kingston.

Modern maps are treated as artistic works -- copyright resides with the creator of the map and lasts for seventy years after his or her death.

And I recommend my said Wife to leave to her Nephew James Jervis Pearson, now residing with me, after her decease the whole of the said Real Estate.

The copyright in the recording resides with the person who made the recording, or with that person's employer if it was made in the course of employment.

You are not admissible, if, at any moment during the contest term, you are (or are residing with) a BainUltra employee, agent, administrator or representative.

In 2% of cases reside outside is used

Only 19 of them reside outside the snow line.

One-Parent Family Payment One-Parent Family Payment is not payable to anyone residing outside the State.

This ' them ' can reside outside the territorial borders of the US, such as the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Why should any person who permanently resides outside the country have any say in how the country is run? Utter nonsense.

In 1% of cases reside behind is used

I wanted to reside behind big old convent walls, live a life of devotion and wear a long habit and lace up boots.

I turn around; in order to examine whatever it is that has been residing behind me, baring its gentles on my hurting body.

Then I saw what resided behind his eyes; a volatile mix of confidence, determination and champion spirit contained within a steely unblinking gaze.

As anonymous users are tracked by IP address, any one real-world user may be broken up into a countless Wikipedia ' users ' if they happen to reside behind a dynamic IP.

In 1% of cases reside for is used

If you are planning on getting a property, make sure you find a place that you intend to reside for about 3 to 5 years.

Political animals and photographers are seemingly drawn to large conference venues where they reside for a few days in a semi-coma like state.

Michael Lynskey Christchurch Press 22 or 23 December, 1917 Mr Michael Lynskey The death of Mr M Lynskey, who had resided for 55 years at Kaiapoi, took place yesterday.

In 1% of cases reside inside is used

An independent soul that resides inside a person.

A God essence resides inside the conscience essence.

All new or customized slideshow templates should reside inside the **39;9626;TOOLONG.

In 1% of cases reside near is used

They were not allowed to reside near white people but only in their quarters.

When Thera Mahakassapa was residing near Rajagaha, he had two young bhikkhus staying with him.

Once, while the Buddha was residing near the Himalayas, he found that many people were being ill-treated by some wicked kings.

While residing near the town of Baddiya, the Buddha uttered Verses (292) and (293) of this book, with reference to some bhikkhus.

Even so, about 200,000 still reside near the volcano, a fraction of the 120 million Javans who tempt fate by living at the foot of 22 hotheads.

In other words, the closer the cash resides near the pockets of the investors, the closer to it's nominal value, should be its fair value to investors, other things remaining the same.

In 1% of cases reside under is used

My grandmother was the leader of an exiled clan, turned against her origins and resided under the Scourge's protection.

My guess is that there was no affair and that the good General and his wife will reside under the bus until it all blows over.

In 1% of cases reside within is used

However, Otherness can reside within America itself.

Or, as in the case of the UK, reside within a State who has decided to withdraw from the EU altogether.

It resides within the Office of Policy Development and is part of the Executive Office of the President.

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