Prepositions after "resettle"

resettle in, on, from, as or due?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 69% of cases resettle in is used

Ethnic Sinhalese and Muslims must be resettled in the north in large numbers.

The United States alone received 71 per cent of all refugees resettled in 2009 (79,937).

As demining progressed, the internally displaced were resettled in their places of origin.

Of those who previously did go to Nauru, 70% were resettled in Australia and in New Zealand.

Her chief concern was that displaced villagers should be resettled in an equitable, humane way.

He was among the early waves of Tibetan immigrants who resettled in Minnesota in the early 1990s.

A total of 14,324 Ethiopian Jews were rescued and resettled in Israel, a modern exodus of the grandest design.

I decided to pack my belongings and resettle in my rural home in Keroka where I am comfortable with the little I get.

Between 2005 and 2011 some 230 refugees were successfully resettled in Argentina, mostly Colombian refugees from Ecuador and Panama.

In one case, displaced people from three dams - the Ukai Dam, the Sardar Sarovar Dam and the Karjan Dam - were resettled in the same area.

In 9% of cases resettle on is used

The dwindling island community was resettled on the mainland and life on the Blaskets became a memory.

Description The Blasket Islands off the Kerry coast were evacuated in 1953, the community was resettled on the mainland.

Some who were resettled on the peripheries of other villages have been robbed, beaten and chased away by their host villagers.

In 7% of cases resettle from is used

Increasing the number of people we resettle from Indonesia and Malaysia is the only way to stop people getting on boats.

In 2% of cases resettle due is used

But some as described above are re-displaced instead of being resettled due to Army occupation of their land.

In 2% of cases resettle into is used

Newly resettled into the countryside, Cambodians were ordered to produce an impossible 1 ton of grain per acre.

In 2% of cases resettle near is used

The intention was that migrants stay only four to six weeks until they could be resettled near their workplace.

In 2% of cases resettle outside is used

Control occupancy of suitable portions of the protected area and resettle outside of said area forest occupants therein, with the exception of the members of indigenous communities area; and q.

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