Prepositions after "reserve"

reserve for, to, in, at or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 79% of cases reserve for is used

More on this, I may reserve for a future post.

That magic is still reserved for live performances.

Spaces are reserved for locally-living permit holders.

Once your name is approved, it is reserved for you for a period of 56 calendar days.

The parking spaces reserved for those with a disability should not be used by others.

Sam has a place reserved for next year and needs to fund raise NZ $60,000 to compete.

Education would be redesigned to train all persons in the leadership and control functions now reserved for elites.

The Paradise is reserved for only those who submit themeselves to the Commandments and Judgments of Almighty Allah.

Only he merits this special atonement, reserved for one who feels belonging to the collective of the Jewish Nation.

Mark Regev, Israel's chief propagandist, seemingly has a place reserved for him near the top of BBC news bulletins.

In 7% of cases reserve to is used

All rights in and to such copyrights are reserved to their respective owners.

In any by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Providing for a wife (and later on, a family) is not just reserved to material things.

Also, the thirteenth chapter of the Revelation is reserved to the antichrist and to the beast.

At best it is a scheme for purchasing with federal funds submission to federal regulation of a subject reserved to the states.

Conyers says that Congress, by ignoring such a usurpation of one of the most important duties reserved to the legislative branch, hastened its future irrelevance.

That's because the ability to open up the defence with a dribble is reserved to very special players, who are very special and therefore not very common on the playing fields.

In 4% of cases reserve in is used

Car hire or airport transfer should be reserved in advance.

Issue: Whether this Court should address an issue it reserved in Serfass v.

The environment and resources reserve in China's inshore areas have basically been figured out.

Dead Horse Point also offers one group site for ten or more people which may be reserved in advance.

The Needles District also offers three campsites for groups of 11 or more people which may be reserved in advance.

Deep Sea Fishing charters should be reserved in advance by at least a day and the usual fee for a one day charter is about $660 in U.

The advantage of the service is that it leaves with first light, seats can be reserved in advance, and it departs right from the entrance of the Khayrat Hotel where I was staying.

If the flower-buds of plants reserved in a corner of the garden for salad purposes are removed at once and the leaves carefully cut, the plants will last through the whole winter.

In 2% of cases reserve at is used

Hotels/lodges/camps where specifically named are given as an indication of the category, and rooms may be reserved at similar hotels/lodges/camps.

The General Meeting venue will be at The Langham, Hong Kong at 18:30-19:30 Hours then the shuttle bus has reserved at 19:30 Hours departing from Hotel driverway.

In 2% of cases reserve by is used

Tables can be reserved by phone or just drop in.

Reservation of Rights All rights not expressly granted pursuant to this Agreement in respect of the Stamp OnNet Website Materials are reserved by HKP or its licensors.

Any product, process or technology described in this Web site may be the subject of other intellectual property rights reserved by Formica or its affiliates and are not licensed hereunder.

In 1% of cases reserve about is used

Aye, the Eurogamer piece is actually notably reserved about the whole thing, which I can kind of respect.

Although very kind and amiable, he seemed quite skeptical and reserved about getting involved with any project having to do with Sufism.

In 1% of cases reserve before is used

There are signs stating that beds can not be reserved before 9am but these rules are just not enforced.

Frequently, beds were reserved before 7am but remained unused until lunchtime, causing other guests to wander around searching for a space.

In 1% of cases reserve from is used

They are able to be reserved from any time of the day to provide services to simply about any location in the country.

In 1% of cases reserve on is used

Do I have a seat reserved on the train? Your tickets are unreserved second class tickets, so no seat reservations are available.

In 1% of cases reserve with is used

He wrote back to Holmbo (7 ): - The French are much more reserved with strangers than the Germans.

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