Prepositions after "resentful"

resentful of, about, at, towards or over?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases resentful of is used

They were resentful of this move.

He usually looks resentful of them.

Other countries are resentful of the U.

Lucky me eh? I am so resentful of a society where one half of the population is so.

Use any name you like but don't be resentful of having to correct our pronunciation.

Many of them grew emotionally distant from (or even resentful of) their own children.

At least he should be able to get a job! No, much better that every other taxpayer be resentful of supporting you.

Firth plays art curator Harry, a man deeply resentful of his curt and insulting boss Lord Shabanar (Alan Rickman).

Unhappy middle child Edmund, resentful of being bossed about by his older brother, broods with meanness and misery.

In 12% of cases resentful about is used

Next, resentful about the guilt.

Obviously I am very resentful about this.

Her base has plenty to be resentful about.

I became jumpy and tetchy, obsessive about sleep and resentful about not having any.

Children may feel frightened and resentful about the possibility of inheriting ADPKD.

Do I sound just a teensy bit resentful about the division of labor here? Well, if I do.

Some second wives also feel resentful about the amount of income that goes to the husband's first wife and family.

Rather than being resentful about all the items you can't buy, you'll be delighted about the money you'll be saving.

I could feel resentful about people getting handouts from their family but really if they are grateful then good luck to them.

In 8% of cases resentful at is used

You look me in the eye resentful at the disturbance.

I don't want to become angry or resentful at his behavior.

Kids tend to feel threatened or resentful at having to share their mothers.

No one questioned authority then, but it didn't mean we weren't resentful at times.

In fact, many of us are already resentful at the debt levels forced upon us by the system.

All this leaves many ordinary workers feeling resentful at having to pay for the nation? s tax bill.

If we? ve given up work, we may well feel resentful at being cut off from the adult world and at losing our income.

It's set up to make individual men feel guilty, ashamed and resentful at their place in a system of brutal hierarchy.

Employees could be happy to get a bigger paycheck or resentful at being forced to foot the bill for their own coverage.

In 7% of cases resentful towards is used

I'd not resentful towards anything esp not Allah.

And you may even feel resentful towards the other person and yourself.

It's possible that the teacher here has some followers who are resentful towards him.

Only that she felt you were kind of resentful towards her and is it something she did.

They feel the same way towards the army, but actually, they are more resentful towards the army.

Pearman notes that Larkin felt resentful towards his day-job for interfering with his literary endeavors.

If it really is urgent, they will just have to find someone else and shouldn't feel resentful towards you.

To forgive is to stop feeling angry or resentful towards a person who has done something hurtful or wrong.

We're currently stuck in a double dip recession and it's easy for us to feel resentful towards immigrants.

He says he is still resentful towards me and I can tell by the way he treats me and the way he looks at me.

In 2% of cases resentful for is used

I'd not resentful for her absence at all and I never have been.

Several of the inmates of the camp were resentful for another reason.

You also can become resentful for working when you feel like utter crap.

Especially when I get resentful for having to keep up the house, work and he does nothing to participate.

If you don't and you remain resentful for the way your ex treated you it will be difficult to mend your broken heart.

As you might remember, I was once shocked by my unfortunate personal experience at KLGH and had been resentful for some years.

Children who eventually establish relationships with parents they were kept from without good cause, feel resentful for having been misled.

Rita was resentful for a while but gradually she returned to her usual activities, thanks to the support of her good neighbours and friends.

One of the you will always feel resentful for what the other has done and you will never want them to be with someone else even if you think you have got over him.

In 2% of cases resentful over is used

Someone will end up disappointed and most likely resentful over time.

They were resentful over their country being made into a Socialist State.

Someone is going to end up disappointed and probably resentful over time.

Someone is going to end up disappointed and possibly resentful over time.

On the other hand some women feel quite resentful over this huge demand on them.

I am thankful for what I have gained rather than being resentful over the things I have lost.

Voters are becoming increasingly resentful over what they regard as ungrateful populations who receive US aid but then attack US embassies.

Some Humans do feel resentful over the fact that the Hylians still maintain the throne, but there have been no civil wars over it for several centuries.

Make the reservations, schedule the babysitter, do whatever you need so that you don't become increasingly resentful over his lack of ambition around romance.

Returning white soldiers, bitter and resentful over the scarcity of employment, directed their frustrations against black workers, who had ' stolen ' their jobs while they were away.

In 2% of cases resentful to is used

I feel resentful to the courts of the 1970? s.

He was apparently resentful to adults but showed a keen interest in children.

It took quite sometime for my partner and I to learn to have disagreements in a way that didn't end with us being resentful to each other.

Although she suffered greatly, physically and mentally, Umanga never blamed God for her troubles, nor was she ever angry or resentful to others.

And if you feel like it, why not be frankly resentful to yourself about the latest hand of cards that life is dealing you, rather than feeling obliged to be stoical and cheerful.

In 2% of cases resentful toward is used

Others, however, may feel resentful toward a pet obtained too soon.

That's like a plumber getting frustrated or resentful toward leaky pipes.

So I don't get to relax and unwind and I become more resentful toward you and the kids and unpleasant to be around.

In 1% of cases resentful because is used

He is resentful because of the pointless racial abuse, such as the boss blaming him for things he has not done just because he is angry.

Ponyboy Probably thinks that it is unfair that the socials are so privileged and rich and also maybe is a bit jealous and resentful because of that fact.

In 1% of cases resentful in is used

Being bitter and resentful in the long run will do you no good except destroy you.

Even if there was resentful in Washington, America is in no position to punish Manila.

You can't grill him every time both of you are separated -- it would make your lover resentful in time and you don't want that to happen.

The genuine Jamaican is not a follower of Vybz Kartel's bleaching precepts but is resentful in the fertilizing of such a thought/practice or precept.

In 1% of cases resentful instead is used

It's awful because they've done a lot to get my siblings over to America, and they can't help being who they are -- yet I'd still resentful instead of grateful.

In 1% of cases resentful with is used

The truth is that the passionate fans Meloni are resentful with Mariska.

Secondly, men go off sex when they are angry or resentful with their partners.

Or worse yet take it out and feel resentful with you in months or years to come.

Being understanding with the slow when I am early, and not resentful with those who show up early when I am late.

It brings out every emotion and you often feel resentful with a sufferer even though you know in your heart its not their fault and their living the hell.

They blamed the Singaporean government for not being merciful and were resentful with belief that their own government did not do enough to stop the execution.

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