Prepositions after "rescue"

"rescue from" or "rescue by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases rescue from is used

Only 5 children could be rescued from 2 factories.

Three people were rescued from a yacht which got into difficulties.

They were rescued from the Hotel Mesa Quarry in Grand County, Utah.

A 15-year-old Somalian girl was rescued from a brothel after being trafficked to Ireland.

The male driver was rescued from the cab of the transport and turned over to Parry Sound EMS.

Josie is a very timid girl rescued from a Missouri puppy mill, where she was used as a breeding dog.

Dj Gary, I too have a female pitbull (rescue from Baltimore) and found her to be the best dog I've owned in my 38 years.

Huge losses in personal and economic freedom will be welcomed throughout the world by people who want to be rescued from troubles.

Subsequently 60 more were rescued from the sea, or transferred from the collapsibles, making a sum total of 712 rescued by the Carpathia.

In 35% of cases rescue by is used

He resurfaced and we were rescued by a team of fishermen.

Sarten was rescued by Wes Hill from the Whirlpool nearly dead.

He was rescued by a fellow pilot and took him six months to recover.

While some may have been destroyed, a number of notes were rescued by players in the drama.

But it will be Chelsea ending the weekend at the summit after being rescued by its left back.

The survivors were shipwrecked on the Island for 18 months, until they were rescued by a passing Whaler.

Helpless ants were rescued by wise and loving doves, while vain crows were flattered out of their cheese by wily foxes.

MSNBC reports a passenger jumped overboard yesterday into the Pacific Ocean and was quickly rescued by the ship's crew.

At the base the barrel became trapped in an eddy for ninety minutes before Munday was rescued by river man, Ken Sloggett.

If she's bored with this and bored with being rescued by Liam, she should go make a movie with Naveen Andrews in which they make out a.

In 7% of cases rescue in is used

They were rescued in May 1945 by Gen.

Dugard and her mother, Terry Probyn, were reunited after Jaycee was rescued in 2009.

He was rescued in an act of compassion that would be considered an act of terrorism under current laws.

Perhaps it is arguable that the EURO land should rescue in their self interest but definitely not the EU.

She was rescued in Quebec, and her picture went up days after the bust of a huge puppy mill in the same province.

I now feel grateful for God's work of restoration and rescuing in my life despite the darkness that tried to bury me in fear and confusion.

As the system stabilizes, it becomes more plausible that a single big bank will fail or be rescued in a way that involves large losses for creditors.

Four years later, in 1536, when they were rescued in northern Mexico by Spanish slave traders, only four remained: Cabeza de Vaca, two other Spaniards, and an African named Estevan.

In 4% of cases rescue after is used

One person had to be rescued after being trapped in one of the vehicles involved.

BBC reports a woman has been rescued after falling overboard from a Newcastle passenger ferry bound for the Netherlands.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that a 22 year old man has been rescued after jumping from the ship when it was 20 miles off Vila, Vanuatu at about 5am.

In 2% of cases rescue at is used

Not only a budget, only rescued at the eleventh hour, but minimum pricing and the referendum bill itself.

In 1% of cases rescue following is used

An historical picture of Annie Edson Taylor being rescued following her plunge over the Horseshoe Falls courtesy of John Guthrie On Monday October 21st 1901, Mrs.

In 1% of cases rescue off is used

Several boats have been rescued off the coasts of Indonesia and the Andaman Islands of India.

In 1% of cases rescue on is used

The Trade Union Congress of Tanzania (TUCTA) has condemned the kidnapping and brutal treatment of Dr Stephen Ulimboka who was rescued on Wednesday.

In 1% of cases rescue through is used

Much of this material was rescued through the efforts of Professor Julian Ribera during the last century.

In 1% of cases rescue with is used

One year ago it was the Russian Federation that came to rescue with 2.

According to this Hindu epic, Ravanna kidnapped Sita from her god husband Rama and was only rescued with the help of a god monkey that could fly and talk.

In 1% of cases rescue within is used

He was rescued within 45 minutes.

In 1% of cases rescue without is used

Now that I have been rescued without any pregnancy I want all to support me to be in school so that I don't drop out again.

They can be rescued without exhausting the bail-out fund; or, alternatively, their defaults might be managed as controlled explosions.

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