Prepositions after "require"

"require for" or "require by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases require for is used

A passport and visa are required for U.

That is only required for air or sea travel.

I knew it was required for the story to go ahead.

Its courses are a selection of the same courses required for geomatics engineering.

FOR CHILD APPLICATIONS -- one piece of photo ID is required for the lodging parent.

The Protected Roof The atmosphere only lets rays required for life reach the Earth.

Electric underfloor heating kits are easy to fit and include everything you require for trouble free installation.

However my son was under age and my consent was required for any surgical procedure he required before his death.

The action plans detailed the way forward and resources required for proper implementation of planned activities.

What we look for is whether the individual has the personality and that extra touch that is required for the job.

In 25% of cases require by is used

You want only what is required by law.

Required by doctor for clinical studies.

Previously a sellout was required by the deadline.

We conclude that such a privilege is required by the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

This paltry number of boats was still more boats than required by the board of trade.

At times we may be required by law or litigation to provide your personal information.

Such certifications, to show that basic standards are adhered to, are required by a number of importing countries.

The UK, US and Europe have nearly twice as much food as is required by the nutritional needs of their populations.

Entries must already be in live operation (first phase at least) and demonstrable if required by the judging panel.

Passports are required by all foreign visitors and must be valid for six months beyond the intended length of stay.

In 11% of cases require in is used

Specific training is required in its use.

Form E3 is not required in a court liquidation.

Thus a clarification is required in this matter.

Please include the direct link to the article and/or image you require in your email.

Note that in some cases two separate strings may be required in defining the CODENAME.

A temporary pacemaker may be required in patients with advanced heart block for the duration of the block 183, 187.

Perhaps some of you would have been one of those graduates who couldn't perform at the level required in my program.

These measures can frequently reduce the time required in the actual arbitration hearing with possible cost savings.

Possibly it was required in some ways as we grew but this year it became clear that others have a lot to offer, right.

In 7% of cases require of is used

It's not something required of me.

Evidence is required of coercion not just persuasion.

There are few regulatory issues required of SMEs, then.

Those two were way, way worse but that's OK isn't it? Courtesy is only required of Democrats.

Making fasting so long at the early stages was yet another test required of the early Muslims.

All he required of Georgiana was to provide him with an heir and this she seemed unable to do.

Much would be required of Searle to steer his once rock-solid ship clear of a looming and potentially fatal iceberg.

Legal-Ease: Simple NDA One of the things required of a lawyer is to quickly whip up a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Their understanding of what the law required of them was more important to them than the needs of a fellow man in distress.

There will be opportunities for fresh openings but the nature of work and the efforts required of you will remain the same.

In 4% of cases require to is used

Such a company is not required to obtain.

Name, email and comment are required to post.

Therefore it is required to cache the XACML policies.

Second, the licensee is required to accept all risks involved in the use of the software.

Purpose, you are required to in your own time through the arrangement to a target your own.

Specifically, SOA Governance defines the principles, processes, and roles required to manage, use and update the SOA.

All of the courses required to practice as a solicitor in Scotland have been accredited by the Law Society of Scotland.

In 4% of cases require under is used

As required under the Federal Government Notification Nos.

Also, drug testing is NOT required under the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.

Consultation procedures required under the FOI Act are outlined in Appendix 11.

Here again, the question arises as to the length of time required under at least normal rainfall for a restoration of the 1969 situation.

No insurance company may issue the policy of insurance or surety bond required under this chapter unless so authorized under existing laws.

To market and sell Zantac, Glaxo Canada was required under the license agreement to purchase ranitidine only from approved suppliers, such as Swissco.

Such registration statements and sales materials required under this Section shall contain the appropriate risk factors as may be determined by the Commission.

They were required under the law to collect two million signatures in their support to participate in the presidential poll but the signature sheets submitted by Yavlinsky showed 25.

Jefferson asked Governor Blount if he wouldn't mind taking a census, even though it was not required under the law; and he had neither money allocated, nor a federal marshal to do it.

In 2% of cases require at is used

A booster shot is usually required at 12 to 18 months.

Credit card details are required at the time of booking.

It is your decision to print what you require at your cost.

Guaranteed reservations and deposits 50% deposit is required at the time of confirmation.

The Group was satisfied that no fundamental review of the strategy is required at this time.

They can always get the reserves that are required at any point in time at a price, which may be prohibitive.

He also needs to get the death certificate made and get it notarised as it would be required at most of the places.

Should the member fall short of JPMiles for an Award ticket, he/she can purchase the balance JPMiles required at Rs.

The deposit of 30% is required at the time of booking, and the remainder 90 days before commencement of our services.

Don't -- Don't let your knowledge go waste in any manner, proper planning and proper execution is required at every step.

In 2% of cases require from is used

Bond required from a minor 514B.

Fasting is now required from dawn to dusk.

Visa is also not required from citizens of Ethiopia, San Marino, Turkey, Eritrea and Uruguay.

Individuals, particularly kids, are commonly thrilled to get what they want and require from Santa.

What is required from employers is that the worker is certified for the job that he is required to do.

What's more, these prices include any other work you require from the same price band or lower, within a two month period.

Elmhurst Children's Centre is hoping to recruit more volunteers so less time and commitment is required from each of them.

Regular condition scoring or weighing will help establish any individual variation required from the 2% bodyweight guideline.

In 2% of cases require on is used

A signature may be required on receipt of the parcel.

The amount required on this score, needless to say, is big.

Leadership is required on this and I can't see where it's coming from.

Use it only when you are looking for references you require on the basis of your study.

Magical thinking No action will be required on the part of our magical-thinking Government.

As is so often the case, an integrated approach from government is required on this policy issue.

Green hosting is climate friendly and natural energy is required on this process and certificated with electrical power credit.

It's always worth listing out the elements that are required on a page so you can make room and order everything in terms of importance.

General licensing enquiry (online) If you are unable to locate the information you require on our website, please use our online enquiry form.

He was enrolled in a one-year study program and received his transcript attesting that he completed all the courses required on June 17, 2011.

In 1% of cases require as is used

Non-WTO members may provide the information required as a voluntary measure.

Sad story, but a bit of space for people sharing the roadway is required as well as a healthy respect for each road user.

Treatment required as a result of or arising from complications from a treatment or condition not covered under the certificate.

To reduce the expenses of physical treatment services, assistant therapists are certainly much required as a result of physical therapists.

Chief of the organization, Martin Laverty, believes that a national government apology is required as part of the healing process for those affected.

NOTE: This course is subsidised with funding from the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) and for statistical purposes, some additional information is required as part of the enrolment process.

In 1% of cases require before is used

That probably explains the long waiting list was required before one could eat here.

Two years of complicated intrigue were required before Shufeldt could attain his goal.

This is required before an anaesthetic to prevent a child from vomiting and inhaling the vomit.

However my son was under age and my consent was required for any surgical procedure he required before his death.

Proof of medical expenses and insurance payments is required before a deduction for these expenses may be allowed.

A decision on Nancy's secondary education will be required before the next election, as she will soon reach the age of 11.

It is quite clear from the statutory definition that physical violence is not required before a protective order is granted.

So deterrence is not enough; preemptive strategies might be required before such adversaries launch a devastating cyber-attack.

To this day, there are no nuclear power stations in New Zealand, and a change of law would be required before one could be built.

A spokeswoman from NSW Health said she was not aware of the publication and further investigations were required before a formal comment could be made.

In 1% of cases require during is used

Let us take a look at the financing required during these two phases.

As the player continues to improve, the ability to plan tactics, then adapt his tactics as required during matches also improves.

Confidentiality: We hold in confidence all information concerning you or your affairs that we require during the course of acting for you.

In 1% of cases require with is used

Extra consideration is required with passports.

Rapid negative buoyancy insertion required with fast descent.

Following are the most common information required with every bank.

Payment A deposit or full payment is required with every reservation.

Typically the quicker the user gets reaction to ones own require with the ability to access insured data in your merchant's finish off so much the better.

Close monitoring is required with frequent or prolonged use of Latanoprost eye drops in dry eye patients, or in conditions where the cornea is compromised.

The hotel gym is small yet has all that non-professional health enthusiasts would require with free weights, and some select machines for you to work out on.

Hole 15 - The Wrecker - Par 5 (Men 442m ladies 387m) The tee shot should favour the right side and a lay up is often required with second shot to make approach easier.

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