Prepositions after "request"

"request for" or "request by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases request for is used

I have requested for the transfer of my PF and not withdrawal.

The first day she come to work, she already requested for phone.

In the covering letter the residents request for a speedy response, i.

She was brought back to me as I requested for her to latch on as soon as possible.

To report possible medical conditions, complete form DS-7 (Request For Driver Review).

It is a shame I have not better clothes, or a change of one, for this occasion, but I can not request for too much.

A popular item that customers always request for, due to its convenience and ease of use, is theGrid Storage System.

It was at this time that some village elders advised Anwar to approach the nearby army camp and request for assistance.

The British subsequently wasted their ammunition and this compelled the Governor to request for reinforcement and ammunition.

In 29% of cases request by is used

The first performance is a song requested by Gregory.

Projects are requested by local women to suit their needs.

He was also requested by complainant to do the following: 1.

The employer failed to interview staff and former staff as requested by the employee.

Volunteers would also be engaged in various related activities requested by project staffs.

In 1973 Nur Khan was specially requested by the government of Pakistan to resume control of PIA.

Please note, if you do not wish to respond, PRNZ may not be able to provide the goods or services requested by you.

You must present this when requested by a member of staff whilst travelling on the train or to enter/leave a station.

The member must return his/ her JetPrivilege membership card within 15 working days whenever requested by Jet Airways.

First though, I should lay my cards on the table, as requested by Jason Lonsdale, here is a rank-and-file Planner at Grey.

In 7% of cases request in is used

The vast majority of the tests were requested in the emergency department.

A report message was requested in the Report field of the message descriptor.

Provide all of the details requested in the payment section of the application form.

And India accept there request in the shape of Ajaml Pahari and Aslam Langra and many more 4.

They need to be requested in advance to be available for consultation in the Special Collections Reference Reading Room.

PROJECTS All alterations for web sites projects are to be requested in writing either by email or postal mail by the Client.

A stainless lid of modern actual daughters, pressures and layers can be requested in the other men and doubt prices in the brand.

If her family is any indication, she expects water, blankets and non-perishable food will be items requested in the days to come.

Patrick was preserved in a silver shrine and was often requested in times of childbirth, epileptic fits and as a preservative against the evil eye.

As a director of the Company, Mr Crouch is already in possession of much if not all of the information you requested in your Open Letter of 26 October.

In 6% of cases request from is used

However, an extension can be requested from the court.

I humbly request from all these writers please don't try to fool the people.

Duplicate forms can be requested from Ibrio International Customer Services.

That Christmas, the only thing I could have conceivably requested from Saint Nick was a mountain bike.

So last week I was a bit bummed that this meeting I had been requesting from the start hadn't happened yet.

It is a major condition of the bailout of the banking sector that the government requested from the European Union in June.

Details of the trustee or trustees will be set out in the trustees annual report (produced annually) which you can request from your employer.

I was taking the brand Yasmin, which I had requested from my doctor after reading in magazines about its amazing skin-clearing and weight-loss side effects.

The circuit court requested from the prosecution to produce the evidence the NACOB staff impounded for the trial to commence, but nothing has been produced.

In 4% of cases request on is used

Mick O'Donnell will put this on the web site, and volunteers could be requested on Sysfling.

If you are unable to show your card when requested on the train, or to exit the station, you will need to buy a new rail ticket.

Our staff will then work through the night if necessary, to try to obtain as much as possible of what you have requested on your list.

In addition, as part of our new policy, we will post records dating from January 20th that are specifically requested on an ongoing basis.

CANCELLATIONS You must email or fax in your cancellation request on or before your next billing date or you will be charged for the next full month.

In 4% of cases request to is used

Interested candidates are requested to forward their application by 30.

I have been known to ring the old woman at 1am requesting to picked up from the pub.

The ITAT Bar Association has been requested to depute its representatives to participate in the said interactive session.

All the Shareholders holding their shares through the CDC are requested to please update their addresses and Zakat status with their Participants.

If people are used to getting free public goods such as electricity, water and others they would never ever pay for the services when requested to in future.

Members, who have not yet submitted photocopy of their valid CNIC are requested to send the same at the earliest directly to the Company's Share Registrar M/s.

In 3% of cases request of is used

The date shown on your invoice/receipt is the effective commencement date of the warranty period A proof of purchase can be requested of the user at any time in event of any discrepancies.

In 2% of cases request through is used

Any other information may be requested through mail.

Vodafone admitted in a Mail on Sunday article dated May 7th 2000 called ' Mobile Snooper Scam ' that it not always included the instructions and most had to be requested through customer services.

In 1% of cases request about is used

WSIB will contact you prior to a review and you should provide any information requested about your income and medical condition.

In 1% of cases request after is used

Major changes in construction will always be requested after fabrication is nearly completed.

In 1% of cases request at is used

Fax machines for the room can also be requested at a charge.

Members can also reserve a private room for up to two hours when requested at the time of reservation.

In 1% of cases request before is used

And how many returns will be requested before Christmas from sales based on a hope that was quashed.

In 1% of cases request with is used

Job queue submission must still be requested with a RequestQueueEntry Message, and the MIS must still subsequently submit the Job to the requesting Controller or Device.

In 1% of cases request within is used

I also appreciate you working to our tight deadlines and delivering the 1000 CD ROMs requested within the timeframe required.

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