Prepositions after "repugnant"

repugnant to, in, for, about or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 82% of cases repugnant to is used

Both are equally repugnant to me.

Such views were repugnant to Muslims.

The idea is hugely repugnant to voters.

It is only excessive indulgence which is regarded by Islam as repugnant to morality.

Before independence, the laws of the colonies could not be repugnant to English law.

Such a foolish step -- contrary to my ideals, repugnant to every feeling of my nature.

A law absolutely repugnant to another as entirely p426 repeals that other as if express terms of repeal were used.

The commission of such act is deemed as unacceptable or repugnant to the values and norms of such State or society.

Why? Because I find the latter practices either morally outrageous or at least repugnant to my own values and ethics.

In 11% of cases repugnant in is used

I find this repugnant in all forms.

What I find repugnant in commentators is their insincerity.

Nevertheless the reality of God-given leadership is extremely repugnant in human experience.

Definitions: - In these rules, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context.

My state is repugnant in so many ways if not the natural beauty of it I would have left long ago.

Being utterly repugnant in every interview she's ever done is just a part of her act, and there are other parts too.

His end was barbaric and uncivilised; all the same, repugnant in every way though his death was, it was better than any of the other options.

Aspects that we consider normal today could very well be repugnant in the future - eating animals, for one thing, or abundant choice, or invasive surgery.

While I'd an atheist myself, I find his views on Islam to be repugnant in the extreme, going far beyond simply disbelieving and verging on a call for eradication.

In 2% of cases repugnant for is used

I find it repugnant for any child to be used as a billboard.

I have always found it repugnant for me, or anyone, to be defined by gender.

They are not only repugnant for what they do, but they brag about it via their published work.

It's not at all repugnant for me to go &; pay attention to where the monks on the bank of the River Vaggamud? are staying.

If tax avoidance is made morally repugnant for the high-flying rich, so too will it be for the plumber, builder or painter who would rather not pay tax on everything he or she earns.

In 1% of cases repugnant about is used

This is, indeed, what Ditchkins finds so repugnant about it.

I understand it might be part of Norway's healing process to view it publically but theres something so repugnant about the way he is clearly delighting in the limelight.

In 1% of cases repugnant as is used

As Americans, we find communism profoundly repugnant as a negation of personal freedom and dignity.

In 1% of cases repugnant by is used

In Oyungas ' famous articles on man talk these things came up, repugnant by the same big bottomed women baying for his blood.

While their choice might be deemed repugnant by some, I donTt see how this is morally worse than basing a business on knowingly and repeatedly breaking the law.

To an elitist jerk like Ted Kennedy, Clinton was always white trash, mad e more repugnant by the fact that both Clintons are three or four times smarter that poor struggling Teddy ever could be.

In 1% of cases repugnant of is used

This INMYHO is a pattern of behaviour I find repugnant of some of these people.

As repugnant of a human being he can be, Draper would be able to tell you a lot about advertising.

We can not allow domestic human rights abuses to be swept under the rug because they were committed upon even our most repugnant of fellows.

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