Prepositions after "representative"

representative of, for, in or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 94% of cases representative of is used

Its more representative of the loading.

DAuAg-template3 is representative of DAuAg-D.

That's not representative of the Barclays I know.

They are representative of the Left in the US, and frequently quite insightful.

Current cost of PV isn't representative of the cost of widespread PV deployment.

As described here, his TED book seems fairly representative of his worst faults.

In short, the self-descriptions in the interviews are unlikely to be representative of the world of finance.

Now we make the crucial assumption that the portfolios in the group are representative of the entire market.

The new calculation is likely to be more representative of the actual number of people talking about a page.

Please note: we make no claims that the survey is fully representative of the Lib Dem membership as a whole.

In 2% of cases representative for is used

Marginal note: Representative for service 42.

I think the city-state model is representative for this.

The 0-3 km layer appears to be representative for HSLC cases.

Consequently, the results can only be representative for similarly selected populations.

Beer king Vijay Mallya mismanagement is not representative for India or its entrepreneurs.

The placed order and chosen conditions are representative for the delivery of our products.

Where to go? The general consensus is that university league tables are not really representative for architecture.

Therefore, measurements during the breaks are representative for the oxygen consumption during the exercise period.

This may be the practises of some individual schools, but it isn't at all representative for free schools in general.

Suitable arrangements should also be made with the estate agent or the vendor? s representative for the delivery of keys.

In 2% of cases representative in is used

It's representative in a way an EGM can never be.

Barton was the District 51 representative in 2009-10.

These are generally not representative in their focus.

Besides they will show the truths of which they are representative in this way.

Less well-known, though no less representative in this regard, is the career of Shank.

The Foundation Center is not a membership organization, so we aren't representative in the way that you are.

This article mainly covers South Africa, Egypt and Botswana, countries that are quite representative in Africa.

Davis's district (as I do ), it might be helpful to e-mail you representative in the Illinois House (Davis's colleagues).

In 1% of cases representative to is used

Rene Wadlow is Representative to the.

Ren? Wadlow is representative to the United Nations.

I do find it educating and also representative to my background and history.

I do n't, not representative to the work they put in and the profits they generate.

Mark Pocan was elected to succeed Baldwin as Representative to Congress from the 2nd District.

They are representative to the fears and insecurities of those who can not see or hear the Lord.

He served as Bangladesh Ambassador in Kuwait and France and later, as his country? s representative to the United Nations in New York.

So the mentioned incident should be a deed of a single monk whose mental behaviour cant be representative to the average buddhist monks.

This defeat will come about when we elect independent politicians who will change our system from being representative to being participatory.

The Black People Party shall be representative to every black woman, man, child and person of African descent who believes in our tenets and charter.

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