Prepositions after "represent"

"represent by" or "represent in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases represent by is used

The centre number can be represented by.

He was represented by a Cheshire Cat smirk.

Isidro is represented by Troika Editions and.

For Muslims the state is represented by the brute force of soldier and policeman.

JDF Elements are represented by two kinds of data types: element and text element.

The belief of something is represented by a symbolic structure which is a sentence.

Malaysia is represented by Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and Bangladesh by Foreign Minister Dipo Moni.

This success rate increased to 67 per cent when people were represented by, say, a lawyer or a benefits adviser.

Seven are more or less complete, three more are incomplete, and a fourth is represented by a single line of text.

In 26% of cases represent in is used

The opening represented in the cut No.

In a chart, series are represented in the legend.

Sub-Saharan Africa was not represented in the study.

This can be a good strategy only if you know what is represented in organic search.

All the Zionist parties, from Mapam to Herut, are represented in the Jewish Agency.

This is well understood and it is the basic physics that is represented in the models.

The whole plot is inspired from the Commonwealth Games Delhi chaos and has been represented in a hilarious way.

Has nt John L also now destroyed his premise that his version of good planning isnt represented in the -sphere.

C4sc were represented in the underage ranks by our U12 development squad and at senior level by Eddie O'Connell.

In 5% of cases represent at is used

There are 35 federations represented at the IOC.

There are over 60 different nationalities represented at LCS.

Across the infield, the 2011 draft is represented at each position.

The PRO des Lavallois has been the only party represented at council for the last decade.

One initiative is the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency, which is represented at this Festival.

The civil society is being represented at the talks by Arvind Kejriwal, senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan and.

Queensland could not agree on how the delegates were to be elected and was not represented at the new convention.

And that's why you could see his age grade, the development union and the kindred represented at the burial rites.

There are car hire companies represented at the airport and you'll see their desks as you walk along the platform.

The 19th century Again, the 19th century saw technical developments that are well represented at the Whipple Museum.

In 5% of cases represent on is used

I'd never seen our people represented on national teams or anything.

Churchill argued strongly in favor of France's being represented on the Council.

Others feel that an Asian should not be the only ethnicity represented on the banknotes.

From left to right, the plants represented on the chart are hickory, goosefoot, corn, and maypop.

There are about ten agencies of any real size and they represent on average about 100 players each.

The invention of Cartesian geometry brought the X, Y co-ordinates and numbers came to be represented on a graph.

All fanfiction and fanart are the property of the individual writers and artists represented on this site and do.

Surrey County Council is also represented on Surrey Connects, an independent, business-led economic development company.

Not one young person with a disability is represented on their board; all board members are parents of children with disabilities.

In 4% of cases represent as is used

Mara is represented as an imposing personage, i.

Here is the shape of the room represented as a simple rectangle.

When Query displays a result set in the Data pane, a record is represented as a row.

When Query displays a result set in its Data pane, a field is represented as a column.

In the New Testament Michael is twice represented as the helper of God's chosen people.

This becomes a symbol for God's slain people when they are represented as the souls underneath the altar.

Others believe both represent God's people, just like the harlot (17:1) is also represented as a city (17:18).

Further in the Ceylonese Chronicles the prince Vijaya has been represented as the grandson of a princes of Vabga.

And although I know that all those things do exist in our community, it is not all of what we represent as a people.

But it could also, perhaps more honestly and productively, be represented as a tension that is present within all.

In 2% of cases represent for is used

The cross represents for Pascal the dialectic of fall and redemption.

He had a standard of housing represented for the tenement house excess.

The films present an accelerated version of both the tour and the history it represents for the Irish audience.

Commissioned by clients across the home counties and UK, Neale is also represented for celebrity commissions by Cowell Media.

The Pumas come in with an average age of 27 years and nine months Julia Faria Cabello, 34, representing for rugby players in their mid thirties.

These are the type of Issues that WAPI undertake to represent for our members through the Multi Association ISG -- Investigator Sector Group and other involved Bodies.

On the one hand, as media-related, its main goal must be to monitor the development of the media and be keenly aware of what it may represent for humanity, for better or for worse.

In 2% of cases represent to is used

Saffron represent to hindu people, green represent to muslim people but there are nothing which represent sikh people.

I for one am thrilled at the opportunities this programme represents to providers and people with multiple and complex needs throughout England.

The product or invention to be patented is first represented to the United States Patent Office by the patent attorney hired for the patenting purpose.

They became so attached to everything that it represented to them that they even had it printed on t-shirts! Tools for the job This half-day workshop is about your People Managers.

His example of trying to get African nationals (and leaders) to Wall Street to try to generate African participation in economic generation represents to my mind a singular example of goodwill.

In 1% of cases represent about is used

For perspective, an increase in GVA of 50 billion represents about 0.

The October acreage burned represented about one-fifth the amount burned in September.

In 1% of cases represent during is used

The Web Alliance for Regreening in Africa will be well represented during this event.

The sensational images represent during the process of aesthetic activities are sparse as well as isolated, while profuse as well as connected.

In 1% of cases represent through is used

But social democrats are usually well represented through european politicians, such as Peter Mendelsohn.

But the passage of time is most clearly represented through Ann's hourglass, which was given to her by her mother at the beginning of the series.

In 1% of cases represent with is used

The pets were well represented with ornaments.

All must be represented with a clear, positive message from a true leader.

This is specially represented with the help of onyx marble that is illuminated from underneath.

The Rays are well represented with nominations, including Pitcher, Set Up Man, Closer, Comeback Player and Top Play.

If you realise a shop job boots and shoes unless you want to understand the represents with examiner and you've a dust handbag and also container.

The frog genus Platymantis is particularly well represented with some 26 species, all of which are endemic; of these, 22 are considered threatened.

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