Prepositions after "report"

report on, in, to, by or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases report on is used

CBC's Susan Bonner reports on the U.

This paper reports on the results obtained.

Join us as we report on corruption worldwide.

I can send you home report on the pricing of your unit and also EMs that you are keen.

This hadith has been reported on the authority of Abu Huraira chain of transmitters.

The media reported on one issue discussed: Powerful surveillance cameras read texts.

The Chief Secretary, Augustine Birrell, reported on the affair to the Prime Minister: It certainly was an outrage.

We invite abstract proposals for paper presentations, reports on teaching experiences and practices, and workshops.

Even though workers were in the region, many could not give direct assistance and could only report on the situation.

A number of these articles report on work that was later recognized with a Nobel Prize for one or more of the authors.

In 21% of cases report in is used

More changes to report in the House.

Seven deaths were reported in Cuba.

Three deaths were reported in Cuba.

This is never reported in the local media as gay events but merely as AIDS seminars.

The World Health Organization reported in 1971 that it was all coming from Indochina.

Bulk of the work reported in this website took place in the eight year period 1980-87.

Gregg Braden found data collected by Norwegian and Russian researchers on this; it's not widely reported in the U.

The best way to find them is unlikely to be by only reading the one-sided version of events reported in the press.

CNET has already reported in one month before that Google may offer scan-and-match service free for the consumers.

Explanation: A severe error, as reported in the preceding messages, occurred during repository manager processing.

In 18% of cases report to is used

This was reported to the Prophet (Pbuh).

Both report to the Chief Financial Officer.

He'll be reporting to the board meeting.

M, reported to school officials that Jerry Sandusky was taking showers with her son.

The Holy Prophet is reported to have sometimes not liked the writing down of Hadith.

I can report to you that the above quote depicts exactly how he showed up that evening.

Devices that do make anonymous geolocation reports to the databases of google etc are clear that they're anonymous.

It was sent via the office of State Secretary Datuk Mohd Khusrin Nawawi, whom Mohd Roslan was supposed to report to.

Last year, opium production in the country was reported to have doubled on the back of rising prices for the crop.

The details of the conference and any action plan must be reported to the Director of the National Juvenile Office.

In 12% of cases report by is used

It has been reported by ' Abdullah b.

It has been reported by ' Abd al-Rahman b.

Reported by Ahmad, 3/502; its men are thiqat.

Reported by Abu Ya? la and al-Tabarani in al-Awsat; the men of Abu Ya? la are thiqat.

On a positive note - I'd happy to say there were no injuries reported by our residents.

Hersi and which is widely reported by Somaliland media, and even compared to the notorious TFG political disputes.

As reported by The Sunday Mirror, Glazer family is going to sell 25 percent stake in the club on the Singapore Exchange.

To see this aspect of their cosmology, we have to look at their creation myth, as reported by Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff.

In 7% of cases report from is used

Richard Smith reports from Tokyo.

Thirty-three tornadoes were reported from the storm.

He has previously reported from the Middle East, Africa, Russia and from around Asia.

I'll be reporting from the convention with health tips and things that I've learned.

The Storm Prediction Center (SPC ), reported nearly 800 wind reports from this derecho.

Someone in ihram marrying is reported from Ibn ' Abbas that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,.

There were no casualties and eyewitness reports from the scene confirmed that their vehicle had not been targeted itself.

Al Jazeera's Nick Spicer, reporting from Berlin, said Merkel had been trying to link the destinies of Europe and Germany.

It's based on eyewitness accounts, and they're reporting from a broad cross-section of human rights figures inside Syria.

In 4% of cases report for is used

The guy got so nasty he was reported for abuse, not by me.

All Mexicans need to be required to report for the legal papers to remain here.

Table 1 lists the median age and anthropometric characteristics reported for children.

A student must report for registration four (4) days prior to the beginning of teaching.

Nationally, incidents reported for all 20 health boards in New Zealand dropped from 370 reported.

All selected players must report for winter endurance training in Verkhoyansk, Siberia, next Monday.

Sexually transmitted diseases reported for 2003 totalled 708,083, cases, an increase of 57% since 1995.

A'Court made her screen debut in 1987 on What Now?, then reported for youth news show The Video Dispatch.

However, the short-and-long -- term picture may not be as gloomy as the sales figures reported for October.

Thursday I was already reporting for work because they made me feel obliged to, even after reporting the incident.

In 2% of cases report about is used

Washington has been rocked recently by news media reports about the U.

About myself Reporting about football since 1998 - founded IndianFootball.

Thats partly because mainstream media only rarely reports about party politics in the EP.

The Ministry of Education also requires reporting about how the agreed targets have been achieved.

For examples of how to do this, see press reports about the behavior of the residents of the Turkish,.

I have been a PWC and an NRP and have nothing good to report about my dealings with this horrid branch of the DWP.

I believe much of what is reported about paranormal activity is due to the work of Satan and the other fallen angelic hosts.

They said that India has taken note of media reports about statements by prosecution witnesses in the 26/11 trial in Pakistan.

The articles about the super bowl sex slaves, has been proved wrong many times, but news organizations still report about it as fact.

In 2% of cases report at is used

That's all there is to report at this time.

It was the only death reported at the hospital.

See news reports at Irish Times and RTE websites.

In the past 12 months, more than 150,000 job losses have been reported at IT vendors worldwide.

POLICE CONFIRM DEATH Greek police have confirmed that a man has died during today's protests (as reported at 13.

Crime Guard gathered that the widower reported at the office that same day, after being on sick leave for a week.

Smuggling cases have been reported at Tanzania's various border posts, leading to sporadic price rises in the country.

A decade later, in 1730, at least 15 Mi'kmaq were reported at Desgraules Grole? Island on the southeast coast (de Bourville 1730: 42r).

The highest rate reported at 7pm on 22 March for any Japanese prefecture was 12kBq per m 2 (for the radioactive isotope of caesium, caesium-137).

Even on that day, he was reportedly hesitant to go to work, as he told some of his friends that he would manage to report at work and come back early.

In 1% of cases report as is used

There's not much change to report as a result.

For some this was reported as a positive experience.

The award is reported as the highest such award in Canadian history.

Overall accuracy is reported as the mean over all acoustic frequencies.

You will need a police report as part of the process for replacing your passport.

Overall reconstruction accuracy is reported as the mean correlation over all stimulus components.

There was need of such an informative reply to CC's phantasies that, as you say, are often reported as a source of truth.

The off-pitch attack was followed by what is reported as a series of anti-Semitic chants from a section of the club's supporters.

Routine advisers applications possess a diary that may report as well as help remind customers associated with essential occasions, conferences, and so on.

In 1% of cases report of is used

This was below the growth rate first reported of +2.

It had been widely reported of the heist of the iPad Mini from a big cargo warehouse at JFK Airport in New York last week.

On the 13th, in response to reports of enemy shipping at Wonsan, Admiral Hartman established blockading stations in 39 50 ' and 40 50 '.

Because of this identification of Muslims as the enemy, numerous incidents were reported of Muslims being taunted, beaten and abused in the UK.

For some time, also, reports of increasing North Korean strength had been available to the intelligence section of the Far East Command in Tokyo.

No reports of enemy mining had as yet come in, although in time there would be plenty, but there was no lack of tasks for the small ships of Minron 3.

Although the results of the enterprise were unobserved, later reports of broadcasts by the North Korean radio seemed to indicate that the scheme had worked.

How serious are the Maoists? Can we trust them to refrain from violence? Hours later, a local channel first reported of a Maoist attack on a CRPF camp in Lalgarh.

Several other cases have also been reported of severe peripheral vasoconstriction following overdose with Bromo-DragonFLY, and a similar case is also known from DOBcitation needed.

Recently two cases were reported of foreign nationals being followed, harassed and arrested by the authorities in Juba when they were perceived to be photographing a petrol station.

In 1% of cases report upon is used

Application 163(4) Subsection (2) applies whether or not the financial statements of the holding corporation reported upon by the auditor are in consolidated form.

Events that everyday citizens may find themselves in are unexpected, they happen right on your doorstep, they are unavoidable and reported upon greatly because they are rarities.

It presumes the existence of at least two parties: one who allocates responsibility and one who accepts it with the undertaking to report upon the manner in which it has been discharged.

In 1% of cases report with is used

Get a police report with the officer's name, even if the damage is minor.

I kindly request Speaker to check the Hansard reports with this information.

So the above reports what can be reported with fresh memory about the process.

We challenge all media to report with joy, to highlight success, to encourage growth.

Theses types of issues were not reported with the SRAM Dual Drive (as used on Dahons for years).

Reports could be aggregated into events by grouping reports with similar metadata or content (time, location, keywords, tags, etc.

Problem reports with the new voter registration systems fell into several categories: In some cases, the electronic pollbook mechanisms simply failed.

Which is worrying for the respondents ' investment returns if they read RNS statements and company reports with the same (lack of) attention to detail.

In doing so, I will also focus on issues relating to family violence and abuse - issues which have been reported with such distressing frequency of late.

The Rule The final rule applies to a company that uses minerals including tantalum, tin, gold or tungsten if: The company files reports with the SEC under the Exchange Act.

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