Prepositions after "reply"

reply to, with, in, by or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 77% of cases reply to is used

I will reply to Georgina separately.

Do nt bother replying to that guy.

Replying to comments also do help.

Good on you! Tony replied to What a waste Fri 16 Nov 12 (09:28am) Robert the realist.

However, I am separating one paragraph out from replying to the rest of the message.

Right Dear Nanay, I want to reply to your letter sender who wants to choose between Mr.

Notice I posted aside from the other comments because you have now replied to mycomments in three different places.

We aim to reply to general enquiries within 10 working days of receipt but replies to some enquiries can take longer.

Take the time to verify if he is critical about wanting to look after your youngsters and why he replied to your ad.

We aim to reply to general enquiries within 10 working days of receipt but replies to some enquiries can take longer.

In 9% of cases reply with is used

They may reply with further questions.

Kaiser replied with a profane phrase.

Please reply with opionions and advice.

This someone may be able to update it, or reply with newer information if you have it.

I've asked you for evidence and you've replied with two blogs, neither about australia.

Jefferson replied with a jumper to tie the game three seconds later, sending it into a second overtime.

When this feature is in use, a sending station transmits an RTS and waits for the access point to reply with a CTS.

Not a crum of broadband to use your non-existent Twitter machine on! The question is asked and Eric replies with.

You can now reply with a text message or immediately set a reminder to call the person back when you're available next.

Fierce fighting erupted as the fort was bombarded by Dutch ships but were replied with the heavy guns of the Portuguese.

In 5% of cases reply in is used

She should not reply in vague terms, such as? It is me.

Ali(AS) replied in the most subtle way to these doubters.

But this law says that the Government has to reply in 30 days.

That Saturday, however, was free so I replied in the affirmative.

I've had nothing yet, ' Alice replied in an offended tone, so I can't take more.

Hill replied in a fairly encouraging way but showed that he had failed to understand Ramanujan's results on divergent series.

Adopting an aggressive stance, Kasab replied in the negative to all questions posed by Special Judge Tahaliyani during the day's proceedings.

Kevin would reply in a patronising way to questions and it was like a very bad attempt at acting to the crowd and they were not gullible enough.

No one mentioned to me that I had a perfect right to refuse; and on the occasions that I did refuse, I did it in typically Irish fashion by failing to reply in time.

In 3% of cases reply by is used

Bird replied by ' I'd not slamming Star Wars.

I'd sure there'll be some X> sort of reply by the time I get there.

She replies by saying that if self-liberation means worldly detachment then, no.

He initially replied by saying we can go on with the tour first then look for a place afterwards.

This means HMRC will only reply by email where it is felt your confidentiality will not be breached.

Please confirm the content of the invitation e-mail and reply by 18th November whether you will be attending the GRAND FINAL or not.

Very best solution: Reply by DW Considering that this is a keep show box that you will not need to retain, I'd go with the brute power method.

When Imam Husain received the letter from Muslim bin Aqeel he replied by telling him to stop being so cowardly and continue with the journey to Kufa.

And with the mop he cleaned all the floors and the stairs while talking to it in silence, replied by wet swishes and occasional splashes in the water bucket.

Assange replied by explaining that he had left Sweden with the permission of the Swedish authorities, after they had failed to follow up on an initial request to interview him.

In 2% of cases reply on is used

But you said Edwin Eugene Klingman replied on Apr.

In your words- Edwin Eugene Klingman replied on Apr.

I've been replying on alcohol, citalopram and sleeping tablets and strong painkillers to function of late, which I know if not right.

You're safe to return to your ' brand and they are repeating it, because they (as customer reps or whatever) are not in a position to reply on this new information.

Karan Thapar: During those years, 16-17 years under arrest, isolation and loneliness what did you learn about yourself? Aung San Suu Kyi: That I had to reply on myself.

In 1% of cases reply for is used

Pearson replied for his father.

Can the court ask the seller to give Rs 5 lakh back? Please reply for the same.

Schmidt scored the first of his two goals 5:23 into the game before Aaron Volpatti replied for Bieksa's Buddies.

Sheriff Suma and Alhasaan Kamara scored for the hosts, while Fateh Gharbi and Youssef Msakni replied for the visitors.

In 1% of cases reply from is used

Reply from Peter: More RAM is only one of the many possible solutions for that.

BeyondPod is the best! Reply from BeyondPod Support: Thank you for the feedback (and the kind words).

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