Prepositions after "replete"

replete with or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 98% of cases replete with is used

In deed both come replete with them.

History is replete with such examples.

Social media is replete with information.

The Tata Indica Vista will see a refresh, replete with a new engine under the hood.

Madame Cama loved semi-colons; her letters to Naoroji are simply replete with them.

Replete with a stunningly bizarre cast of narcissistic and yet colorful characters.

But why should the God of the Jews rarely be mentioned? The Hebrew Bible is replete with the names of other gods.

He focuses on the necktie specifically, and flashes back to Hee-jin showing him how to use it, replete with a kiss.

Quite why this man decides to dress up as Jason (replete with fake bald head) to murder people is a bit of a mystery.

Hanson, as usual, and replete with the classical references that I would expect from such a scholar, and Tocqueville too.

In 1% of cases replete in is used

I also welcome your additional commentary replete in its breathtaking inanity.

The poor fellows are starved at heart, however replete in stomach, and each starts a dog for a companion.

We ate out again for breakfast on the Tuesday -- this time heading out to Replete in Hawthorn for corn fritters.

References of such commands are replete in Hindu scriptures like Manusmriti, Vedas, Upanishads, Brahmins, Grihsutras, Dharmasutras and others.

Garba believes with the depth and tactical discipline replete in the Golden Eaglets it would difficult for any team to push them aside in any tournament.

Turning back to the mirror, I looked at myself replete in my nudity with red ink painted carefully on me from my shining crimson forehead down to my toes.

Next is a remarkable fable replete in subtle comedy, cleverness and sheer understanding for the collective human consciousness, and the antics of its external leaders.

Evidence for the fact that prolific meat consumption is bad for human health, animal welfare, and air and water quality is replete in scientific papers and common sense.

Willie Soon's talk on solar variability and climate was easily seen by the audience as lacking scientific content on the subject of climate (though replete in science about galactic evolution).

Maybe a visit with your local psychologist or psychiatrist might help cure your all-too-obvious delusional mind from making more statements replete in their breathtaking inanity here at The Loom.

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