Prepositions after "replace"

"replace by" or "replace with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases replace by is used

It was replaced by a pole barn.

Only to be replaced by another crook.

Her crying stops, replaced by puking.

Schlesinger, later appointed Head of the Pentagon, had been replaced by William Colby.

Abd-ul-Razzaq was replaced by Sohail Tanvir in the match which Pakistan lost by16-runs.

Much of the grass has been replaced by low-maintenance Westmoreland-type moorland grass.

When one party gets too extreme, it tends either to come back to the middle or be replaced by another one who has.

All the nervous excitement immediately prior to the Dip has disappeared, to be replaced by a sense of completeness.

Studies on ancient texts point to a reliance on gods that today has been replaced by a reliance on our own opinions.

As part of the step of objectifying, the characters that occur in the result tree are replaced by fo:character nodes.

In 24% of cases replace with is used

And has been replaced with coffee.

It has been replaced with larger SUV's.

One giant gone and replaced with another brand.

Replaced with a 1000 seater stand and a further part of the gym complex as per no.

Candles were mainly replaced with fairy lights and bells are also popular choices.

All window seals were replaced with new along with much glass with laminated type.

Most of the gas in the lung is nitrogen which can be replaced with oxygen thereby increasing the oxygen reserve.

And come spring my black tights get replaced with my navy ones, which I love: and I get to use my big coral bag.

The thought and experience we bring to this process can not be replaced with a system based on current readership.

Most bureaucratic detail should be scrapped, replaced with a straightforward set of goals and important principles.

In 5% of cases replace in is used

They are replaced in case of resignation.

Then I had the water pump replaced in 2009.

It was replaced in common practice by the fruug.

Responses to this review I had to get the horn replaced in my old 2002 307 HDi Rapier.

This was replaced in 1979 by the modern cable ferry LaHave Ferry II with 12-car capacity.

Replaced in starting line-up by 2009 and leaves in July 2010 with 12 months left on his 4.

Much of the aging and dilapidated pre-war tenement property has been replaced in the process of private development.

But these things are disposable and will have to be replaced in a few months, once the new models or the newest craze arrive.

In a 50s recreation of Avatar, for example, Sam Worthington is replaced in the lead role for the 2009 epic by William Shatner.

This is in contrast to subtropical regions where soil is predominatly alkaline and the top soil can be replaced in a couple of decades.

In 3% of cases replace at is used

Break disks had to be replaced at 33,000.

This was replaced at the agents at a high cost.

Celaya was replaced at the end of the year by another Spanish doctor, Luis del Moral.

Had new brake pads replaced at 12,000 and they still squeak regardless of the weather.

Ironically, Alan Pardew - the man he replaced at Southampton - would be my second choice.

The ignition failed at 180,000km, which was replaced at a big cost included reprogramming.

Airbus and All airlines should have had them replaced at the slightest hint of difficulty.

We reserve the right to replace at our cost, or refund the cost of the damaged or faulty goods.

That was back in the days of Elie Baup, who was replaced at the end of that season by Casanova.

In addition have had to have the battery and alternator replaced at several hundred pounds cost.

In 2% of cases replace on is used

You will note that the army was replaced on day 2.

By this time Kym Bradshaw had been replaced on bass by Alisdair Ward.

Batteries will need to be replaced on the average about every 45-90 days.

It is always expensive and very troublesome to try to get it replaced on your trip.

Not sure who he'd replace on Sports Rushmore, but I'd think Muhammad Ali should be up there in stone.

My left front panel, mirror and mud guard were damaged and would have to be replaced on my return to Colombo.

Due to an unfortunate training injury, Rahman was replaced on very short notice by another Singaporean, Impact ' s Bruce Loh.

The narrow streets which had helped the fire's progress are replaced on his plan by monumental avenues radiating from piazzas.

I had the rear bumper cover replaced on my 2011 Blizzard Pearl Car and it looks like a very good match (repair was done at an independent body shop).

My clutch finally went this year about March time, at about 106,000 miles, no problem I thought, I had one replaced on my rover for about £400ish.

In 1% of cases replace after is used

We have one desktop that we recently replaced after 10 years and one TV.

I ’ ve just found that the EGR valve gasket needs replacing after only 1,600 miles.

I can't see why it would need replacing after 20,000 miles? Also, my car now sounds quite noisey.

Luckily, it was still under warranty so now this new engine will be replaced after only doing 10,500 km.

Most of the original crosses were burned when they were replaced after the Great War with stone headstones.

Swarga lok is presided over by Indra, the Chief Deva (God) and he too is somebody who is replaced after a time by another Indra.

In 1% of cases replace as is used

Another reason was that the engine and transmission could be built, installed, and replaced as a packaged unit.

The pillars for the gates to the Cattle Market have recently been restored and replaced as part of the Ravenside Development.

On some years of this motor, the first set of cats is the same piece as the exhaust manifold itself and gets replaced as a whole part.

The emotion of the here and now, latterly replaced as the ' there and then ', is such an overpowering sentiment that can stir even the most stone hearted of individuals.

Because you handle the NICORETTE r Inhalator just as you would a normal cigarette, your own unique habits associated with smoking are replaced as well as the actual nicotine.

In 1% of cases replace for is used

If it has a problem it will be replaced for free.

If we sell him then I will be gob smacked, if not replaced for same calibre.

Conti says she has been pressing to have the voting machines replaced for several years.

Within a short time, Jimmy Breen had left the band and was replaced for a time by Eddie Morgan.

Another run is always there to make up the miles lost but the trip couldn't be replaced for any of you.

In 1% of cases replace under is used

The anti-rollbar and links have been replaced under warranty.

Under this EU law can i get it replaced under warranty? There is much confusion here.

It leaks water through the front door seals, these are being replaced under warranty next month.

I had the front ball-joints replaced under warranty, a design fault meant that they gave up at about 55,000 miles, and have just recently had to replace the dual-mass flywheel and clutch.

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