Prepositions after "repair"

"repair to", "repair in" or "repair by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases repair to is used

Within both repositories of PC victimhood, pomowankers fashionably repair to Foucault's power BS.

Not to mention changing of locks and repairs to the property to bring it back up to scratch for the next tennant.

C and D category write offs mean that the car can be driven again if it is extensively repaired to a high standard.

Poor Nydia! I seek as much as possible to repair to her the cruelties of Nature and Fate, in asking permission to place her with thee.

After gossipping at the Exchange, everyone returned for a couple of hours ' work before repairing to the cricket ground about 430pm.

On Colonel Pennefather asking for the locks, the prisoner said he had given them to be repaired to an armourer, and he had not got them back.

One issue that policymakers should grapple with is: what is a need in terms of highway funding? Infrastructure repairs to bridges and roads are necessary.

Some insurance companies use preferred repair shops where they have an agreement that guarantees your vehicle will be repaired to the highest possible standards.

In 12% of cases repair by is used

A It was subsequently repaired by the Govt.

Twice been repaired by dealer, but still leaking.

We are about to have our chimney repaired by wrapping it in some very clever breathable system.

The cracks and holes can be repaired by putting some joint compound on the wall in a thin layer.

Problems and many diseases brought on by overconsumption and malnourishment can be easily repaired by supplementation with complete food nutritional items.

These early machines were mainly of wood, copper and brass, and were made and repaired by millwrights, locksmiths, tinsmiths, and the makers of instruments and clocks.

In 11% of cases repair in is used

Pipes freeze in the winter, and are more readily repaired in summer.

If they could not be repaired in time, it would threaten the lives of the pupils studying there.

It is to these untruths, Valliant laments, that critics of Rand? s philosophy routinely repair in their attempts to tear it down.

Thirty minutes before the start of today's race, engineers informed him the KERS system on his car had failed and couldn't be repaired in time for the start of the race.

In 9% of cases repair for is used

Power officials said the outages wouldn't be repaired for up to a week.

Each time they argue it ’ s not covered under warranty, then after phone calls, they repair for free.

Until we have a definite sign of sorrow and repair for what they have done their punishment should continue.

The problem with the car is it ’ s low reliability and need for frequent repair for parts that should fall apart so soon.

Living in council blocks which haven't been repaired for years, (part of a government policy to blackmail them into voting to get rid of council housing altogether).

In 8% of cases repair at is used

Gloucestershire County Council will also be undertaking essential drainage repairs at this time.

After emergency repairs at San Diego, she sailed for Alameda, where on the 8th she began to load.

As a small working jeweller I see rubbish, bought and repaired at EJ all the time and it makes me sick.

Pilot Christiaan Goezinne - one of five to pilot the plane - said the only significant hiccup was a cracked cylinder that was repaired at Hervey Bay before a flight to Norfolk Island.

If the local authorities had more automony and responsibility, then the national TDs would not be dragged into finding money for pavement repairs at the second corner in Newfield Avenue etc.

In 5% of cases repair with is used

He has suffered one ancient break and has been repaired with the original piece.

The sharp barbs have left his work clothes full of holes that he has repaired with duct tape.

Excellent condition and detail, one break to the lower base, repaired with the original piece.

He has suffered one ancient break to the lower base section and has been repaired with the original piece, clearly visible in the photographs.

In 4% of cases repair under is used

I have to have this repaired under my insurance before it goes back.

Fortunately for us it's been repaired under a service contract -- otherwise I would now be **very** much poorer.

It had a few minor problems with the electrics within the first couple of years, which were repaired under the warranty.

In 4% of cases repair on is used

That cost is for the bikes that have not been recovered, and repairs on damaged bikes.

Auto Electrician Responsible for breakdown and preventative/planned maintenance, servicing and repairs on range of mobile mining equipment.

Thus, to avoid any issues that can come about when performing do it yourself repair on a refrigerator, people need to be properly prepared for this task.

In 3% of cases repair of is used

Ensuring communication to the affected areas for delivery of essential services as well as repairing of the damaged roads and communications.

In 2% of cases repair without is used

Once breast tissue is stretched, it's impossible to repair without surgery.

The plastic pipes are brittle and exposed, often breaking, to be repaired without care for sanitation.

In 2% of cases repair after is used

Beyond repair: While many of the sunk or damaged vessels were raised and repaired after the attack, the USS Arizona could not be saved.

In 2% of cases repair before is used

And all defective pieces are repaired before sending to finishing.

In 2% of cases repair as is used

These patrollers offer assistance to cyclists in need of minor bike repairs as well as general cycling information and tips.

However, if you leave it more than another couple of weeks, you will loose the chance to have it repaired as the tendon will have shortened too much.

In 1% of cases repair out is used

Grandfather then put on his black coat, took the big club that he ordinarily used as a walking stick, and repaired out of the house with a very grave look in his face.

In 1% of cases repair over is used

Sadly, it's not the elves filling up the shelves ready for Santa's rounds but rather companies getting in supplies for boiler servicing and repairs over the winter months.

In 1% of cases repair from is used

The broken capitalist system is being repaired from OUR pockets and despite this some people actually think this is OK??? Our imposed austerity beggars belief.

In 1% of cases repair depending is used

These are sometimes very hard to effectively repair depending on the extent of the damage.

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