Prepositions after "rent"

rent in, for, from, to or by?

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In 23% of cases rent in is used

Current information is available from the University's website.

Penalties apply if more than two weeks rent in advance is charged.

Cars, bikes and scooters can be rented in Billy's Bay and at Treasure Beach.

If in London, where rents are high, rent in the home counties where rents are not so high.

Rent in advance Residents can only be charged up to a maximum of two weeks rent in advance.

Rent in advance Residents can only be charged up to a maximum of two weeks rent in advance.

But that is okay because apartments rent in Manhattan for a couple hundred dollars a month, and a cup of coffee costs a nickel.

Dealing with disputes Disagreements may arise between residents and providers/agents about rent, rent increases or rent arrears.

I lived in Ramallah, renting an apartment by a Muslim Palestinian, along with Christians and Muslims renting in the same complex.

In 20% of cases rent for is used

It had been rented for the week.

Either that or rent for the rest of your lives.

There are plenty of boats you can rent for the whole day.

It's renting for $110 a night for June and July, down $50 from the same period last year.

Thank you At 4/17/2009 6:51:00 PM Orla said: My former PPR has been rented for the last 3 years.

If you're renting for just a few days, check the major car companies, but if you're planning on.

The ministry, in a written response, denies this, though it is putting limits on the use of the van it rents for the family.

If they're forced to close, taking on debt and ending up with a condo that can't be rented for enough to cover costs, a disaster.

But they also snuck in a condition that the Tax Credit was not available to those who started renting for the first time after the 10th December 2010.

Once rented for a pittance in the mid- ' 70s by writer Helen Garner, when the suburb was a true haven for struggling artists, the property recently sold at auction for $3.

In 13% of cases rent from is used

He rented from owner then rent it out again.

Skates can be rented from Wilson Mountain Sports (in the shopping mall).

These pedal boats can be rented from one mooring and returned to another.

Cars can be rented from Avis, Europcar, Hertz, Irish Car Rentals, or Budget.

Bring water proof bags or rent from us if you want to carry your digital camera or valuables.

Also, for fabulous alternate hotel deals, try renting from absentee owners from a reputable.

Instead of thinking that you need to rush to choose a company to rent from, it's a good idea to see what each one can offer you.

As for paying to reserve a court, I've heard of it being done but not often and it wouldn't work in a gym a club has already rented from a school.

The Mile 7 Police has since impounded a Toyota Corolla with registration number GS 57-12 which Zebedee rented from YAD Rentals at a cost of GH500 per week.

Simple things like toasters and kettles (plus baby-phones and high-chairs for the apartments) have to be rented from reception at a price of EUR15 a week each.

In 11% of cases rent to is used

We rented through a real estate agency and believe we rented to a Henry Blodget Sr.

In this case you are probably about to take on a space that the owner has had difficulty in renting to other businesses.

There's a court judgment out right now in the US, where a court says that it is ' illegal for a landlord NOT to rent to illegals '.

It wasn't Dell's fault for providing thousands of jobs, it was the people who sold and rented to the workers, which drove those jobs away.

Landlords do rent to people on WHV 's, but you'll need to have a job and sign up for a minimum of six months before they'll take you seriously.

Even if they did have enough money to rent better quality housing, many had to face the fact that some landlords refused to rent to black people.

In Trinidad I was staying at a hospedaje? a small bed and breakfast place? where rooms were rented to tourists by a family that owned the house.

At the entrance to the property is a separate tiny studio building (already rented to elderly single man) which is quite private from the main house.

These properties are rented to low-income tenants at no more than 30 per cent of their gross income and provide a degree of long-term housing security.

These foreign nationals are buying apartments that they then are renting to people who will be in the Dominican Republic for an extended period of time on holiday or on business.

In 6% of cases rent by is used

The room for the event was rented by Richard T.

This applies to dwellings rented by private landlords, voluntary bodies, local authorities and employers.

There's a little more information here but it just shows that most of the gyms in the Gangnam area are in schools and are rented by clubs.

Now he visits their former seaside country estate, rented by his uncle, admiral Croft, so the financially stressed baronet can afford a fashionable, cheaper residence in trendy Bath.

In 5% of cases rent at is used

The truth is we can not afford mortgage and rent at the same time.

Renting at the Quattro Thonglor is like taking an extended stay at a 5 star hotel.

The office that IC operated out of until VERY recently was rented at a very cheap price from a friend of the founders.

I'd be happy to rent at that sort of cost then I could slowly save up a deposit for a house so that I don't need to bring up a child in squalor.

It's folly at the moment to have the situation where in two attached houses, one family could be buying on a 400 a month mortgage whilst the neighbour is renting at 800 a month.

In 5% of cases rent of is used

Renting of property now rising even faster.

Then you moved out due to the split, and now it costs you rent of 700 + contribution to mortgage on house of 360 = 1060.

Background: ERA of Confusion and Litigation Renting of immovable property services have been brought under the service tax net by the Finance Act, 2007 w.

The Government once again in 2010 vide the Finance Act, 2010, amended the definition of renting of immovable property given in sub-clause (zzzz) of Section 65(105) with retrospective effect.

In 2% of cases rent with is used

Your best bet is to try to rent the property out and go and rent with your girlfriend.

My ex said she had nowhere to stay as the property she was renting with her new partner was in his name, and used this as an opportunity to try to re-enter my house.

In 2% of cases rent on is used

The property is suited to all vacation needs and can be rented on a self-catering basis or serviced, using one of our packages.

In 2% of cases rent through is used

We rented through a real estate agency and believe we rented to a Henry Blodget Sr.

In 2% of cases rent plus is used

If the gross rent (rent plus utilities) for your apartment is less than or equal to the payment standard, the tenants pay 30% of their monthly income for rent and Section 8 pays the rest.

In 1% of cases rent without is used

I am month to month renting without a lease or anything.

In 1% of cases rent after is used

What was found in the car and in the villa they rented after their daughter went missing, kills the abduction by a strange and leave them doing an inside job.

In 1% of cases rent vs is used

Look very closely at the costs of renting vs buying.

In 1% of cases rent rather is used

We need to look at the idea of renting rather than owning.

In 1% of cases rent per is used

Add Tk 50 rent per rickshaw per day: that means $60 million a year.

In 1% of cases rent near is used

Since few had much money, they had to find cheap housing to rent near to their workplace.

In 1% of cases rent away is used

Rent away from the airport Rental cars are always cheaper the further they are from an airport.

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