Prepositions after "renowned"

renowned for, as, in, among or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 85% of cases renowned for is used

Renowned for compassionate care, St.

They are renowned for a good dry heat.

It was renowned for the many real candles.

Venice is renowned for the beauty of its setting, its architecture and its artworks.

Q - You are renowned for your powerhitting and going over the top during powerplays.

Renowned for its beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture, Goa is.

Italy is renowned for the quality of its food and Bologna is known for its cuisine throughout the whole of Italy.

This Christian Louboutin brand is renowned for it's shoes and boots designed specially intended for evening wear.

Renowned for his eloquence, he lectured throughout the US and England on the brutality and immorality of slavery.

Leipzig, renowned for it's industrial fairs, currently builds a brand new 90 million? arena with a capacity of 44.

In 6% of cases renowned as is used

He thus became renowned as a wise prince.

It has long been renowned as an aphrodisiac.

UBT is renowned as an inspiring place to work.

As time passed the emperor became widely renowned as the pious Asoka or Dharmashoka.

He is renowned as a sophisticated, generous, prudent and dedicated political leader.

Renowned as a wise man, Antor raised Arthur after Merlin presented him with the child.

One of them is usually renowned as the accustomed fuse like fiber splitter which is discovered in sensible prices.

Renowned as the contemporary Dunhuang Buddhist storehouse praised by UNESCO, it is the biggest memorial of Xuanzang.

From the back-cover of the book: The Bhagavad-gita is universally renowned as the jewel of India's spiritual wisdom.

In 3% of cases renowned in is used

Now renowned in Uruguay, Rosario and.

The Ganagana are renowned in iron works.

Kaarthikeyan is a name renowned in India.

Not at the moment, maybe later, it will be more renowned in business and enterprise.

The Fringe, one of the most renowned in the world (and second in size to Edinburgh 's).

But then, he is renowned in Germany for telling the media first, and his allies second.

The Ash Tree is renowned in British folklore for its protective and healing properties, particularly in child health.

Dixon and his friend John Joly are renowned in scientific literature for their Theory of the Ascent of Sap in plants.

Nairobi is renowned in East and Central Africa for its dense tree-cover, plethora of green spaces and plentiful parks.

At first, it was well renowned in road ball lovers and subsequent it become more and more well liked in hip jump lovers.

In 1% of cases renowned among is used

By Allah! The report, which is renowned among men that Imam Husain (a.

It really is mainly renowned among ladies due to the exclusive buckskin purses.

Kensington Gardens in London is renowned among large numbers of picnickers and sunbathers.

The wickedness of a people is great indeed, when noted sinners are men renowned among them.

I would not want to exchange it for being, even if Badr is more renowned among the people than it.

Ericsson certifications are renowned among IT professionals for their immense popularity and worth.

Pasenadi is the king of the country, and his name is renowned among our own people and our neighbors.

The flight or nuptial dance is renowned among naturalists because of its intricate beauty and complexity.

CFA Training Pune is renowned among students who wish to complete their CFA training after or before graduation.

The family of Abu Arakah is renowned among the Shi'ah biographers and the transmitters of traditions of Imams (a.

In 1% of cases renowned of is used

It is renowned of producing theoretical innovations.

Renowned of that are Aviator, Mirrorshades, Onassis glassess and so on.

The most renowned of such hindu temples is the Kamakhya temple in Assam.

PEKI was the most renowned of these, but others were HO, KPANDO, ALAVANYO, TAVIEFE and HOHOE.

I think Nottingham is the more renowned of the ones you've mentioned, and Manchester is very popular.

Besides Goraksa, oho became the most renowned of the batch, there were Chaurangi, Ghoracholi and others.

As El Morya Khan, he was known as the Master M of the Himalayas, perhaps the most renowned of the Tibetan mahatmas.

The most renowned of our English rivers dwindle into little muddy rills when compared with the sublimity of the Canadian waters.

Nevertheless,, it needs to end up renowned of which Pre lit christmas way mild as well as solar energy street mild have now has been core.

He was formerly known as Bishop Mallica Reynolds of the Revivalist church, but he became the most renowned of the island's intuitive artists.

In 1% of cases renowned throughout is used

It is legendry and renowned throughout the world.

Indian hospitality is renowned throughout the world.

The Tshokwe carvers were renowned throughout the area.

Mehemet Taki Khan was justly proud of his arms, which were renowned throughout Khuzistan.

A thorough gentleman, Jarvis was renowned throughout the sport for his impeccable demeanour.

Aprs Ski The resort of Mayrhofen is renowned throughout Europe for its lively Aprs Ski scene.

These are terrible, but youtube comments are renowned throughout the internet for being some of the worst.

It would show everyone how truly brave and special it was, and would become renowned throughout the kingdom.

Volume II: The Buke of the Law of Armys (2005) is a treatise on the principles of warfare, renowned throughout Europe.

Make your name again glorious in this place, once renowned throughout our land by your visits, favours and many miracles.

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