Prepositions after "remove"

remove from, by, in, for or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases remove from is used

He was later removed from office.

Remove from the oven and let cool.

Values were so far removed from me.

With so many structural flaws, after some time it was removed from operational use.

They want the links removed from the web where possible rather than just disavowed.

This is far removed from the 25-30% you would expect from a more standard position.

And if publishers want their content to be removed from Google News specifically, all they need to do is tell us.

Aircoach reserves the right to remove from the coach any passengers causing a disturbance or nuisance on the coach.

The Bombers, 5-12, were eliminated from playoff contention last week, a season removed from a Grey Cup appearance.

The presence of the opercula suggests that the shellfish and opercula were removed from the shell within the cave.

In 11% of cases remove by is used

You can add / remove by drag-drop the column.

Comment removed Comment removed by moderator.

Tartar can not be removed by brushing and flossing.

Amount of metal ions that can not be removed by boiling is called permanent hardness.

Contaminants can sometimes be removed by pre-incubation of the lysate with 4B sepharose.

Labour shoveled all rumble into gunny sacks and these were then removed by 3 tonne lorry.

However, a number of commitments on human rights, including amendments to the Patents Act, were removed by Cabinet.

They are readily removed by superficial destructive means such as shave excision, electrodessication or cryotherapy.

Judges may be removed by a concurrent resolution of two thirds of the members of both houses of the general assembly.

The helicopter was fitted with dual controls which could be simply removed by maintenance crew or by the pilot himself.

In 6% of cases remove in is used

My wife breast cancer was removed in 2011.

All heavy metals are removed in these stages as effectively.

You should not have a suspected melanoma removed in the GP surgery.

The dead Jeffrey pine that remained on the dome during our visit was removed in 2003.

That portion could not be removed in the initial surgery because it would have been risky.

Many of the more hateful tweets have been removed in the past few hours, doubtless due to the fear of legal repercussions.

You may need to make use of a moderate cleaning detergent that will help in removing in which level associated with dirt.

Wish I'd had both breasts removed in 1998; I'd wanted to, but my docs assured me the risk in the remaining breast was minimal.

Illinois Illinois judges may be removed in one of two ways: The judicial inquiry board files complaints with the courts commission.

In 3% of cases remove for is used

Madagascar Firearms may be removed for the duration of the stay.

The lid is attached with loosepins so it can be removed for performance.

Biopsy -- a sample of suspect tissue is removed for examination in a laboratory.

Thus, the accurate measurement on how much has to be removed for the best possible vision.

Pushmi lived on, though minus his magnificent horn which had to be removed for his own safety.

For most of us in North America such realities may seem sad but very far removed for our lives.

While I see no reason to ban the burqua, I do envisage situations where it should be temporarily removed for reasons of security.

Although, bentonites have medical values, they are required to be removed for this application because the germs need to be killed.

The statement comes on the heels of multiple NGOs demanding that Anwar be removed for office for various alleged moral depravities.

Included detachable hand and shoulder straps securely clip onto reinforced points on the frame but can be quickly removed for cleaning.

In 3% of cases remove to is used

He was removed to the Chesterfield Hospital.

The crime scene was processed and it was removed to the morgue.

The crime scene was processed and the body removed to the morgue.

They processed the crime scene and the body was removed to the morgue for post mortem.

The crime scene was processed and the body removed to the morgue for post mortem and identification.

Residual radioactive waste is treated, packaged, and removed to an appropriate waste storage or disposal site.

It felt somewhat cold and removed to us, from the ultra-modern Star-Trek-esque dining room to the lounges and shops.

Season the wilted greens with nutmeg, salt and pepper, then remove to a colander to drain off any excess liquid and cool.

This is entirely down to Brown and if he dares to say that this is not his responsibility then he should be immediately removed to the asylum.

He had already made an arrangement with her, that she should do this in certain possible contingencies, when they first removed to Canaan (Genesis 20:13).

In 1% of cases remove after is used

Underwear should be removed after lying beneath the quills.

The solid waste is separated, compressed, stored on-board, and then removed after landing.

The information about the conviction and points is not removed after 18 months from the violation date.

Since my lymph nodes were removed after my surgery i have less movement in one hand and i am unable to do gardening.

For this situation is a temporary failure; it is removed after a while with the breaking of excitement and handicaps.

Adhesive patches containing known photosensitizing materials are applied to the upper back, removed after two days, and light is shone on the area.

A missed credit card payment, for instance, will usually be removed after 36 months, but details of a CCJ or bankruptcy should remain on file for six years.

In 1% of cases remove as is used

The so-called ' Dorothy Dixer ' should be completely removed as a feature of the parliament.

Chloramphenicol was removed as a front-line antibiotic because of one case of aplastic anaemia in every 20,000.

The survivors took refuge on islands in Lake Horowhenua, from where they were removed as the Ngati Toa required meat.

But a few experts disagree on the issue that the wisdom teeth should be removed as a routine part before they cause problems.

When he was removed as a DS and he went back to his town to occupy the house, the friend told him that the house was not his.

At the Auckland Open I also had an extra rule in there stating that anything not painted gets removed as a casualty at the end of the game.

In 1% of cases remove at is used

Upper Houses removed at shortest notice '.

Problems can arise with semi-automated systems where all cups are removed at the same time.

More importantly it also meant that any possibility of cross subsidy was removed at a stroke.

Each shield has the name of one of those killed, but they were removed at some point and now only the stone monument remains.

You can implement your queue so that when an item is removed at the head, all the other items are shifted in memory so that the head is always at the start of the array.

Finally, it was nice to have the middle aisle removed at BATS for a sense of cohesion among the audience, especially useful in a type of theatre that aims to be totally interactive.

In 1% of cases remove before is used

Topsoil removed before construction and later used for landscaping.

How many species can you remove before the whole grand machinery grinds to a halt? The truth is, no-one knows.

Contact lenses should be removed before instillation of the eye drops and may be reinserted after 15 minutes.

As with the petroleum jelly method, all wax needs to be thoroughly removed before continuing with any other paint or varnish finishes.

For centuries, it has been known that BPH occurs mainly in older men and that it doesn't develop in men whose testes were removed before puberty.

Contact lenses may absorb benzalkonium chloride and these should be removed before applying Latanoprost eye drops but may be reinserted after 15 minutes (see section 4.

In fact, only a tiny portion was removed before the juxtaposition of bloody inert car filler and delicate fossil became too much of a liability for preparation to continue.

Ask your doctor if you will require more than one surgical operation treatment, as you may need time to mend after the plugs have been removed before moving to the next step.

In 1% of cases remove due is used

Studies have shown if a woman must have her ovaries removed due to medical reasons the risk of breast cancer will decrease.

Kish was partially blind at birth, fully blind after 13 months-of-age when his eyes were removed due to retinoblastoma in both.

Usually, you could possibly face a situation where landscaping function you are doing is removed due to the area enforcing your violation.

In 1% of cases remove on is used

They are due to be removed on August 31 after a Court of Appeal ruling last year.

Mammary tumours are best removed on discovery, the operation is fairly straightforward and better done sooner rather than later.

The back doesn't really want to come off though, so I wanted to make sure that it's supposed to be removed on this type of Kindle.

The poll previously displayed on this page was removed on Friday 6 July 2012 at 11am (BST) due to obvious irregularities in the voting pattern.

It's so obvious that Susan Rice is marching to an Obama White House directive By the grace of God may this ERSATZ PRESIDENT be removed on November 6th.

Though a specific reason for the development has not been given, sources claim that he has been removed on account of aanomalies in purchases made under the national rural health mission.

In 1% of cases remove with is used

Remove with warm water when dry or carefully peel and then gently wash face with warm water.

This data would be 20yrs old though and could even have those bits removed with relative ease.

I know it's pie in the sky but I just can't see the cancer been removed with the current model.

An editor with a good eye may be able to see a halo around; if it is visible then it can be removed with the burn tool.

In 1% of cases remove without is used

This was easier ordered than done, because under the State Bank of India Act the chairman could not be removed without sufficient cause.

In the hospital, the doctor had found him out of danger though it was found that the bullet could not be removed without endangering his life.

COM reserves the right, and has absolute discretion, to screen, edit, refuse to post or remove without notice any User Content posted or uploaded to NYAKPO.

Benign tumors usually grow in one place and may be curable through surgery if they're located in a place where they can be removed without damaging the normal tissue near the tumor.

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