Prepositions after "reminiscent"

reminiscent of or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 98% of cases reminiscent of is used

Reminiscent of the Cursed Earth.

Reminiscent of the above article.

Reminiscent of Yogi Berra quotes.

Reminiscent of the Cable sting isn't it, and without being unduly conspiratorial.

Reminiscent of Jackie O, larger-framed sunglasses come in a wide array of colors.

Reminiscent of when my dad called family meetings to get us all on the same page.

Geez!!! Am I the only one who finds the rounded corners reminiscent of the gen 1 ibook? Black keyboard is ugly.

Reminiscent of the old British class system where the servants who worked the hardest were also the worst paid.

Reminiscent of an instrument of pain rather than pleasure, the fact it was powered by a hand crank says it all.

So in these scenes you will see things that are reminiscent of the ending of THE WAY OF KINGS as it's published.

In 1% of cases reminiscent to is used

It is somewhat reminiscent to what originally happened with VAT.

It has golden-yellow flesh and its taste is reminiscent to hazelnut.

The marble top tables and wooden stools reminiscent to old style coffee shop.

The alien scenario that this paper portrays is reminiscent to scenarios reportedly given by mind control victims.

This situation is a tad reminiscent to what happened with Jameer Nelson and the Orlando Magic this past offseason.

The deluxe packaging of the vinyl album, with its four portraits and poster, is reminiscent to that of The Beatles.

Rih seems to pull style inspiration from Aaliyah, as her ' fits are reminiscent to the late singer's in the late 90s.

Your XP helps level you up and the equipment has its own levelling system quite reminiscent to that of Infinity Blade.

That one form that's reminiscent to a present perfect because of obvious reasons but that's actually more of a present.

Hermione's ownership of Crookshanks may be reminiscent to her transformation as a cat about one year prior to his purchase.

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