Prepositions after "reminisce"

reminisce about, of, on, with or among?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 75% of cases reminisce about is used

Now even Labor voters are reminiscing about Joh.

I know that there is no way to go back in time, I keep on reminiscing about the past.

In a recent interview in the Daily Mail, Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp reminisced about his time at West Ham.

Alternatively we can reminisce about turning boats back or send them to an island home from where they will be magically sent to far away lands.

Sadly not all of the group could make it as they are dotted around the world, but we were thinking of them when we reminisced about the days on our trip.

While dining last year in a Thai restaurant, we reminisced about our pre-children backpacking days in Bangkok 20 years ago, and resolved to revisit Thailand.

We reminisced about our campaign train experiences, some involving the three photographers who managed to keep them- selves in good humor and everyone else too.

I don't remember how we reached this topic but suddenly I found myself listening to my father reminiscing about the days when he first flew to Saudi Arabia in the 1960s.

One day, like those of us who reminisce about his great predecessors, they will know the pleasure of telling their grandchildren that they were around in the age of Lionel Messi.

I look back fondly at the early days, I reminisce about the initial discovery and the rustic charm of the place, but in the end I'd forced to conclude that there needs to be more to.

In 9% of cases reminisce of is used

It's around this time of year that mothers everywhere reminisce of their children going to school and entering the world alone for the first time.

Indeed, whilst reminiscing of the day she was first asked to make a Gypsy dress, little Katrina tells her mother that she ' should have just said no '.

Inspired locally by one of his good friend, Dj Waxxy of Channel O, he reminisces of the old days when he used to mix on cassette players up until now that technology has elevated the industry.

In 5% of cases reminisce on is used

Reflecting on that infamous day in her life, a smiling Esther reminisces on how she narrowly escaped death.

Reminiscing on her experience in prison, the artiste revealed,? The inmates showed me lots of love, care and sympathy.

In 2% of cases reminisce among is used

Take the elevator to the second floor and start browsing in the book department or reminiscing among the golf and football equipment.

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