Prepositions after "remarkable"

"remarkable for", "remarkable about" or "remarkable in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases remarkable for is used

Remarkable for its sugar content.

This is quite remarkable for a U.

It's remarkable for a few reasons.

It is as remarkable for what Gandhi decides to leave out as for what he includes.

The 16th and 17th centuries are also remarkable for the exploration of the New World.

But it is thoroughly unremarkable for the familiar faces near the bottom of the ladder.

The Republican and Democratic platforms are more remarkable for what they do not say than for what they do say.

The segment is mostly remarkable for the graphics since nothing like that had been done on The Simpsons before.

A plump-bodied, fluffy-feathered, flightless bird, the Diricawl is remarkable for its method of escaping danger.

Such an achievement is crucially important and remarkable for any organization, regardless of its specialization.

In 24% of cases remarkable in is used

Pretty remarkable in my opinion.

Al-Jaidra was remarkable in many ways.

They are remarkable in different ways.

Mu'awiya's denial of the Messenger's leadership is also remarkable in this letter.

Yet Steinmeyer shows how his story is one of the most remarkable in show business.

That's quite remarkable in comparison to other ancient written historical sources.

Events between May 29, 2011 and May, 29, 2012 have been remarkable in several ways in the governance of Nigeria.

He is in awe of the men in his family, seeing something remarkable in the DNA that was passed through him to Amy.

I have no great quickness of apprehension or wit which is so remarkable in some clever men, for instance, Huxley.

Here was a remarkable instance of an aged woman, of about seventy years, who had spent most of her days under Mr.

In 17% of cases remarkable about is used

What is so remarkable about Fr.

What is remarkable about you? 6.

There's nothing remarkable about it.

The only thing even remotely remarkable about him was his health-club physique.

While that is interesting to know, again, there is nothing remarkable about it.

What was remarkable about the outcome of the War was the treachery of the West.

What is remarkable about this motion is that on its return clock A no longer reads what the collection reads.

The thing I have found most remarkable about moving back to California is how quickly it felt like home again.

What's also remarkable about the Ordos Art and City Museum is the place it's been built: out in the Gobi desert.

There is so much going on in this song that it proves difficult to pinpoint exactly what is remarkable about it.

In 5% of cases remarkable of is used

The most remarkable of these was Mr.

The most remarkable of her features were her two eyes.

Newton ' s famous Laws of Motion are remarkable of them.

You will see the Triumphal Arch, one of the most remarkable of its kind in France.

Perhaps most remarkable of all was a poll by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

My life seems to be one of the most remarkable of all the lives I have come across.

The most remarkable of the current crop is Alex Hillman's Cluetrain-A-Day 2009, at his blog, Dangerously Awesome.

Among the most remarkable of Mughal paintings and calligraphies are those commissioned by the Emperors Jahangir (r.

In a weekend of amazing experiences, the private farm tour on Saturday night at dusk was the most remarkable of all.

Perhaps most remarkable of all, she achieved a 180-match winning streak between 1927 and 1933, without losing a set.

In 4% of cases remarkable to is used

Throughout the years it's always been remarkable to me how beloved Mike was.

Few artists will create anything remarkable to anyone but their immediate circle.

They ranged from the remarkable to the mundane, the extraordinary to the everyday.

The defect in morals which is most remarkable to a stranger is the double dealing.

You can pick from various picture-styles that can move from remarkable to hilarious.

It is remarkable to me how rapidly technology has evolved since I last worked on DirectX.

What is remarkable to me is how this is being done in a land founded by revolutionary smugglers.

Remarkable to me was also to read the Foreign Secretary ' s speech and the words of Minister Daravong.

This provisionment seemed the more remarkable to Claude because at home he had to smoke in the cowshed.

Today he continues his buisiness in the exact same location, same building, its really remarkable to me.

In 3% of cases remarkable considering is used

All the more remarkable considering the situation.

He finds those attribute remarkable considering her age.

This is remarkable considering the time expended on reading.

This is remarkable considering the terrible events of its very recent past.

This is quite remarkable considering the relative inaccessability of the site.

Their performance is particularly remarkable considering the general population.

It's all the more remarkable considering the dead ends he met in the years leading up to his breakthrough.

That is remarkable considering the pain the prime minister has heaped on the electorate since taking office.

That is remarkable considering the world game's progress in fitness standards and tactical match preparation.

This was even more remarkable considering Dahl himself suffered quite a bad crash in the Libyan Desert in 1940.

In 2% of cases remarkable as is used

And confidence that, remarkable as the last two years have.

What seek ye --gentle, winning question, remarkable as the Redeemer's first public utterance.

But the procession through a snowbound Pyongyang was also remarkable as a display of military might.

No nation in the history of the world has ever done anything as remotely remarkable as the United States has.

Piper is remarkable as the rambunctious, brilliant Jack, balancing grace and ruggedness like spinning plates.

The Directory of Midwives was remarkable as the first textbook on the subject written in the English Language.

It was argued that the absence of saliva was not remarkable as a witness gave evidence of heavy rain in the area.

The flexibility e-learning provides is remarkable as well as the cost as it's very cost effective and less time consuming.

Obtain the winters remarkable as a result of abacus Moncler outdoor jackets as part of your acquire winter dividing schedule choice.

This was remarkable as the first French aircraft by Albert Santos Dumont flew only in 1906, followed by Britain in 1907 and Germany in 1908.

In 2% of cases remarkable at is used

Nothing remarkable at all about this.

Modest men but remarkable at their jobs.

Musical standards have always been remarkable at Wexford.

As a result they proved remarkable at responsible land, sea and resource management.

Sadly but truly the education which was remarkable at a time in SL is now going down.

Also, her achievements were even more remarkable at a time when few women gained education.

Those individuals, who are remarkable at thinking, get remarkable results -- they become Results Focused Thinkers.

The game's graphics are uninspiring, but the tremendous use of colorful imagery makes it look remarkable at times.

We have it in the bedroom and it goes on at night for theee most cool effect and is also remarkable at waking her up in a morning.

In 2% of cases remarkable by is used

Thomas's story is remarkable by any sportsman's standards.

If he's right, for a single product that's pretty remarkable by any measure.

Chinese trade and RMB payments China's trade performance has been remarkable by any standards.

His sample of 3000 images, most of which are not available in poplular books, is remarkable by itself.

These modern strata are very remarkable by being threaded with metallic veins of silver, gold, copper, &c.

Both teams performed the remarkable by going the league season undefeated, but they did it in different ways.

Made even more remarkable by the fact I set off on the bike with my running shoes on still? I had to stop and take them back.

As such, being a golf lover or professional golfer, you can make your holidays remarkable by making program at Algarve golf holidays.

Other features of the opening ceremony included a vast display of floats and marching bands - one quite remarkable by Depression standards.

The average was a show every other year -- remarkable by any standards, but quite overwhelming when you realise the staying power of those shows.

In 1% of cases remarkable among is used

Bees are remarkable among insects.

It's nice but not too remarkable among the other songs.

When I looked back to the Palace, it is still very remarkable among the buildings.

Syed is remarkable among the modern Urdu poets for his surreal narratives and imagery.

Jaclyn Jose was the only remarkable among the supporting players, but even she is a hit or miss.

And you know, Microsoft is remarkable among big companies in that they are able to develop software in house.

The most remarkable among these plays is the Interlude of the Nature of the Four Elements by John Rastell (d.

The United States was disliked, feared, and sneered at with a unanimity that was remarkable among the peoples of Europe.

However, this difference is more remarkable among females where it is more than 2 times higher in Unguja than in Pemba (2.

The bird is remarkable among animals as having two feet, like man; only, by the way, it bends them backwards as quadrupeds bend their hind legs, as was noticed previously.

In 1% of cases remarkable because is used

The speed was remarkable because of the wave ' it ' produced.

This is most remarkable because of their considerable achievements.

Darwin's theory is today considered remarkable because of the small amount of evidence he had.

I had other sad moments, but those two are very remarkable because of the period they occurred.

Indeed the process is all the more remarkable because of the seemingly extreme metamorphosis of Kurtz's personality.

Of these, the Igbo are probably the most remarkable because of the size of their territory and the density of population.

This remains the more remarkable because of his rejection of all sexual activity: according to Tertullian (Adversus Marcionem 1.

Many of the creatures we've seen that really stick in the mind, for better or worse, are all the more remarkable because of the limited financial means they were created with.

In 1% of cases remarkable from is used

It's remarkable from every perspective.

These seven letters are remarkable from a Hurufi point of view.

We picked up some of his well thought strategy to become remarkable from his book Purple Cow.

This plant is remarkable from the crossed seedlings not exceeding in height or vigour the self-fertilised.

But, very often, such criteria do not coincide with those that make an issue remarkable from the scientific point of view.

What was remarkable from their point of view was not that the ordinary could conceal the extraordinary, but that the extraordinary had become the ordinary.

There were two persons in it, and one of them, whose appearance was remarkable from his wearing a blue and white nightcap, made a snatch at the coats of Mr.

But what I find remarkable from the list is that six of the top ten most admired corporations in the United States started after 1970 (in the last 42 years).

For example, as Khanolkar 180 stated: ' Now, what is remarkable from a cancer point of view is that the most common cancer in Hindu women is a uterine cancer.

That's harsh talk from anybody - but even more remarkable from Smith, who was editor of the British Medical Journal for 25 years until his departure last summer.

In 1% of cases remarkable on is used

Remarkable on the terraces, remarkably bad off it.

The event has been remarkable on a number of fronts.

That the plan came together at all is remarkable on its own.

Everything tasted fresh but there was nothing remarkable on the menu.

Birds The birdlife is remarkable on Madagascar with chances of seeing over 100 endemic species.

As a professional sales person, your job is to do things that are quite remarkable on a routine basis.

What was so remarkable on that island is that there were so many houses with flat roofs that actually looked like unfinished apartments.

Not very difficult because it is an exhilarating along with remarkable on the internet playing field specifically how many love tremendously.

This looks remarkable on paper, but the reality is that this is purely a statistic, an impressive figure that shows that there is the desire to learn in Tanzania.

Cheney's speech was remarkable on several counts, beginning with the fact that it came less than a week after Gates gave a much more restrained presentation on U.

In 1% of cases remarkable with is used

These gifts are extremely remarkable with latest handsets.

The polls were remarkable with no reported cases of violence.

The result has been remarkable with our team performance improving overnight.

The Samsung BD-P1600 is purely remarkable with its higher definition 1080p resolution.

What has been remarkable with this new production is uncovering the humanity in the work.

Oval faces look remarkable with nearly any hairstyle, while round faces do better with hairstyles that have height.

The first was particularly remarkable with Watson coming from a lowly 17th on the grid to take victory for McLaren.

With cost advantage being remarkable with the adoption of EMR, it is time for MTs to think how to adapt to this growing challenge.

In this tournament, his performance was really remarkable with the successive victories against Hao Shuai, Zhang Jike, and Yin Hang.

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