Prepositions after "remark"

remark on, to, in, about or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases remark on is used

He thought someone might remark on it.

The man who thought it funny to remark on Victoria Pendletons skin.

A number of users have already remarked on that and would love to this this happen.

Archer went on to remark on the apparent restraint shown by many men in western cultures.

But should remark on few general things, The website style is perfect, the articles is really great: D.

Before proceeding to present detailed facts about the School, it is relevant to remark on the SPS milieu.

Many commentators remarked on this shift, and his downplaying of right-wing concerns in favour of centrist positions.

Condorcet, who was permanent secretary to the Acadmie, remarked on this great number of quality papers on a wide range of topics.

And, as Elizabeth Knox writes so eloquently, there was her instinct for the significant: People have remarked on her feeling for myth.

The other day in conversation with a prominent friend of ours who is of African descent, he remarked on the rapid strides made by the black man.

In 16% of cases remark to is used

When I remarked to one activist that the nation was poor, he reprimanded me.

Someone remarked to me in these recent dark days that they would never get a dog.

Later in the film, she remarks to her friend Christine Spittel-Wilson that she's going back to reading old books, notably, Gone with the Wind.

The heavy-handed state response to Pamuk? s remarks to a Swiss newspaper shows why the country faces so many hurdles when it comes to joining the European Union.

As I amusingly remarked to myself that this country's obesity crisis is not going to get any better with those prices, I turned the corner and it smacked me in the face.

You can recall him making anti- women liberation remarks to a question from a radical feminist and then later saying the total opposite to a south americam male chouvinist.

This particular slave, talking to another, pointed out a certain gentleman who was bidding and remarked to his fellow slaves? that he would not like that massa to own him?

In 14% of cases remark in is used

One judge in CA remarked in a decision, in Ronald v.

The differences, which we may remark in them, extend even to their dress.

Doing something properly, Phillips remarks in a parenthesis, is a way of not doing it differently.

He remarked in the 1980s that, in his opinion, the Invincibles remained the finest Australian team he had seen.

As he remarked in a tone of unconcealed anger, ' teeming religious gripping the mind and consciousness of Asians and Africans offend me.

This particular agency will supply evaluations along with user remarks in different companies that will help in order to weed out and about a number of the difficult to rely on creditors.

In 10% of cases remark about is used

People have remarked about my unusual ability to sit still as a young child and even now as an adult.

Afridis remarks about the Indian media being negative about Indo-Pak relations and the Pakistani media being 100 times better have also caused a furore.

My mother refused to allow any of us to take anything out of her house and became extremely nasty if anyone even remarked about the state she insisted on living in.

The issue is one sad person (b3 - you sunk my battleship - boi ), who keeps making all these stupid, borderline racist, remarks about Hunt and about Australia in general.

The Pakistan captain once again played down his negative remarks about Indian people that he made on a Pakistani television channel talk show that has caused an uproar in the neighboring country.

In 8% of cases remark at is used

The judge's opening remarks The judge usually makes opening remarks at the beginning of the trial.

In fact, most people have remarked at what a surprisingly good vehicle this is, having experienced what she has to offer.

He incorrectly summarizes the minority reporter? s remarks at the California SWP convention and attributes to him a position he did not hold.

At this point, guides and guests are awe-struck as they gasp and remarked at the exceptional drama unfolding only meters away from the vehicles.

In 8% of cases remark upon is used

F, ach of these elements was specifically remarked upon, even emphasized, by contemporary observers.

The first factor I remarked upon was that I had never seen an Australian side being captained by committee before.

I'd not questioning your powers of observation, I'd merely remarking upon the paradox of asking a masked man who he is.

Was Newell wrong? Was Broom wrong? Broom is not the only person to remark upon the extraordinary abundance of fossils in the Karroo formation.

By morning his picture was on the television, and his name on the radio, with the kind of fame no longer fashionable, no longer much remarked upon or noted.

In 6% of cases remark by is used

It was remarked by the family that she was respectably dressed.

This brings me to the nonesense remarks by Montesso about USA forcing us to play that we did in Columbus.

In 3% of cases remark during is used

File: Supporters cheer at the end of President Barack Obama remarks during an election in Chicago.

A French commentator remarked during Englands Q-final againt Italy that despite Italys domination the english move the ball really fast and look really dangerous on the ball.

In 2% of cases remark as is used

Among the policy solutions the introduction of a tax on gum companies to contribute to clean up cost of their products was remarked as a possibility.

In 2% of cases remark with is used

Clerical error Don't you hate it when friends preface remarks with ' to be honest?

In 1% of cases remark of is used

He went to Eton and Christ Church, Oxford and the acerbic Walter Bagehot remarked of him that he gave the impression of being ' Oxford on the surface and Liverpool underneath '.

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