Prepositions after "remaining"

"remaining in" or "remaining of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases remaining in is used

There are now 109 remaining in TIPF.

Rahim is the last remaining in the L.

There's 12:16 remaining in the second quarter.

That put the visitors from South Carolina up 24-0 with 10:26 remaining in the fourth.

The latest data estimates that there are now only around 6,600 remaining in the wild.

The Angels don't want Wells, who has two years and $42 million remaining in his deal.

Cleveland didn't shoot its first non-technical foul free throws until under 4:00 remaining in the second quarter.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope ended Georgia's scoring drought with a 3-pointer with 15:55 remaining in the first half.

UCLA 17, USC 0 -- 1:34 remaining in first quarter: The Trojans look like they really don't want to win this game.

Flyers tough guy defenseman Ed Hospodar scores a rare goal (shorthanded no less) with 2:31 remaining in regulation.

In 20% of cases remaining of is used

Remaining of an ancient irrigation wonder.

Only the one remaining of the four postures, i.

The remaining of it was used to display the ads.

Therefore, the remaining of Xi Jinping is so interesting for people because it really.

Otherwise she will spend the remaining of her tenure watching her back and fighting enemies.

The most beautiful remaining of this temple are today exhibited in the London British Museum.

The latter curve will be used in the remaining of this paper to constrain the parameters of a tumor growth model.

It was 3 days to the run and I decided to push myself through 10km run and then rest for the remaining of the week.

DAY 10: The remaining of the day is free to shop in Souvenir shops, markets, relax or explore Arusha town on your own.

As per my agent I may have to pay the remaining of the fixed term (7 months) but he can try to negotiate with landlord.

In 9% of cases remaining on is used

He declined! remaining on third.

The rather lovely gardens are the last remaining on Highgate.

Buehrle has $52 million remaining on a deal expiring in 2015.

Loans Tesla said it still had $189 million remaining on the federal loan in February.

Or you can get your own finances from a bank, and pay out the remaining on your lease.

With five years and $31 million remaining on his contract, with a salary-cap hit of $7.

If you wanted to buy RMB for use as a tourist you bought them when you entered the country and sold any remaining on exit.

Of all the first-round selections by former GM Jerry Angelo, Williams was one of only two remaining on the current roster.

They extended the margin to as many as 22 with 4:23 remaining on a pair of 3-pointers 40 seconds apart by Metta World Peace.

Elliot Dutil tied things up with 1:34 remaining on a bottom-shelf wrister, just the ninth shot of regulation time for the Winterhawks.

In 4% of cases remaining to is used

We will refund the remaining to customer's account.

There will not be any remaining to the house of Esau.

Appearance Now I want to move very briefly through the remaining to divisions of Essence.

The salesperson will then deduct the fees payable and remit the remaining to the landlord.

At this point, go ahead and drag the remaining to layers back so that they end with the animation.

Instead he took what limited forces he had remaining to him on a kind of guerrilla war deep into the Persia.

Better donate the remaining to the children or animals! Henry really did a good job on gathering the material.

This is the European shopping centre, and, although attempts have been made, from time to time, to exclude Indians, still there are some remaining to this day.

On 27 October 2007, advisers of the Bangladeshi caretaker government decided to bring back his remaining to Bangladesh and bury him besides Bir Shrestho Matiur Rahman.

About 2/3's (give or take a third or so) of the warming over the past century should be attributed to increased solar activity and the remaining to anthropogenic causes.

In 3% of cases remaining at is used

Neither it appears can be Dettori remaining at Godolphin.

There wasn't any point in my remaining at Hasmo, so I left.

Some remaining at Louisbourg three years, and others never returning??

Marlon King wants to play high-quality football, but he is content remaining at Watford for the near term.

These excuses have, in several cases, resulted in girls of the age of thirty remaining at home, unmarried.

She uses 3 manas of rice for Handia Handia which costs Rs 2/-only) and sells the remaining at her residence.

After a touchback gave UCLA the ball on its own 25 with a two-point deficit and 1:33 remaining at Arizona State on Oct.

As per the discount scheme, a client pays twenty percent of the amount upfront, and the remaining at the time of possession.

Any unused amount is rolled over year to year, and any remaining at the age of retirement can also be used for retirement needs.

Marshman came in at night, and said so much of the necessity of my remaining at Calcutta, that though I was not nearly convinced, I was made somewhat uneasy by distraction.

In 3% of cases remaining for is used

About 12% was for the company, the remaining for workers.

How can I order for the remaining for or five books listed.

We have two portions and freeze the remaining for another 2 nights dinners.

The premium for RoP term plan is used partly for risk cover and the remaining for investment.

The group filed out quickly, with only about three remaining for the planning commission meeting.

Eighty-five per cent of the gas is for power generation and the remaining for Industrial Applications.

Roughly 392 million SSNs have been issued since 1936 through 1993, leaving almost two-thirds remaining for assignment.

On the Saturday he sells them for 10 each, on Sunday he has a stall at the car boot sale selling any remaining for just 4.

He massacred thousands of inhabitants of Ajmer who opposed him, reserving the remaining for slavery The Kamiu-t Tawarikh, by Ibn-Asir.

In 3% of cases remaining from is used

You can use the oil that you have remaining from making the chilli chicken.

Out of these, nine cases are from Delhi and the remaining from other states.

This year the largest centres are Plymouth and Norwich, the only two remaining from the 1970s and 1980s.

Milk spillages must be removed with utmost care using water and mild detergent; this prevents the remaining from getting soured.

The majority of the damage is expected to come from the tax increases, roughly two-thirds, and the remaining from the spending cuts.

Allow volunteers, pay them something decent, and then after all the positions are filled by volunteers, draw the remaining from a jury pool.

I did as someone else recommended, used much less oil and after 20 mins drained the remaining from the pan and stuck it back in the oven for another 5 mins.

That record, the last remaining from the 990cc MotoGP era (pre-2007) was broken by Dani Pedrosa (Repsol Honda) on November 10 in qualifying for this year's race.

One thousand of these troops with 150 armoured personnel carriers have reportedly come from Saudi Arabia, about 500 from the United Arab Emirates and the remaining from other GCC States.

During that period, 17 cases were classified as imported cases, with 8 from Mainland China, and the remaining from Asian and South-east Asian countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan and Thailand.

In 3% of cases remaining with is used

At Cincinnati, especially, crowds of colored people gathered round us, and insisted on our remaining with them.

Maha Ravana had ten heads, six of which were in communication with the heavens and the remaining with the sathara pada.

When set against the various other Curve devices with similar price, Shape 9220 scores a lot better than the remaining with regards to show.

Note that Ethiopia would incur a loss of 1365 cubic meters by 2025 remaining with only 842 cubic meters per capita quota in almost 12 years from now.

If we took the whole verse as a prophetic statement, then we could not claim to know Jesus now! So the disciples must make the most of the time that they had remaining with him.

It we took the whole verse as a prophetic statement, then we could not claim to know Jesus now! So the disciples must make the most of the time that they had remaining with him.

Without the threat of placement with the father, the child can discontinue the utilization of the hostile maneuvers that were designed to insure his/her remaining with the mother.

In 1% of cases remaining after is used

One of two left remaining after the quartet at the top of corporate Britain became a duo.

The teachers unions are some of the few remaining after 30 years of Reaganist union-busting.

The Minutemen trailed 64-59 with 1:21 remaining after going almost four minutes without scoring.

A professional content writer will ask for a 30% to 50% upfront payment, and the remaining after the job is done.

With the Cavaliers up seven with 1:58 remaining after a huge Daniel Gibson three pointer, the Cavaliers would not score again.

In 1% of cases remaining as is used

This is part of the reason for my remaining as an Extinctionist.

In 1% of cases remaining before is used

Teddy Citrin ' 12 (#20, main photo) found the back of the net with 2:02 remaining before halftime for the five-goal cushion.

Halliday delivered a 26-yard touchdown pass to freshman Brett Bartolone that cut the deficit to 23-19 with 6:10 remaining before intermission.

Carver continued to battle and got its deficit to within 18 with 4:29 remaining before its final trifecta of the nigh moved them to within 92-76 two minutes later.

In 1% of cases remaining by is used

From a staff of more than 500 there were about 100 remaining by 1991 after three years of restructuring.

Thus, 50% service tax is payable by the recipient and the remaining by the provider of works contract service.

According to an Air India official, LIC has subscribed to bonds worth Rs 3,000 crore and the remaining by EPFO.

However they have been to be overturned by Australia within the remaining by 35 factors to 12 in a fairly one-sided affair.

In 1% of cases remaining into is used

When we have a tea and pour the remaining into a pool, the path that it disappears in the pool is an extension of our life.

A number of the states effectively had established churches when the First Amendment was ratified, with some remaining into the early nineteenth century.

In 1% of cases remaining under is used

They split the remaining under the Colossus and sold them to a Jew from Syria.

With the Oslo Accords the West Bank was divided up into Areas A, B and C - the latter remaining under direct Israeli civil and military control.

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