Prepositions after "relocate"

relocate to, from, in, into or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 77% of cases relocate to is used

He invited me to relocate to England after that.

Some processes will be relocated to other areas.

Peter Budde is recently relocated to Austin, Texas.

Before he could complete his education, however, he was forced to relocate to California.

The 4 teams losing the most money must relocate to markets that will support a hockey team.

Like 163 others, Abu Khaizaran, a native of Tubas, was forcibly relocated to the Gaza Strip.

Families will be uprooted and many will become homeless trying to relocate to less expensive parts of the country.

Most companies operating in Nigeria are considering relocating to Ghana while a couple have actually moved shop.

The tests were relocated to Amdo county, which is 5,000 metres above sea level and not far from the Tanggula Pass.

Due to an exceptionally weak advance booking, the show was relocated to a smaller club with a capacity of only 200.

In 8% of cases relocate from is used

My husband and I relocated from Australia in April 2012.

Originally from London, he recently relocated from Dubai to open the Hiring Solutions Asia Pacific HQ in Hong Kong.

It was a hub of economic activity, up to the 1980? s when the market was relocated from the center of the town to the outskirts.

In 3% of cases relocate in is used

It wasn't relocating in any direction.

This fort was relocated in 1831 by the Hudson Bay Company to its present site.

Niamey Governor Aichatou Boulama Kane has announced that families will be relocated in coming months, noting that the government has designated appropriate locations for them.

They were told that they would be resettled in their own land but they are relocated in a jungle as their own land has been named a High Security Zone under the Sri Lankan Army.

In 3% of cases relocate into is used

The restrictive laws of AL, AZ, CO and other states have forced American agricultural firms to relocate into Mexico.

Come the vote, unless the ' OUT ' camp guarenteed 100% that not one corporation would shed so much as one job, or relocate into an EU country, then the people will vote for their job.

In 3% of cases relocate with is used

I relocated with my spouse in 2001.

Patrick has relocated with his family from Washington DC.

Relocating with children certainly eases entry into a new location through playgroups or school activities.

Several of the shepherds and farm hands from the Irishman Creek operation relocated with the business and swapped their dogs and mustering sticks for suits and management roles in the new operation.

In 1% of cases relocate due is used

Every Toronto Community Housing household in Regent Park relocated due to construction has the right to return to a new unit being built as part of the revitalization.

In 1% of cases relocate for is used

Many companies choose to relocate for various reasons like expansion, the expiration of a current lease or simply just the need for change.

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