Prepositions after "religious"

religious in, of, as, about or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases religious in is used

I'd not religious in the least.

He is religious in a broad sense.

Although her family were Christian, she said that she was not religious in any way.

It should be noted that most, if not all of his paintings were religious in nature.

This festival was completely religious in nature, and did not involve any feasting.

The spiritual vigor of so many Catholic people testifies to the efforts of generations of religious in this land.

You don't need to be religious in any way to realise that murder is immoral and I'd sure most people would agree.

It is odd that in America, which thinks itself the current core of democratic belief, is religious in the extreme.

The other 98 per cent of priests and religious in our Church are today paying the price for what was done by a few.

In 9% of cases religious of is used

I'd not the most religious of people, you see.

I think that Islam is the religious of simplicity.

Cicero called the Romans the most religious of all mortals.

Here's my personal feeling - the religious of all denominations creep me out! End of.

We now have more than 10,000 religious of both local and international congregations.

Practicing Roman Religion Cicero called the Romans the most religious of all mortals.

So many marriages are failing these days, even amongst the most religious of families, and Muslims are no exception.

It said that the religious of the future will focus on the gap between the evident culture and the gospel community.

The religious often go on about love as something incapable of being verified but it isn't really all that difficult.

But if a religious of the type just mentioned is given anything, it is most unlikely that he will think it superfluous.

In 7% of cases religious as is used

It was religious as well as political.

Israeli Jews aren't religious as a bloc either.

I think many others here were once religious as well.

In our Imams, we see the ex-ample of a single source for religious as well as secular sciences.

The public domain is inclined to look upon matters religious as the realm of private preference.

It has a religious as well as a party face so it is translator's duty to highlight the relevant face.

For me part, raised and educated as a Catholic, I eventually found myself hard to remain religious as a Catholic.

We did miss the religious aspect of the ceremony, but nothing beat it for comfort and these days I am all about comfort.

Society is structured as follows: at the top are a few sheikhs and princes who hold religious as well as poltical power.

His education and training had comprised the religious as well as the secular in both of which he attained high proficiency.

In 6% of cases religious about is used

There's nothing religious about it.

There is nothing religious about it.

There's nothing religious about this.

And I think there seem to be some people who are almost religious about it there.

Some are religious about oil changes, transmission services and brake inspections.

Oh wait, it does n't: They're too religious about their pet theories to get the point.

Nope they were BRINGING pizza, so I am very religious about what I eat the night before and this was not that.

I agree with you in sentiment but wanted to point out that there is nothing inherently religious about meditation.

I run to the kitchen for food because I'd kind of religious about breakfast, and kind of useless when I don't eat it.

And my disgust of the American government has forced me to become religious about never stepping on American soil again.

In 6% of cases religious to is used

It sounds very religious to me.

You do nt need to be highly religious to en.

Most of my extended family is religious to a certain degree.

Lynne, if it was just as simple as leaving the religious to it, your idea may have merit.

Purely from my own experience, the vast majority of people I know are religious to varying extents.

I am aware of the difficulty of writing in a wide-ranging field from religious to the science of physics.

Many Jews, in and outside of Israel - from the religious to the secular - are opposed to Zionism and all it stands for.

However, as we can see, that didn't really work out, as many people clung to orthodoxy and remain religious to this day.

It was a fundamental paradigm shift from the religious to the secular, from otherworldly concerns to thisworldly matters.

In 4% of cases religious at is used

Drinking and religious at the same time.

Beck got weird and religious at some point.

Persons of Color and Religious At The Same.

Monirul, Jessore: How religious is Farooki Bhai? Tisha: He is quite religious at heart.

North Asia came in the least religious at 17 percent, followed by East Asia at 39 percent.

North Asia came in the least religious at 17 per cent, followed by East Asia at 39 per cent.

It is a safety measure, because he would be mortified if people thought he was getting religious at this late date in life.

It's not the presents that I am obsessed with, it's the decorations and the holiday mood (and I'd not religious at all by the way).

Children become instantly religious at the prospect of a super over and when it comes to a Pakistan-India match, one can only see red.

In 4% of cases religious for is used

It is not just religious for many of us.

It's not religious for me and it's not everyone's thing.

Some of us, I suspect quite a lot, are not religious for comfort.

Juliana had lived as a religious for 43 years and was Superior for 35 of those years.

Secular for this day to day dwelling and religious for his smooth life on earth and hereafter.

Most Europeans are atheists or temporary religious (I mean, they are only religious for baptisms, weddings and funerals).

John Breakwell, Peter Steed, I haven't been religious for 60 years Barbara Meadows, I would prefer to be known as Humanist.

Then you fall pray to your emotions, which then can be used by what ever power, be it civic of religious for whatever purpose.

And, the thinking goes, has become almost religious for some people, that if the law were reinstated, we would avoid the next crisis.

In 3% of cases religious by is used

Do not be religious by default.

We can not make people religious by force.

That being religious by itself, is irrelevant, is something you have now conceded, I think.

I'd not religious by any means, but I'd not one of those atheists who absolutely condemns religion.

This whole category is not considered religious by nature, and God has nothing to do with it directly.

Man is religious by nature and he has to have a religion to follow, and this religion has to be correct.

Joseph's Monastery, Carmel Hill, Mangalore has been appointed as the Episcopal Vicar for Religious by Most Rev.

Even though I'd not religious by nature, I don't mind ritual when its purpose is to strengthen the bonds of community.

From my own personal experience, I don't know a single person there who would call themselves religious by any measure.

Meanwhile, they have sought undeserved popularity by pretending to be religious by introducing the Sharia Islamic code.

In 3% of cases religious from is used

Ban the religious from leaving the pulpit and jumping into.

Don't pretend to be religious, be religious from the heart.

We as far as we are able exclude the religious from the scientific enterprise.

For example, I doubt that most New atheists want to exclude the religious from science.

It's intended not just to protect citizens from religion, but to protect the religious from one another.

He was very religious from an early age and devoted his life entirely to Christianity and the love of Jesus.

Some say that the capacity or incapacity for it is what divides the religious from the merely moralistic character.

John Pinto from Calgary and a few priests and religious from the Archdiocese enhanced the joy of every one present.

And contrary to Gordon, my problem here is not merely the difficulty of distinguishing religious from non-religious matters.

In 2% of cases religious with is used

Haha, you wonder why I've suddenly become religious with this post? Yes, I have to.

Ours doesn't require church attendance but is quite religious with church attendance.

Therefore, your fiance has a high chance of becoming way more religious with some help.

I have not been overly religious with people, attempting to let my light shine as naturally as it can.

Avoid discussing anything religious with her because she is extremely intolerant and hostile towards your religion.

At the time I assumed that they would just get more reactionary and religious with age, but it seems that I was wrong.

That means that Australia is RELIGIOUS with the VAST MAJORITY BEING CHRISTIAN (65%) many of the comments on this post are deeply insulting.

Can you not think of any examples yourself? I think you are conflating the idea that humans are inherently religious with specific religious compulsions.

In 2% of cases religious rather is used

The main point is religious rather than scientific.

It invokes religious rather than secular-legal postulates.

However this compilation is religious rather than literary.

Opposition to legalisation is based largely on religious rather than party lines.

In fact, it was, like all the other creole holidays, religious rather than secular.

Their interest in the wider community is dominated by a religious rather than a social agenda.

I was pretty disappointed because I had expected more a religious rather than social experience at the mosque.

During the Middle Ages, scholars studied behaviour chiefly from a religious rather than a scientific viewpoint.

Most importantly, there's a reluctance to confront that Islamism is, above all, a religious rather than a political philosophy.

Those deserving of your attention are: *the ones which offer you a life-style that reflects the religious rather than the secular.

In 2% of cases religious like is used

He was religious like the majority of the villagers back then.

He is the consummate professional, religious like so many Brazilian players.

The greenies, with their religious like devotion to solar and wind ignore not only cost, but other effects.

This has been driving me mental for years! Additional Details Don't think it was anything religious like superbook.

They are either secular- Democrat Partyniks like the Forverts or religious like Der Yid, Algemeyner Zhurnal, Dos Blott, etc.

This time, the young man's parents were really angry and said what did you do to anger that young girl, the family was so nice and pleasant, and they were religious like you wanted.

It's quite laughable how Dave Jones has gone in the space of a couple of months from someone talked about with religious like reverence to someone who couldn't be trusted to do an eight piece jigsaw.

In 2% of cases religious on is used

They are religious on the outside.

This is where I get religious on planes.

Unfortunately for you, atheists are better people than the religious on average.

And no i'd not getting all religious on you cause i don't even believe in religion.

The left is as idealogical blind to practical reality as the religious on this one.

The beach enforces a degree of equality, whether political, economic or religious on its inhabitants.

After all, 80 percent of non-white religious people (not necessarily Catholic, but religious on the whole) chose Obama over Romney.

Again, all the religious on here can do is quote bible references rather than give a true and honest opinion from their own hearts.

One may, he thinks, rightly call oneself religious on the grounds of this oceanic feeling alone, even if one rejects every belief and every illusion.

Such examples are abundant across the Muslim world where some of the most corrupt government officials also happen to be the most religious on surface.

In 1% of cases religious without is used

Their civil war came and went -- then they became religious without loving us more.

The judgement comes in societies that are religious without knowing the heart of God.

The country can be religious without persecuting those who do not believe the same, and that's exactly how it is.

While pot seems to have just been smoked recreational or religious without actually giving any extremely obvious benefits.

In conclusion, I would say that, one can be religious without being spiritual, but one can not truly be spiritual without being religious.

Overbearing evangelism is obnoxious enough in the religious without adding in the condescending, mocking sneer so typical among atheist evangelists.

When prayer and community life are wanting, she said, everything falls short, for the religious without prayer is like a soldier without arms in combat.

And Islam is such religion in which there is full freedom of choice and Islam wills never neither compelled you nor will force you even to adopt Islam and change your religious without your will.

The converse can also be true, and someone can be religious without having any particular interest in local culture; furthermore, someone can be interested in spirituality but not organised religion.

In 1% of cases religious over is used

There have been about 80,000 Catholic religious over the period in question.

I'll take an obedient religious over a freewheelin ', anything-goes type any day of the week.

One can safely predict that it will be found that perhaps 4000 children were abused by Catholic religious over the past 70 years.

Although priority had been given to the religious over the secular and to the spiritual over the intellectual, yet neither was neglected.

I think that the world will become more religious over the next 25 years but the idea that secularization will grow is potentially suspect.

In 1% of cases religious during is used

It is because most of the people were more religious during that time when compared with those of present time.

Rather melodramatically, she is focusing on the purported advantage of being religious during catastrophic survival situations.

The caliphate grew more secular and less religious during this time, as administering the vast empire took precedence over the religious conversion of the conquered peoples.

In 1% of cases religious among is used

The religious among them admired Gandhi for his piety.

He was an eyewitness of the great spiritual good produced by these religious among the Ukrainian settlers of Western Canada.

My friends would know that I'd the least religious among them, which is funny considering that I feel that I've made my peace with God.

Do not behave like some religious among us, who do nothing but promise, and then excuse ourselves for not fulfilling our promises by saying that we had not understood what we were promising.

What's the answer? One small one is to stop taking for granted the religious among us because they are the ones we can count on to be charitable and the need for charitable people grows by the day.

In 1% of cases religious against is used

Now a bitter preselection dance right &; religious against the middle ground.

Another problem is that the debate forces people to choose sides: right against left, religious against secular.

In the end, they help the powers that be ' divide and conquer ', pitting potential strategic allies against one another: religious against secular, men against women, etc.

He chooses to characterise the debate as arising from the insistence of evangelical atheists on debarring religion from the public space and takes the side of the religious against that oppression.

It's old news by now, but I want to add my name to the already long list of people who have supported the Leadership Conference of Women Religious against the Vatican and its allies in North America.

In 1% of cases religious after is used

Where is the indoctrination? I did not become less religious after attending college.

No question, he was wrong about some things (I mean he was religious after all, sorry, low blow).

Some of the astronauts became deeply religious after their missions and others experienced mental problems.

Whether he was in the habit of conversing with churchmen on religious subjects we do not know; but he was certainly religious after the fashion of his day.

He is aware of the? born again? label and resists it, even recalling Fazal Mehmood, the playboy fast bowler of Pakistan, who went heavily religious after retirement from cricket.

Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan says he has become religious after lifelong medical problems, including a crippling neuromuscular disease and a filming accident that mangled a hand.

He devoted his entire life in bringing the wrongdoers into the right path of Islam, many Muslims reportedly changed their behavior and became religious after listening to his speeches.

His mother became very religious after Noah's dad left while he was still very young, and after Noah's older brother Jude managed to escape from her, she became very protective when it came to Noah.

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