Prepositions after "relieve"

"relieve of" or "relieve by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases relieve of is used

Terry was briefly relieved of the England captaincy.

The guests were relieved of cups that were still half full.

He had no intention of asking to be relieved of his duties.

But it failed and Ebbers was relieved of his duties in April 2002.

Clattenburg has been relieved of his duties, suspended pending a decision.

And, probably, most jews wld be relieved of not having a theocratic state or a state for jews only.

General Carter Ham -- relieved of command on 9-11 for trying use assets at his disposal to mount a rescue.

Workers want to be relieved of the agency of the subcontractor and be employed directly by the municipality instead.

When I came out in the morning I had noticed that my petrol door was open and I had been relieved of nearly half a tank of fuel.

An on-duty meal period is the exception to the general rule that the employee must be relieved of all duty during the meal period.

In 24% of cases relieve by is used

These symptoms maybe relieved by rest.

Pain can be relieved by drinking milk, eating, resting, or taking antacids.

That is why markets were so relieved by the actions of the European Central Bank (ECB).

The submarine rescue ship Florikan was at Guam, where she was about to be relieved by Greenlet.

Almost all long-standing symptoms that are due to angina will be brought on by exercise and relieved by rest.

Medical Approaches The symptoms of stress can sometimes be relieved by the prescription of medication by a doctor.

Intensive study also meant a heavier financial burden, but, as Shau-ting said, this was greatly relieved by the University's interest-free loans.

Working in a caterpillar, the first bike will cover a junction until being relieved by the second, who in turn is relieved by the third and so on.

Triumph had worked over targets in southwestern North Korea until 25 September, at which time she was relieved by her sister ship Theseus and departed the area.

On the 5th the Fifth Air Force took over from General Cushman? s Tactical Air Command, and on the 7th the last X Corps troops were relieved by units of the Eighth Army.

In 9% of cases relieve at is used

The New Zealand Infantry Brigade was relieved at 2 p.

However, whilst you may be relieved at escaping the petty office.

I am relieved at their arrival, since they have quite a bit of experience dealing with soldiers.

John Moss Simplify! Scrap CGT -- charge it as income or profits, but relieved at 20%pa after two years, so no tax after seven.

Its austere, flat-faced form is relieved at the corners and along the sides by neo-classic pilasters, or columns, set unto the surface.

The singer said he was looking -forward to spending Christmas with his family and to be relieved at the opportunity for a ' fresh start '.

Clare was relieved at this change, for the effect on her of what had happened was beginning to be a trouble to him only less than the woe of the disclosure itself.

In 8% of cases relieve from is used

Men like Krishna should be relieved from the Cabinet to add lustre to the Government.

A symbiotic behaviour which, at the most, may create a temporary relieve from responsibility on the side of the disciple.

In 4% of cases relieve for is used

While I was relieved for the rare breaks from my home, it just felt like a weird play-acting that I didn't relate to in the least.

It is unfortunate this date clashes with the Athletic's Day but Mrs Jo Hills will be relieving for the day and looking after the children in Room 5.

In 4% of cases relieve in is used

I've never felt so relieved in all my life.

A new medicine, ranolazine, can also provide very good symptoms relieve in angina.

For me the plan largely produces a sense of relieve in that it broadly follows the logic of the council plan released late last year, but with a a more aggressive approach to key sites.

In 3% of cases relieve after is used

However, I was relieved after seeing Movie 13.

Jean Hill, the Concord resident behind ban, told The Boston Globe that she was relieved after three years of work.

However, Hussain was quietly relieved after Attorney General Irfan Qadir produced his suspension notification before a three-judge bench of the apex court.

In 2% of cases relieve off is used

On 7 August the Helena group, en route to relieve off Yongdok, had bombarded Tanchon.

In 2% of cases relieve on is used

At Uijongbu, on the far side of the peninsula, the last units of the Marine Division were relieved on 7 October and moved to the Inchon assembly area.

In 2% of cases relieve through is used

I would pray for ur mother and u as well that either she returns back to her life or is relieved through this pain Recommend Dear Umair.

People with West Nile fever recover on their own, though symptoms can be relieved through various treatments (such as medication for headache and body aches, etc.

In 1% of cases relieve as is used

The PST admitted to being relieved as the long-running saga looks close to reaching a conclusion.

In 1% of cases relieve to is used

I do not want to go to hell because of masturbating and fantasizing girls at the same time, but thanks to God, I'd relieved to the topic that is posted here.

In 1% of cases relieve with is used

But that lady is in so much pain and i feel it's better to make her relieve with it rather than exaggerating and making her and your family in more trauma.

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