Prepositions after "reliable"

"reliable in" or "reliable for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases reliable in is used

He is very reliable in defense.

She's reliable in how she reacts.

It had not been reliable in awhile.

CONCLUSIONS The TTO method appeared to be feasible and reliable in patients with RA.

If you mean reliable in terms of product validation and testing, Intel really shines.

It is considered a reliable test and is especially reliable in finding healthy hearts.

The new hardware and software are more sophisticated yet very reliable in providing reliable web hosting services.

It's easy to take a Mama for granted, I think, they're generally just so reliable in their affection and presence.

It was feared that he would rely on the writing, but if one is not reliable in memorization, then he should write.

Gold is nonreactive in the instruments and is highly reliable in the electronic equipment and life-support devices.

In 17% of cases reliable for is used

Reliable for the Jays all season.

He is not reliable for even 1 yard.

My waters aren't very reliable for telling.

I have used VMUSA for 9 months and service has been quick and reliable for my business.

No boyfriend is fully reliable for a girl &; there is always a wild wolf hidden in him.

If you are looking something cheaper and reliable for your iPod, then this is good for you.

Another negative is that it is often quite hard to find someone who is quality and reliable for outsourcing work.

In such a case, the sample period logbook would only be reliable for the three-month period it had been maintained.

Predictions work well for the cohort as a whole, but they are less reliable for a small and unrepresentative sample.

Roofing structures are generally built in a manner that they remain durable and reliable for at least a few decades.

In 7% of cases reliable as is used

It's surprisingly reliable as an indicator.

But, reliable as the sunrise, there they were.

Lina is no more reliable as the narrator of the novels.

But it would probably be a lot more civil and more reliable as a news source as well.

However, the accuracy of blood tests becomes more reliable as the infection progresses.

A nice car to look at and drive, but no where near as big inside and reliable as a 406.

It is also reliable as a date source as it rises with the sun on a cycle that equates with our actual year of 365.

Despite these attempts, we are not confident that W3Schools can be reliable as an accurate reference in the future.

Of course, it is also necessary to realize that Forex market news can be both reliable as well as very inconsistent.

It is not even wanted that he is a poet, because then society thinks that he is not totally reliable as a shoemaker.

In 6% of cases reliable with is used

Good means reliable with great support.

They can be made reliable with time and money.

Excellent means reliable with fantastic support.

He's been quite sweet this past week and pretty reliable with text messages and wit.

Nothing spectacular just solid, quick and reliable with a team that do what they should.

The engines are pretty reliable with my 08 needing only normal servicing which is cheap too.

The electrics are unreliable with the electric sliding doors and windows stopping working when they feel like it.

Bartman has not been reliable with ball in hand and any knock-ons in the game will kill off any promising attacks.

Considering the distances, the paramedian incision seems to be more reliable with respect to the risk of nerve injury.

The car is wonderful to drive, is very comfortable and has also been extremely reliable with no major engine problems.

In 6% of cases reliable on is used

But ' heart ' is not reliable on it's own either.

No-one single indicator can be reliable on its own.

Works okay in calm water; not so reliable on a wave.

And honestly? I don't feel like any of the three methods is all that reliable on its own.

A good writing service that offers custom dissertation should be reliable on two aspects.

So, it is ever preferred to get streaming movies from any reliable on the internet portal.

It will be possible to have Jordans For Sale out for any accessories and receive a reliable on Jordan Retro Shoes.

To become productive at website marketing, you should work to establish a trustworthy and reliable on the web appearance.

Personally I would prefer Sestak, but he is not entirely reliable on EFCA either, and he has no history as labor's friend.

Bush, who had shirked military service, succeeded in presenting himself as more reliable on national security than Al Gore.

In 6% of cases reliable of is used

They also don't have as reliable of the network.

Larry's not the most reliable of sources, though.

The Bible is the most conclusive and reliable of all.

However, they remain the most accurate and reliable of the models that are available today.

Hugo is the most reliable of correspondents and, so far as I know, has never let Marty down.

Achieving a system of stable and reliable of money is one of the most serious economic problems.

Rye was the most reliable of the Old World grains (22) and by the 1640? s ot was a well-established New England crop.

It was in this room that Mary had announced herengagement to the dullest and most reliable of Larry Lefferts ' many sons.

Sky Italia aren't the most reliable of sources, and this is second hand even from them, but this is still fairly interesting.

They say preparation is everything, but Mother Nature can always be relied upon to upend even the most reliable of human adages.

In 5% of cases reliable at is used

The scale is reliable at >0.

Be punctual and reliable at work.

The scale was found to be reliable at 0.

Can someone tell the prodigal son to come back home, akatas are not reliable at all.

Dealing with missing data The whole 25-item scale was found to be reliable at alpha? 0.

Also remember that some OEMs are better/more reliable at providing updates than others.

Beyond that we get steadily less reliable at knowing what is going on and particularly bad at predicting what will happen.

The content is believed to be accurate, complete, current and reliable at the date the information was placed on the site.

Talking of Dracula, I guess Suarez has done ok, but he isnt exactly reliable at taking the 15 chances that come his way in a game.

As long as the borrowers prove successful and reliable at repaying their loans, they will then be able to progress to Tanzanian banking.

In 4% of cases reliable to is used

Such look will refer you as reliable to the employer.

Hence, the book is considered highly reliable to the Shia.

Cute story, but Polycharmus doesn't sound too reliable to me.

Is there a Really good idea for a Grow room that's reliable to most people on budget.

Short shutter speeds for CCDs are bad because the shutter is certainly not reliable to.

Getting reliable to the lenders: Rely is an important term while you are dealing with money.

This prediction has proved very reliable to date and it seems likely that it will remain so over the next??? years.

Other reliable to the above mentioned, tasks in order of the executive; Handing over opinions and beliefs, decisions etc.

However, external sources look more reliable to the demographic, since 51 per cent of 14 to 16-year-olds do not consider advice.

In 3% of cases reliable by is used

For as long as they are each judged as reliable by their followers.

The WIFI is pretty reliable by the pool but not so much by the beach.

Overall, information from power companies was thought to be reliable by only 3.

This medication is reliable by medical specialists to cure even the most intense hurt.

They got to be reliable by being factual, impartial, probing and well, UPHOLD INTEGRITY.

People usually want to go for the options which are already considered as reliable by many people.

Industrial systems and medical devices made more reliable by eliminating trouble prone wiring and replaceable batteries.

His accounts were finally accepted as reliable by the Royal Geographical Society though not without opposition from Rebmann's critics.

The reason he issues these tide tables is that calculations, shown to be reliable by centuries of experience, enable him to issue them.

Make sure the vehicle is reliable by checking to see if the rental company includes 24 hour AA (Automobile Association) roadside assistance.

In 2% of cases reliable over is used

Comparisons of purchasing power are only reliable over short periods.

I simply chose safe and reliable over passion and true love many years ago and now.

Family practice and pediatric contributions have so far remained more reliable over the years after graduation.

The USA is in need of cheap and reliable energy, and nuclear energy has proved to be extremely safe and reliable over the years.

An experienced installer can make a real difference in putting up a turbine that will work better, and be more reliable over time.

While some forms of scientific evidence become more reliable over time, others may become less so as further studies reveal concerns.

Conclusions While political methods and tactics continue to change, some factors seem fairly reliable over the long term in enabling us to predict who will win.

Standardized patients are reliable over a range of conditions and provide valid measurements that accurately capture variation in clinical practice among providers over time.

But, independent of those updates, the internal structures created for the original environments (of hard- and software) to be preserved have to be kept constant and reliable over time.

In 1% of cases reliable due is used

Data is not reliable due to the way it is collected.

It was not reliable due to accuracy of contemporary parts.

In fact the facts in the book become more reliable due to the very reason.

The professional advisers are reliable due to their level of experience as well as expertise.

They are very reliable due to their independence from batteries, but tend to be less bright than battery-powered lights.

Sagna in my opinion edges out Jenkinson at RB because defensively he is slightly more reliable due to his extra experience.

Indeed, the parasitemia count obtained after incubation in culture medium is more reliable due to the size of the parasite.

The Evaluation Team was advised that the data is not 100% valid and reliable due to possible different regional directions for entering the data 3.

Hydropower, which is our main source of power, is no longer reliable due to unpredictable rainfall and protracted droughts in many parts of the country.

Clinical malnutrition The data from the routine MCH assessments which use weight-for-age, is unfortunately not reliable due to biases and compilation errors.

In 1% of cases reliable before is used

They have made progress, but the boxes have to be totally reliable before Herzing will introduce them to the dolphins.

Much better than the infilling of Tahiti, which is said in the text to be less reliable before 1935, which I agree with.

Tree-ring proxy reconstructions are reliable before 1960, tracking closely with the instrumental record and other independent proxies.

Unlike a propagandist or a gossip, the journalist sorts through the information available and determines how much of it is valuable and reliable before passing it on to the public.

However, the key point is not that divergence is anthropogenic but that the evidence indicates divergence has not occured before recent decades so tree ring proxies are reliable before 1960.

In 1% of cases reliable from is used

Kicker Steven Hauschka is not reliable from 50 yards.

It is more reliable from other remote control software.

The website should be a lot more reliable from this point forward.

Conclusion: In short, we consider the Reports collection to be reliable from 1994 onward.

It's very reliable from everything I've read on them, and they even offer a door delivery.

However April and May are rainy and the migration is not on a schedule that is precisely reliable from year to year.

They provide amazing rides if they would just figure out how to make them reliable from safe AND comfortable restraints.

And while student surveys are more reliable from year to year, they're not all that predictive over time of teacher performance.

Anecdotal testimonials do not separate cause and effect from coincidence and are therefore not reliable from a scientific perspective.

In 1% of cases reliable because is used

Individual reasoning is not reliable because of the confirmation bias.

The negative margin method is not very reliable because of this uncertainty.

The system proved not to be completely reliable because of its technical complexity.

The source of the gas is not reliable because of the attendant volatile nature of our polity.

Still, in practice SSD's have a much longer lifespan and are much more reliable because of the absence of any moving parts.

Call them road beasts or a nuisance, but commuters found mini-buses reliable because of their frequency and wider route coverage.

According to Aristotle, speakers are reliable because of three reasons: prudence (phronesis ), virtue (arete) and benevolence (eunoia).

I bought an ex-police car 3 years ago, as well as being the fastest car I've ever owned it was also one of the most reliable because of the way the rigorously serviced them.

Now i remember you saying something bout any hadith that is narrated by Hisham Ibn Urwah, through the people of Iraq, is not reliable because of Hisham's memory at the time he was living in Iraq.

In 1% of cases reliable inside is used

Femtocells provide a way of making 3G phones reliable inside buildings.

Mailbox archiving could fit in inside in which technique to ensure the stats are risk-free, taken care of coupled with reliable inside the shape for surfacing engineering.

Reliable inside sources of Corporation on the condition of anonymity said that more than 80 stores got permission to be set in the area and getting food and non food items on low rates.

In 1% of cases reliable like is used

Better to buy something reliable like a Gremlin.

I hope windows 8 RTM will also speedy and reliable like win7.

But most of the sources are reliable like California University and much others.

Alertpay in terms of security is reliable like other payment processors are, that is if you are looking at the issue of security from their own point of view.

What do you think it was like to travel on a horse bus? Remember that roads were not smooth like today and horses were not fast and reliable like engine power.

I'd expect there's a microcontroller in each unit, and the cables providing power and data (probably something cheap and reliable like RS485 serial) on a loop-through basis to rows of n units.

You can manage all the member devices by managing the IRF virtual device, which is cost-effective like a box-type device, and scalable and highly reliable like a chassis-type distributed device.

In 1% of cases reliable after is used

Still reliable after 4 months and a minor replacement.

Paulson's crystal ball became less reliable after his stunning success in 2007.

I don't mind paying a bit for really strong build quality and reliable after market service.

The author quotes no authority and speaks merely from hearsay, which is not very reliable after a century.

Just fitted new clutch etc, tyres last 50k rears and 25k fronts, 100 per cent reliable after 264,000 miles.

However I don't think your comments are reliable after your obvious attempts to distort the Galileo affair.

This test is only reliable after 48 hours of birth and even then it is prudent to confirm positive tests by repeating.

My arms are lead hollowing out and the floor clamps for my feet aren't so reliable after the amount I've jangled at them.

What new evidence could in any case be deemed reliable after this passage of time? Even a confession - or more likely a boast - would in reality carry very little weight.

In 1% of cases reliable through is used

Labour intensive efforts can be made easier and more reliable through the application of automated support.

Safety along with top quality, confirmed simply by trustworthy makers as well as reliable through consumers about the planet.

The scale had previously been validated and found to be reliable through research in different cultural contexts including the Caribbean (4, 5).

On reaching Grajagan bay, the break wraps around a point called Plengkung, forming a long and very hollow wave that is also reliable through much of the year thanks to prevailing offshore winds.

In 1% of cases reliable under is used

And over time it will be made reliable under severe conditions.

Ratooning is very strong and reliable under good growing conditions.

The AC Milan man endured some torrid nights during the reign of Raymond Domenech but had, for the most part, been reliable under Blanc.

Finger-stick blood sugar measurements require only a very small drop of blood and is feasible and reliable under routine clinical conditions (13).

The use of probability as a means of persuasion rather than a mathematical tool which is reliable under some precise preceding conditions appals me.

His goal kicking is accurate and usually reliable under pressure and while he's not a starting first five at Super Rugby level, he can cover there in an emergency.

In 1% of cases reliable about is used

I am contemplating switching over to some type of cloth system, if we can get her to be reliable about the poops.

You just made that up! Is that on the ALP member hand out? ' My memory is reliable about things as idiotic as that.

There's something reasuring and reliable about a keypad, but then I went to school when literacy was still mandatory.

Syd was a columnist there at the time and I was his editor: he wasn't totally reliable about deadlines but otherwise he was always a pleasure to deal with.

Remember when the only thing reliable about Microsoft Office was that a new version would ship late? It was Sinofsky who turned that around by overhauling the Office team.

The absence of any infancy material in Mark and John and contradictory material in Matthew and Luke show that tradition preserved almost nothing reliable about Jesus ' life before his baptism.

The majority of these parcels are in the United States, and I've found that once you get the parcel in the hands of the Americans, they are very reliable about getting it to their destination.

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