Prepositions after "relevant"

relevant to, in, for, as or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 77% of cases relevant to is used

Relevant to the target audience.

It has to be relevant to the job.

Make this relevant to the situation.

The arts must remain relevant to the people if we want to transform our communities.

An initial ranking algorithm is used to select N pages relevant to the search query.

Releasing his tax returns is QUITE RELEVANT to examining the veracity of his claims.

Thus, the specific terms of salvation of the thief on the cross is irrelevant to the terms of our salvation today.

It's been clear on many occasions that you consider relevant to your book only what you felt like including in it.

The privilege applies even though what is said is gratuitous and irrelevant to every issue in the trial: Munster v.

Three ramifications of this status are particularly relevant to the situation of Christians and Jews in al-Andalus.

In 9% of cases relevant in is used

She is not only relevant in the ind.

They are relevant in the Goan context.

Is it relevant in the current context?

Deer is only relevant in the sense that he has been lying in regards to the scandal.

It may have been relevant in the first 12 hours, it ceased to be relevant after that.

But where you look at 4g I don't think ADSL will be relevant in the coming ten years.

The most urgent, in my view, is to persuade the country that the CPP remains relevant in the twenty-first century.

Raiders haven't been relevant in over a decade now and we're looking at another 8-8 season at best if we're lucky.

The reference to Hindu bunyia is more relevant in the conceptualization of political/economic forces in UP/CP etc.

In 8% of cases relevant for is used

I've been reading Relevant for a while.

A lot of the past is relevant for the future.

Create interesting content relevant for the users.

They will assess what kind of training can be considered relevant for the business.

Basic Buddhism is relevant for the problems of modern society in several other ways.

A relationship between the informer and the state is relevant for the purposes of s.

You don't have to be an expert, but you should know what is relevant for the council to consider and what is not.

Researchers should have realised this and drawn conclusions relevant for the current climate discussion long ago.

This business is relevant for the duration of course because this business is always ready to solve the problems.

The idea of slowness is one of the many aspects that continue to make Cage mostly relevant for the 21 st Century.

In 1% of cases relevant as is used

The fact is irrelevant as between B and C.

The judgment against B is irrelevant as against C.

I think Himesh is still relevant as a leading composer.

The most important point is that they are no longer relevant as a basis of salvation.

Fourthly, the value of 20pound today or as of that time has no real relevant as such.

I want to feel relevant as a fashion blogger, and I guess that starts with being honest.

This will be particularly relevant as the global Green Climate Fund (GCF) agreed at Durban gets to work this year.

Adultery, while relevant as a ground of divorce, plays no role in the court's determination of these other issues.

Cell studies in 3D may be more physiologically relevant as the 3D environment more closely resembles living tissue.

This piece is defintely relevant as a study in understanding violence in general and suicide bombing in particular.

In 1% of cases relevant at is used

Make us relevant at our own party.

Its not relevant at all to the issue.

They're still relevant at the moment.

Some just clattered -- a case that proves that they want to be relevant at all cost.

The fact that she won FHM ' s Best B*tt Award twice keeps her sexy and relevant at all time.

Therefore, the solution may not be new but it publicizing is relevant at this point in time.

The exchange rates shown on this site are provided for guidance only and are only relevant at the time of booking.

Public Pressure Seen therefore as a question of method, the problem of public opinion becomes relevant at this point.

I would say that central to this is the first part - making it relevant at an early age and doing it in the right way.

In 1% of cases relevant by is used

The Rangers were still relevant by all means.

FTA TV is becoming less relevant by the year.

We remain relevant by staying ahead of and outside of.

Bill believes that the Fed and the Treasury are becoming less relevant by the moment.

The leadership are perpetuating an old model that's becoming less relevant by the day.

All events deemed relevant by the authorities must be registered with the municipality.

LeAnn Rhimes and Miley both the same, trying to stay relevant by calling the paps on themselves and using tweeter.

This is the kind of inconsistent, hypocritical nonsense that's rendering the Irish Times less relevant by the day.

Actions we take today will take time to implement and must still be relevant by the time they impact our fundraising.

In 1% of cases relevant with is used

Choose to be relevant with your marketing.

Your comment must be relevant with the post.

MUST University programs are designed to be relevant with the current industry trends.

Its enduring, inclusive and socially relevant with the context very much in forefront.

Cryptococci remained a focus of his scientific work, which became particularly relevant with the spread of AIDS.

But in his quest to still be relevant with the beautiful game, he joined the Nigeria Supporters Club Association.

This is particularly relevant with regard to the accommodating of the Small Scale Fisheries Policy into the MLRA.

So I feel the topic is very relevant with what we are doing and what we are preparing ourselves to have in Sudan.

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