Prepositions after "relent"

"relent in" or "relent on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases relent in is used

Let us not relent in our commitment.

We share not relent in our quest for.

Nietzsche does not relent in that way.

Members across the House know that we must never relent in the fight against terrorism.

Honduras did not relent in their attack keeping the Reggae Boyz under constant pressure.

The right will not wither or relent in response to the message this election has delivered.

In this regard, we shall not relent in our efforts to improve access and quality in our health and education sectors.

The VP warned that the government will not relent in its efforts to ensure that law and order prevails in the country.

I recommend FIDA for its good work and I ask that they do not relent in their efforts in helping women access justice.

Because the youth wing is the benchmark of the Association, GNAD would not relent in grooming its human resource base.

In 19% of cases relent on is used

The cops did not even relent on Mr.

Therefore he will not relent on his mission to get his music out there.

But this does not mean that he will relent on counter-terrorism measures.

It shows they will not relent on quality regardless of the volumes they are producing.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel faces increasing pressure to relent on its resistance.

Even Jim DeMint recognized before last night that if Obama won, they'd have to relent on taxes.

Please see this video here and after you watch, thank them and send them a emails to let them know to never relent on Thedirty.

Even in the face of such strident opposition from its OEM customers, Microsoft refused to relent on the bulk of its restrictions.

Gandhi and Nehru opposed such elements doggedly, but they were not prepared to relent on their preference for a centralised federation.

Instead of mending their ways the Ministers seem to continue to maintain their aggressive posture with no sign of relent on their part.

In 7% of cases relent to is used

The loans being repaid were relent to 199 groups in 1996/97.

We shall soon see if the House will relent to more money, and higher debt.

Difficult though it was, I stood firm and did not relent to their every wish.

They will try the wrong thing a thousand times before they finally relent to the obvious.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the seller would almost always relent to the bargained price.

TRYING to contemplate what the HELL this hair was anchored to that it would not relent to TOOLS.

Although it is a great gesture, I am not sure the Arsenal boss will relent to selling the striker to his great rival.

Good job! Stick to your guns, do not relent to any requests for monetary assistance before or after they are out of the house.

There was much grumbling against Hakeem because of the prominence given to Segu Dawood but the SLMC Leader did not relent to intra-party pressure.

I am quite certain that with the momentum in the country, the people's outcry and their rallies and demonstrations would finally mean that any power would have to relent to the people.

In 5% of cases relent from is used

If the nation turned from it's sin, God's word is clear that he would relent from it's destruction (Ezek.

Asked if he would relent from hisposition if asked by the central high command, he replied in the negative.

The pressure would not relent from the Lobos as they continued to take aim at SMU's goal and its keeper Ibarra.

The TNA should emphasise this to US and Indian Governments and not relent from their position owing to any form of undue pressure.

When ESPN didn't relent from their demands, he came to the conclusion that ESPN cared mainly about the profit, and not the talent.

Ross had built an unbreakable wall, founded on an outsized personality and an utter unwillingness to relent from a consistent image.

In 2% of cases relent at is used

This can not stand and this is a quest we will not relent at correcting in the coming months.

Ebley did not relent at the sound of the sobbing, but left the room, closing the door firmly after her.

Vanderpuye said the Assembly would not relent at all in its efforts to propel the developmental agenda of the city of Accra, using well tested and up to date ICTs.

Perakians - like most Malaysians - are a trifle tired of the ongoing drama but at the same time no-one can afford to relent at this stage due to the stakes in the contest.

Krikorian wants to reduce immigration, and he complains that time and again, administrations have threatened to end protected status for Liberians and others, only to relent at the last minute.

In 2% of cases relent for is used

The trail began steeply and didn't relent for the next seven hours.

The pressure on them will not relent for an instant in spite of the veto today.

Conversely, others were bludgeoned into appearing after sustained on-air attacks, only to relent for an interview where the shellacking was even worse.

In 2% of cases relent towards is used

Our Sustainer! and make us submissive unto Thee and of our seed a nation submissive unto Thee, and show us our ways of Prayer, and relent towards us.

In 1% of cases relent after is used

Reports from Washington say that Democrats expect the Republicans to relent after the convincing victory of Obama.

In 1% of cases relent by is used

He tried to protest but had to relent by changing the phrase to ' Do me! ' And the Zionists and Zionism are not for public discussion in America.

In 1% of cases relent of is used

If we would come to true repentance then I know that God would relent of judgment.

He knew that the Assyrians might repent, and if they did, God, being merciful, would relent of his destruction upon them, and this is not what Jonah wanted (4:2-3).

In 1% of cases relent under is used

With support not forthcoming, the UPA is unlikely to relent under the opposition's pressure.

Hamas could be compelled to relent under threat from its core financial supporters in the Arabian Peninsula, but these states, such as Qatar, are all far more concerned with the threat posed by Iran.

In 1% of cases relent with is used

He said some members of his party had raised the possibility just to put pressure on Germany to relent with its demands for painful fiscal austerity.

As neither the BN nor PR is prepared to relent with the elections looming, it is more than likely that instances of party-hopping will increase in the coming months.

REUTERS/Sebastien Pirlet He said some members of his party had raised the possibility just to put pressure on Germany to relent with its demands for painful fiscal austerity.

In 1% of cases relent without is used

Zionists only understand the language of force and will not relent without duress.

Just like the tobacco industry before them, the fossil fuel empire will not relent without a fight.

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