Prepositions after "relay"

"relay to", "relay in" or "relay by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases relay to is used

We want it to send the messages that we want to relay to the world.

SMS text messages can be relayed to most modern communication devices.

There are other news worthy entertainment info/gossip to be relaying to the m**** media.

What's needed is a website where the public can log these things, relayed to every roads dept daily.

Findings were to be relayed to IEBC and anyone who failed the compliance test was to be automatically disqualified.

Confused by the situation in the first place, and then aggravated by His request, the woman soon found herself intrigued by the words He was relaying to her.

The best marketing job descriptions are going to relay to individual exactly what their tasks are and potentially how many commercials they have to work on in a given year.

The sub-ether was buzzing with the communications of the stage technicians testing the speaker channels, and this it was that was being relayed to the interior of the black ship.

But proposals by the Taliban were relayed to the US through indirect channels such as the US embassy in Pakistan or the informal Taliban office for the UN in New York, Muttawakil said.

In 13% of cases relay by is used

I would treat anything relayed by Harry's Place with extreme caution.

An e-mail message does not reach its recipient instantaneously; instead, it is relayed by any number of systems en route until it reaches its final destination.

In 13% of cases relay in is used

Her mysticism is relayed in updated terms that otherwise might unsettle them.

The PM of Jamaica the Hon Portia Simpson Miller attending the Penn Relays in Philly.

Pistorius will take part in the T44 100m race and the T42-T46 4x100m relay in the London 2012 Paralympics.

In 7% of cases relay through is used

As discussed earlier, electricity is a rare commodity in the village and so is the television Warnings were relayed through radio.

Relaying information of disaster threats could have been better relayed through text messages or through computer operated calls on their mobile phones.

David says: 06:35am 24/02/12 Obviosly you people don't listen to 2GB, its the number 1 rating radio station in Australia It's also relayed through the Southern Cross radio network.

In 6% of cases relay from is used

The news had been relayed from runner to runner down Tarawa's 35-mile length.

In 6% of cases relay on is used

This makes it almost impossible for us to totally relay on the technology and advancements.

Facebook and Twitter are no more than data gathering system that relay on the ignorance of youth and those just past youth to provide the owners with a large income.

In 4% of cases relay at is used

She was also part of the gold medal-winning team in the 4x400m relay at the European Junior championships in Tallinn, Estonia.

Bertland himself won gold in the World Championship in Helsinki in 1983 and silver in the 4x400m relay at the Seoul Olympics in 1988.

In 3% of cases relay For is used

Can I bring my dog? Dogs and other pets are not permitted at any Relay For Life event.

How else can I get involved with Relay For Life? Volunteer your services or join the committee.

Can I take part in the Survivors Walk and Candlelight Ceremony without being on a Relay For Life team? Yes.

Will food be available? Breakfast is provided by the Relay For Life organisers -- but please bring your own plate, cutlery and mug.

What does my registration fee cover? Your registration fee includes free breakfast and a Relay For Life t-shirt and all of the fun that comes with Relay.

What happens on the day? Everything! Relay For Life is a really fun event where each team member does their bit to try and keep the team baton moving around the track through the night.

In 3% of cases relay with is used

More comprehensive method is to set up postfix relaying with external SMTP server.

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